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Linda Sherman
Works at Courage Group: Social Marketing, Speaker, WordPress, prior CEO ClubMed Japan, Sustainable Aquaculture Board of Directors, Fitness, Empower Women, Japan Cross-Cultural and Business Consulting, Fluent in Japanese
Attended Pepperdine (MBA)
Lives in Kauai
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WordPress Web Dev, Social Marketing Strategist and Trainer
  • Courage Group: Social Marketing, Speaker, WordPress, prior CEO ClubMed Japan, Sustainable Aquaculture Board of Directors, Fitness, Empower Women, Japan Cross-Cultural and Business Consulting, Fluent in Japanese
    Co-Founder, present
  • IBM
  • Coors
  • ClubMed
  • Barilla
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Tokyo - NYC - San Francisco - Los Angeles - Gainesville - Miami
Social Business Strategist and Trainer, Public Speaker Wordpress Websites, Japan Expert, Presentation Training, Travel Destination Marketing
International, multicultural marketing pro, Linda brings a distinguished background of international subsidiary CEO/CMO to her Social Marketing expertise. These include CEO Club Med Japan, Barilla Japan and CMO Wal-Mart Japan. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in The New York Times, Christian Monitor and other leading publications.

Clients have included: American Express, Levi's, J Walter Thompson, Ogilvy and Mather

Professional Skills
Unusual breadth of professional skills including social business, strategic planning, marketing, sales, HR, new product introduction, new product development, finance, logistics and operations.  Proven ability to quickly get up to speed on new industries.

Public Speaking
Linda Sherman is an accomplished public speaker with extensive experience both hosting and participating in speaker programs.

Extensive experience working with start-ups and thrives in that environment.

At Coors Japan, directed the highly successful launch of ZIMA, using unique pricing and distribution strategies coordinated with an “illusion of discovery” campaign that was one of the first guerilla marketing programs of its kind. 

Linda has an intimate knowledge of professional photography, graphic print and digital film production.

Linda enjoys working with visionaries and they appreciate the planning documents she creates using MindJet’s Mind Manager mapping software.

Empowerment of Women
Through public speaking, developing female executives on corporate teams, founding a support group for executive women, and writing a blog called “Its Different For Girls,” Linda has demonstrated a continuing commitment to supporting women to lead the best lives they can.  In addition to providing professional advice, she is an advocate for healthy lifestyle for women of all ages.

Fluent in Japanese and a proficient language learner with a solid base in French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

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I send many thanks to all my kind friends who sent me G+ invites while I was a hold out for joining until September 26, 2011. Final push: I wanted to join a Google Hangout with my favorite WordPress users group and G+ became relevant to my clients. I had a Google Profile for years at

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I am fluent in Japanese
  • Pepperdine (MBA)
  • Miami Coral Park Senior High
  • Everglades Elementary School
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Linda Sherman

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More Women Fly F-16s in Israel Than Drive in Saudi Arabia

Photo credit: IDF Spokespersons Unit.

Source: +Matador Network
21 Things That Could Only Happen in Israel. 

There are several websites that have picked this up. I chose Matador because they provided the most photo credits.

#womensrights   #powerwomen  
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+Shapira Gal

Ur general knowledge concerning muslim countries is very shallow.

I had asked u to spread ur wings remember? This is the reason. What u were enjoying in ur stolen country v too enjoyed in muslim countries. Not in our dreams but in reality.

There is no heaven on earth. Comparing israHELL to heaven is xtremely stupid. It's ur country. U hv to support it. What else can u say. U r living in heaven that was stolen from the owners who instead lives in hell.
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Happy Chinese New Years! 

May your year be filled with happiness and prosperity!

#ChineseNewYears   #iWatermark  
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Back in. OAHU. /kAUAI. Garden Isle. But. But chart. Garden /Buctchard/Buctchart. Victoria. Vancouver Island. British. Columbia. Is. Also. Looking. Magnificient
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Linda Sherman

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Things to See in San Francisco

A photo of these fabulous mosaic stairs came through Facebook (thank you +Susan Gilbert) and I wanted to remember where they were for my next trip to SF. 
The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project is a beautiful collaboration between neighbors to transform 163 unique steps into a mosaic art piece.
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Thank you for sharing +Linda Sherman :-)
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Linda Sherman

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My Initial Thoughts on the New Twitter Group DM. What are Yours?

What uses do you see for the new Twitter Group DM? 

The immediate uses seem like they would be for personal accounts. There should be uses for brands. Research?

