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Linda Rey
We Help you GET Insurance.
We Help you GET Insurance.

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We try to provide relevant information so our clients (and future clients) have resources to keep their premiums manageable.
Here is a list of defensive driving courses we recommend to clients:

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Accreditation Guru rocking the The Business Council of Westchester panel on how businesses and non-profits participate, contribute and give back to their community. What is your favorite organization!? Hard to have just one fav. So many great ones in Westchester.

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Thank you to the +Warner Library for inviting us to their Warner Oral Histories segment on Businesses in 10591 and to +The Hudson Independent for featuring us in this month's edition of your publication. (Just like since 5th grade, I'm still the tallest in the bunch!!)


Change sucks unless you make it work. NOW that's a concept!

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YAY!! Snow!!! it's here! BUT at what cost? What you should know about snow!

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Thank you to +ITC - Insurance Technologies Corporation for including us in your This is The Way Blog Series. Thank you to +Carrie Reynolds for recommending us!!

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October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

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know you are wondering what could you possibly do this weekend to keep yourself busy. There is reading, reviewing and registering for this event on 9/29 that discusses cyber security.
We are tag teaming with +Tarrytech Computer Consultants to discuss cyber risks and remedies. FREE. and Breakfast.
Business-owners, this is for you!!

Each genuine gesture and each simple smile, we can perpetuate a new kind of contagion .... kindness. LET'S HELP EACH OTHER.
Alienate the anger, embrace the empathy.
We are on all this planet together, some of us longer than others.
Be the bigger human.

I love humor. I was that silly class clown; and as an adult, sometimes I use humor to mask my own vulnerabilities.
I applaud writers who can be funny about difficult topics.
However, is anyone really listening to what's funny about serious and tragic matters?
What matters is that those of us that prevail in kindness and positivity be the force for change.
If we haven't reached the tipping point, what other atrocities must occur to redirect the human condition?
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