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A new DNA match is pushing me to research my 3rd great-grandfather, Lewis H. Bennett.
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I'm watching and reading.  Have not had much interest in DNA testing, YET.  But, never say never - - 
+Carol Stevens I have been pretty frustrated with the autosomal tests (yes, I did both 23&Me and FTDNA). The majority of the matches I've had contact with are still complete mysteries as to why we match. Most of the ones I've been able to figure out (and that hasn't been many considering the hundreds of matches I have) are from just 2 lines. This one gives me a hope that it wasn't a waste of time.
I need to watch you and read a LOT more, I have very few clues!  LOL  And, I have not been focusing all that much on my research the last 2 to 3 years, what with the traveling and all.  I did not even have a subscription to Ancestry for about 2 years, never missed it.  So, DNA has not been too high on my bucket list!  LOL
I have never been able to figure out a connection with my matches either.
I don't find it difficult, but time consuming. I have more Morris branches than I've wanted that are 1GD. Trying to exhaust the DNA analysis now. Then will look back at the papertrail. 
The autosomal results are even more time consuming than YDNA. With Y you at least know you're looking at direct male line. The autosomal match could be any branch in any direction so if you can't identify a common surname or location to work with it's just about hopeless.
Ok, that's what I wondered if you could tell on the autosomal which side you were looking at. 
+Jenna Mills When I did the FTDNA test, I also had my mother tested. That way I can narrow down my matches to at least my maternal or paternal side.
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