I can see where this might work for groups working covertly where not everyone already knows everyone. Could the government demand records?

It might work for:
Brain storming
Quick tech fixes

Obviously, it could be used for anything you use group texts for but I think the point is that you have a much wider mix of people on Twitter.

It will no doubt be used for spam. Twitter put in some safeguards, hopefully they will work. Use the block and report features when necessary.

Illustration by  +Ray Gordon 
Thank you to +Dave Taylor for inspiring the post with your invite.
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Twitter Humor Explained with Superiority Theory and Relief Theory

A look at humor theory by +The Atlantic 

Humor is of interest to me. I wrote this about my husband +Ray Gordon's  wit: and the gender differences in use of humor:

#humor   #philosophy  
How Thomas Hobbes and Immanuel Kant would have explained why tweets make us laugh
Jim Barry's profile photoLinda Sherman's profile photo
Thank you Dr. +Jim Barry! Much more complete analysis than +The Atlantic but to be fair to  +Eugene Buonaccorsi, he was going for a particular angle.
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Clever Bathroom Tiles

Even though it says "for small tiles" this might be a welcome addition for any bathroom.

#interiordesignideas   #techhouse  
A bathroom is only so big - at some point, you just cannot add another drawer, mirror, radio or shelf short of a radical remodel, right? There is another way: these tiles let you transform a small bathroom space into an interactive, multi-functional place with secret compartments, hidden functio ...
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Have her in circles
7,271 people
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Pay It Forward at IHADLA Dream Dinner Los Angeles March 8

I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles adopts classrooms in at-risk neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the third grade and supports the students in that class through high school graduation and college entrance. 

This is a great non-profit. Please check out the details for attendance here. You will both enjoy yourself and making a great contribution to the Los Angeles community.

The CEO of I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles is +Debra Fine.

#losangeles   #payitforward   #socialgood  
Please join us for an evening of Spring Dreams benefitting the education of at-risk youth in the Greater Los Angeles area. Annual Dreamer Dinner fundraiser.
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Linda Sherman

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Amy Pascal Talks About What Happened and What's Next

Amy Pascal said her first job was when she was 13 and working is who she is. What she will do next is as yet unknown. The moment is palpable when she says it. You've been there at some moment in your life.

We know she is capable of creating something. Yes 56 is not young when it comes to employment within her industry, but if she creates her own company it doesn't matter.

Women share differently than men (my first blog is We are more open.  

I would have to agree that someone should have suggested that she brush her hair before the interview. I think Tina Brown and her staff were remiss. +Ray Gordon and I do video interviews and I would never let someone go on camera with an appearance they would regret later.

Thank you to +Ian Tang for these quotes:
On a fresh start, honesty and leadership:
"I figured that what I did was control how everybody felt about themselves and about me. That's how I did my job. And that's kind of the way a lot of us act as leaders. And so there was this horrible moment where I realized there was absolutely nothing at all that I could do about whether I had hurt people, whether I'd betrayed people, whether I had said things that I didn't mean... I couldn't protect anyone, not their feelings, not what they thought of me. And it was horrible, because that's how I figured I did my job for all of my life. And it was, also, strangely freeing, because, all of a sudden, it was just what it was. And so maybe, that wasn't the way I did my job. Maybe controlling the way everybody feels about themselves and the way they feel about me isn't what I was doing. Maybe I thought that's what I thought I was doing, but it wasn't..."

On unequal pay:
"I run a business. People want to work for less money, I'll pay them less money. I don't call them up and go, "Can I give you some more?" Because that's not what you do when you run a business. The truth is, what women have to do, is, not work for less money. They have to walk away... people should know what they're worth and say "no."

On speaking now:
"You should always say exactly what you think, directly to people, all of the time, and not maybe try to manage it because you're still feeling what you were feeling that you didn't say, that it comes out in another way... [to be really honest with people about what you think...] in the moment, the first time..."
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Our Review of the ZAGG Folio iPad Case

Review by +Ray Gordon of the +ZAGG case and a preview of what is coming from our visit to the ZAGG booth during #CES2015  

#iPadcase   #ZAGG  
We were pleased with the overall performance, useful features, and increased productivity when compared to typing on the built-in iPad touch screen keyboard.
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Japan Toys With Physical Fitness

It was really hard to work out when I worked in Tokyo. There were a few clubs but I worked very long hours. I mostly got by working out at home in the mornings. Now I live on Kauai, work on my own schedule and belong to a Club with great trainers. I do strength training four times a week and Pilates 4 times a week. Since we are already set up for TRX (which requires having very strong hooks in the ceiling) I sent the relevant manager this article. He's going to look into it.

