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Is he wearing headphones?
Spain went into a decline in PHILIP IV's era, didn't it? :-P)
Philip the IV.

- King of France.
- He gave us Friday the 13th, by unleashing the Knights Templar persecutions on 13 October 1307.
- Responsible for the expulsion of the Jews from France in 1306.

Mark Zuckerberg.

- He gave us poking.
Put the mouse on the photo and click the right button: save image as. Then you can share it on facebook! :-)
By any chance, was Philip IV one of those "special" monarchs, you know, crazy, inept, etc?
Mark Zuckerberg as the embodiment of Philip IV's reincarnated spirit.

Fascinating, Captain. And more than a little disturbing.
That's why they become a King.....The Reincarnation....
The most important question is this: who had more servers? Mark Zuckerberg ... or Philip IV?
Well, no doubt they were server wenches in Phillip's case.
Lets not demean the Spanish Court, or the House of Habsburg.....
Doesn't the one on the left look like a cop mugshot - and the one on the right looks like a smug, rich baron! lol
One is King of Spain, the other is King of a collapsing empire.
wow look ma I found the missing link
Profile photo from TimeTravelLine.
wow, that's more than just a little weird...who thought to put these two together?
repost of a repost of a repost.....
+Linda Lawrey It just that iv'e seen this posted here a few months ago, but hey, if others haven't seen it, i have no reason to complain :)
I thought I was the only one who thought he looked ancient :)
God runs out of another face :D
Wow....funny but cool resemblance.....
Vampire. Obviously vampire. It's all body doubles and lots of sunblock. Or he feeds on private information rather than blood.
Doug M.
Yes, I agree with the vampire hypothesis.
Highlander...There can be only one.....
That's what you'll call reincarnation
mark still has more money then the old king of spain
The resemblance is overwhelming, they must be related.
Whoah, Phil looks just like our Markie
Did Philip the IV not care about privacy either?
pat p
yes i agree
Someone elongated zuckerberg's face, I think.
Who are you and why are you in my stream? "Welcome" all the same...
Check it on google this "PHILIP IV"
it's little bit too dark to compare...
and the other age of PHILIP IV it's really royal-ish
looks like twin brothers but in different dimensions
They look like they would make a lovely couple................ lol.
every tree is the from seed of an old tree...
munju s
very eeeerie...
i wonder if philip IV is mark zuckerburgs ancestor
what do you see they look nothing alike they look like nobody
we have enter the twilight zone! haha! Very eerie indeed!
oh come on people, a slightly augmented photograph compared to a painting, that can't be accurate.
Definitely a Vampire, Sucking the life force out of everyone who logs on!
MD Hafz
they look same!
Someone should tag it "Douche"
So, in the near future Zuckerberg uses his millions to fund research and build a time machine so that he can go back and become the king of Spain. nice.
Precisi...Il primo, da sinistra, sembra la reincarnazione del secondo.
I'm not surprised, I've often heard it said that we each have a twin somewhere in the world
It appears Zuckerburg was reincarnated and traded in Phillip's mutton chops and dog training collar for sideburns and a hoodie. LOL
That guy was also King of Portugal (Felipe III of Portugal) fortunately we got rid of him. Maybe its more difficult to get rid of Zuckenberg and FB.
Scary resembelance! Thats crazy.
Wow!! They look a lot alike.
every step we take is either up or down.
life is like a ladder.
Philip had the Knights Tempar Grand Master Jacques de Molay imprisoned.
Seems that the bad gene of the Austrias strikes again?
Twins born in the wrong times
Linda. That is a good pix of Mark Zukerberg. Where did you get it from?
huh...dis guy and old and gold facebook account got hacked and dr help center was of no help..i lost all my contacts wid frens and i am not able to sign up 4 new account too...
does any1 have any any any idea abt it?
Wow this is look at that might of did you in...
Any Roman Emperors with the same visual profile?
Yea i used to be Henry Vlll, all those wives really ticked me off you know.........
I think Mark's been photoshopped a little bit to help the resemblance, but it's still a good comparison.
" There can be only one." or
" Good evening I want to suck your blood."
Going with bloodsucker.
Someone confused Philip IV of France with this one of Spain. Both existed this is correctly the one from Spain when he was quite young. Uncanny resemblance, though.
La ressemblance est frappante vraiment!est ce un hasard ?
in this world every person have at least one common face with someone.
Rami S.
screw this guy. he has the nerve to go on tv and sell people's info to advertisers like hes some sort of genius.
Who is the king??why are the ppl scared of him??
there so the same lol
Taken directly from Wikipedia: "Philip IV's reign, after a few years of inconclusive successes, was characterized by political and military decay and adversity. He has been held responsible for the decline of Spain, which was mainly due to organic causes largely beyond the control of any one ruler..." Hmmmm!
Yea, that's not what the real painting looks like.i saw it on wikipedia. Nicer try though. I don't like zuckerburg. If you set rules for what you can't post and someone post your social security number on Facebook for anyone to see. Zuckerberg didnt do anything! So if its used because he didn't remove the person then he will be sued too.
if you see the real picture of the painting they look nothing a like. that picture has been altered. sorry
facebook sux to be honest... Privacy is naked there..
They look like they both have down syndrome LOL XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
THIS. They have the resemblance though
The guy on the left looks just like Mark Z... Lol
Mark Zuckerberg is a well know Time Traveler and one of the firsts humans to reach immortality at the year 2061. image to document & then ohost to FB
Well... I can tell you that Philip IV was the worst and craziest king to ever rule Spain, Seems that they share many things in common :)
King of spain back in action!
its just a painting, might not even look like the actual king philip at all
Philip looks like he has some headsets and a hoodie, lol
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