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Linden Darling
Australian Android Developer, open to opportunities
Australian Android Developer, open to opportunities

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When you thought you'd found that unicorn mobile design agency, but then they design to handle every server error by throwing a popup.



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Lovely ammunition for my ongoing War Against Popups:

The other day Google Play started auto-updating apps for me...which is worrying as I have auto-updates turned off! This has happened before (some years ago). What up +Google Play​? To me it seems a very risky bug to have running around.

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+Firebase​​ +Google​​ This is the experience using Firebase Console on an Android phone. I can access the SEND button if I rotate phone to landscape orientation, phew...

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Google Play app for me right now: super minimal, much white space. Perhaps a bit completely useless, though??
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Among other things, I've been helping write some documentation for a very cool Golang SDK called QOR.
New, Better QOR Documentation Released

The Plant are delighted to announce the release of new documentation for QOR, our open-source business web app SDK for Golang. The new
documentation is officially known as QOR Doc and is available at Our job, however, does not stop there as we
continue to better that documentation as well as provide supporting material to fill in all the gaps.

“No documentation is better than inaccurate documentation” - lots of developers, often.

Until recently, QOR really had very little documentation, that which did exist was fragmented between QOR’s components and Plugins, and could prove hard for native English speakers to make sense of (thus hard to say whether they were accurate or not). With very little documentation, the work was left to developers to determine what exactly each facet of QOR can do and how best to fit them together – like a jigsaw puzzle being assembled by touch alone; very slow and with a decent chance that the big picture didn’t come out perfectly.

With the new documentation, we hope to clearly define the purpose of QOR’s components and Plugins - now you can assemble the jigsaw puzzle with touch and sight, as one normally would.

We plan to add to QOR Doc based on our own experiences and given feedback from the community, as well as blog about typical use-cases regarding QOR – in a way, to fast track putting together whole sections of the jigsaw puzzle (i.e. your project).

We invite you to read, review, and provide us feedback on the new QOR Doc and look forward to hearing about your successes using it!

image source: Björn Larsson,

Hey someone in Australia, can you tell me if the new BOM mobile app (Android) is pulling and displaying data at the moment??

I am trying to access it from China, and it says:

"There was a problem loading the weather
Your device is online but cannot fetch data from the Bureau at this time"

I wonder if there is some geo-restriction going on. Interesting.

Thanks in advance, coffee++

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Thanks +Google Photos for helping me rediscover that Google is missing the point, left hand doesn't talk to right hand.

I got to here, now what?? No sharing option, Give me something to do with it, durrr.

If you need help, reach out ;)

Cool to find out that my Android development, design, rapid prototyping, and security/quality/best-practices consultation massively contributed to the success of the project I worked the last year on...and won that client an approx AUD$1 million award from Google!

#doingthingright #boom #android
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