Flexibility, strength and balance is even more important as you age. Falling can be disastrous. Sports like golf and tennis do not keep you in shape. You need to get in shape so that you can participate safely.

#Japan   #aerialyoga   #fitness  
A new fitness exercise called aerial yoga or antigravity yoga in which practitioners hang from a hammock suspended from the ceiling is becoming popular.
True Life Coaching's profile photoI Talaro's profile photoGeorgia Mizuleva's profile photo
I became certified in anti-gravity Fundamentals in Thailand one year ago - quite an experience!  i'
I'd rather be in a helicopter around Kauai to be honest ;)
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It's all about WHEN you eat

My professional nutritionist Erica Angyal often said it's all about what you eat at night. This research proves that the time you eat really matters.

Most diet advice focuses on calories and nutrients, but new research suggests that when you eat may be just as important.

#diet   #dietingtips   #research   #weightloss  
Mice on Time-Restricted Diets Had Lower Cholesterol, More Muscle Than Unrestricted Mice
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i am happy for you my friend
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British Password Humor

This first made the rounds a year ago. I just saw a recent repost, had to laugh and wanted to save it here on my G+.

#passwordsecurity   #techhumor  
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I have only been seeing Dr. Meredith Levine for two years but my experience with her has been excellent. She, and the entire office, is extremely professional, trustworthy and reliable. My previous periodontist was the dentist to Arnold Schwarzenegger and was fabulous. I have high standards. I had to leave my previous dentist because he retired. Dr. Levine's office is a pleasure to visit. They are in the penthouse of a Century City office/medical building with a great view. I was fortunate to find Dr. Levine through the recommendation of another doctor who was a patient of Dr. Levine's. That doctor is a leader in his own field and had given us another ace doctor recommendation, after which we felt comfortable that we could rely on his recommendations. I am based in Hawaii but it is worth it to plan my travel around visiting Dr. Levine regularly in Los Angeles.
• • •
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We have enjoyed both lunch and dinner several times at 22North Restaurant. We really appreciate the 22°North dining concept.  Their "Farm to Table" motto is a reality here, with many of the ingredients grown on farms very near the restaurant.  Fresh goat cheese, free range eggs and meat from Kauai sources make the menu really interesting. There is a chalk board at the entrance listing the currently available local vegetables and fruits being served. (There is a similar drink-related board in the bar) The restaurant is set in a nice, quiet, historic building with tables facing three sides of a central outdoor garden. Management has made a commitment to recycling throughout the restaurant: water glasses are crafted from wine bottle bottoms, coasters are recycled cardboard, candle holders are made from recycled glass,  and the table tops are made from zinc printing plates. The food is prepared with care and includes several seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.  Some of our favorites were those that used local ahi, a pork ragu, and fresh salads. I've added a couple of food photos from our visits. The menu is constantly changing to reflect what fresh ingredients may be available on any particular day, so it's hard to recommend a specific dish.  We suggest that when you arrive, you ask the friendly staff what their favorites may be.  We have always had good service here. The bag of free doughnuts that you get for checking in on Yelp are like the warm beignets you get in New Orleans. Yummy. In terms of price performance, at lunch they offer some inexpensive options. Coupled with the beautiful setting and service, that is certainly a bargain. Dinner is a fine dining experience but prices are not out of line so I would say that price performance for dinner is also acceptable.
• • •
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Most romantic getaway I have ever stayed at. Surrounded by places to kiss.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
7 reviews
Mexican fine dining in a stylish atmosphere. Tortilla Republic is an excellent restaurant. We have been there many times and have never had an issue with the service. They make their own tortillas and chips. You can tell they avoid using processed ingredients in their food or drinks. Only place on Kauai I know of with an extensive tequila list, including Avion. Pretty people at the bars both upstairs and downstairs. Recently, they have great live music on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Easy care resortwear I both look good in and feel good in. Great price performance.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
I am so glad that I found Great Foot Doctors LA. This is a really great office. Modern equipment, outstanding know-how. Love the orthotics I got here. They take Blue Cross. I saw Dr. Mark Weiss here, but I understand that Dr. Kevin Tseng is also very good. Last time in, I had a celebrity sighting in the lobby but out of respect for their privacy I won't mention their name. Not surprised that this office would attract a star clientele.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago