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The new Hotmail looks great. I'm not leaving my Gmail account behind but I may sign up again(I deleted my old hotmail account several years ago) and use it as a junk account. I normally use my old yahoo email for such things.

EDIT: Thanks +Tyler Nieman for catching my typo. I will never leave Gmail or Google. It's in my veins. ;-)

You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.
No need to be kind here: telling people you use Hotmail has been the Internet equivalent of admitting to necrophilia. But after a decade as a punchline, Hotmail just pulled off the biggest victory in ...
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I've read a few reviews. It doesn't have the wonderful customization (filters, Google Labs, etc.) of Gmail. So right now, Hotmail's only benefit is an improve look and navigation. As a secondary or junk mail account, it would be an improvement over yahoo email.   +Darren Keith 
"I'm leaving my Gmail account behind" — slight typo, I think.
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