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These flowers grew wild along the Arbutus Railway tracks between 36th and 34th, as well as near 52nd. My hope is that these sections remain hospitable for these flowers to come back, and we keep some sections along the greenway wild-ish


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My latest post on #creativity #design #adobe

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Good read. How do you deal with creativity induced anxiety?

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In my latest column for I offer 7 Powerful Ways to Reignite #Creativity in Your #Team

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My review of Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures

Art and science have a long interconnected history, and I am fascinated by what we can experience when they intersect, especially now that we are learning so much about neuroscience. #steam #art #brain #science 

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"Breakthrough Ideas Fueled by Whole Brain Creativity"

Whether your challenge is to create a new billion-dollar line of business, boost team performance or find a way to celebrate a long-term client relationship, getting to a breakthrough idea can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Brainstorming is often the default response; but too often, the results needed aren’t readily generated...

Come to my workshop to learn how to generate breakthrough ideas

#creativity #leadership #innovation

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How to Integrate Design Thinking with Creative Problem Solving for Innovation

Here’s an outline of an 8-step process to use design thinking to solve problems

#designthinking #creativity #innovation

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It's ‪#‎WorldPhotographyDay‬ today. Check out this interview with S Paul.

He has some strong opinions about digital photography.
." isn't the mere clicking of a camera. It is about good composition and evoking emotion. Any picture that doesn't have these ingredients doesn't deserve to be called a photograph...
Technology can make photography easy but it cannot make you passionate about the art. It cannot drive you to keep on taking pictures. And it cannot give you an expert eye."

Do you agree with him? Frankly I don't. The more photos I take with my iPhone, the more I develop my eye and the better my photography gets. Plus it has sparked my interest in developing digital art. You can see my photos here
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