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Linda Sherman
Social Business Strategist and Trainer, Public Speaker Wordpress Websites, Japan Expert, Presentation Training, Travel Destination Marketing
Social Business Strategist and Trainer, Public Speaker Wordpress Websites, Japan Expert, Presentation Training, Travel Destination Marketing

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Congratulations to a Successful Female Japanese Entrepreneur

Do you love "kushikatsu"?

Tasty morsels that go well with beer and sake.

I'm curious about the following statement that the recipe has never been shared because they created a franchise. How do they get the franchisees to produce the same product?

"Tanaka ... owns 4 percent of the company, a shareholding that’s now worth more than $3 million. In some ways, it’s her father’s last gift. As for the recipe, she says only herself and Nuki have seen it since she found it, and it’s going to stay that way."

#powerwomen #japanese #kushikatsu #KushikatsuTanaka

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How Walmart Gets Low Income Americans to Save Money

I spent three months in Bentonville, Arkansas training for an exec job in Japan with Walmart. I got a really close look, and I don't think they're bad guys.

Interesting read. Getting people to save with a similar dynamic to the lottery. Walmart's MoneyCard is from Green Dot. When CEO Steven Streit started Green Dot in 1999, he called it i-Gen, and envisioned his prepaid card market as tech-savvy youths. Young people didn’t buy them. Low-income adults - mostly without bank accounts - did. Right product, wrong demographic. 

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Brexit's Biggest Loser is Poland

Includes map of UK population by country. Almost 1,000,000 are Polish

In a related article - There is a move to keep net migration to 50,000.

"The Leave Means Leave report, written by the U.K. Independence Party’s former migration spokesman, Steven Woolfe, suggests a working visa should only be granted if the applicant has an offer for a job with a minimum salary of 35,000 pounds ($43,000), private health insurance and “satisfactory” savings."

#Brexit #immigration #workingvisa #Poland

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Netflix Tips and Tricks

#TV #Netflix

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Harvard Business Review on Netflix Human Resources

#Netflix #HumanResources

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How to Stand Out - Dorie Clark Talks at Google

I recommend +Dorie Clark's book: "Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It".

This talk will give you a very nice introduction.

Be sure to catch her talk at Google on her first book "Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future" at Google as well.

Good reminder on the value of a niche of expertise and the halo effect you gain from that. Perhaps that is what +Marsha Collier did by first being recognized as an #eBay expert. That easily broadened to eCommerce, Customer Service and on from there.

Dorie - the reason I was looking at this is because I was looking at your Instagram where someone commented they were recently inspired by your TedTalk. So I was "googling" it.

#author #personalbranding #recognizedexpert #thoughtleader #standout #video

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Marketing is Story Telling, Art is Chaos, Business is Order

It is the rare person that can successfully combine left and right brain activities, especially art, without getting frustrated. If you've worked with an artist you know.

Very proud of my husband, +Ray Gordon. He can do it.

Love the quote +Toby Bloomberg: "Marketing is Story Telling, Art is Chaos, Business is Order"
Robert Redford - On marketing: marketing is story telling. On failure: failure is a step along the way. On risk: not taking risk is risk.On art and business: Art is chaos, business is order.#adobesummit


Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto resigns Republican Party

+The State Newspaper has deleted or moved the article to which I originally linked. Please find above a link to a similar story from +NBC News.

#Hawaii #Politics

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Become a Recognized Expert with Dorie Clark's Course

This course closes at 6pm PST/ 9 pm ET TONIGHT!

+Dorie Clark has proven with her own success that she knows how to get all this done!

- Land paid speaking engagements
- Write for or be quoted in prestigious media outlets
- Attract coaching or consulting clients to you (rather than having to constantly pound the pavement)
- Build a powerful online following
- Secure a book deal
- Win a promotion or great job offer (if you’re working inside a company)

#personalbranding #recognizedexpert #expert #publish 

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Consider the Advantages of Lab-Grown Chicken and Meats

The company claims their lab-grown meats will require 90 percent less land and water and 50 percent less energy to produce than meat from actual animals, negating many of the environmental repercussions of raising livestock.
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