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Can your Cat do this? Woah..
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My cat is too busy teaching calculus to my daughter.
Hi i´ve got a dog that is very "juguetona" but my dog dn´t do that
Huh! My cat could never be bothered with such trivialities! LOL!!! But I see that it’s a dog in the video. Congratulations to the dog and its owner! Dog's rule, anyway. ☺
It's not a cat. It's a dog. He is pretty cool.
While she can't ride a cat is good at letting herself in from a second story window. Norman doesn't look aerodynamic enough for that one.
I like all animals. Just because I love dogs doesn't mean I hate cats. I love cats too. I just can't have one because of someone who has allergies in my home.
how did u get your animal to do that, that is AMAZING!
Wow that is ssoo cul!
10 seconds after the video stops I can just imagine the bike crashing into a car as it slooowly rolls away.
my cat can cross his eyes...
beat that
Ken Su
wonderful dog.
Sam i
Wow, that is amazing!
Lose the training wheels and then we'll talk.
Mr Raj
doing good job...
wow! that's something incredible!
I'm a cat person for sure. But, in this case, dog = win!
pay attention at 33 seconds... bike drove itself!!! totaly fake!!!!
two words: holy crap thinks this is cool.
I do not think I would do this though. Lol.
Look at the video I just posted, much better....... or just youtube people are awesome!
He's not saying it's a cat he asking at cat owners can there's do that. And at cat lovers my dog can let it self in anywhere even open a cabinet and get to the peanut butter and open that. So my dog is better than any cat.
Wow! That is one amazing dog! Love how the dog has his own personalised bike! :P
Just wondering, at the end, where is the bike going...?
just 33 seconds the wheels move, which makes the pedals move! not fake-- that dog is SUPER TALENTED!!
THts a big cat but it INT NO LION
My Cat is too busy _______ to ride bikes.
wonder how long it took to train the dog to do that
well this is stupid.
shes bribing him.
he was trained so...
YES it is a dog!! what she meant was--can your cat do this because dogs can so they are awesomer! (but i luv kitties 2)
Kennedy see to my profile there will be a dog cycling very well
i hate cats and most cats hate me
At the end she says "Hi Five!" and he says, "no, my nuts hurt too much..."
bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon. translate its very very very funny
Is that a cat ?
Cats aren't that stupid enough to humiliate themselves like that for a mere hug.
On the cat question, or any small animal. The legs have to be long enough, or you would have to invent paddle extensions.
Well yea she can do that on smaller bike :P
From fetching the newspaper to delivering them!
First of all,cats rule! Try puting a leash on the puss neck and watch what happens :) cats rule!
they should put a helmet on that dog.
Why would I want my cat to ride a bike. She does a good job of keeping out the rats and mice. I haven't seen many dogs keep out the rats and mice.
I can not see this video.
woah it will take years of training for my dog to do that!
Hah, my cat is much better and more sophisticated than that - my cat can drive.
My cat is busy solving the worlds energy crisis
Is that a Yeti? That dog is huge!
Yes, my cat can do that and does not need training wheels.
I hate pets when they are used to imitate people, they bare no longer what they are.
How is that even possible? Btw, I may not have a cat but I have a dog! And she's too busy sniffing her butt to do that!
Yes but what about people who imitate their pets? Now let's all simply get on The Yellow Brick Road to all of life's alert expectations and sing, "What a Wonderful World"..s'l vous plait?
Cats can. They just don't because they feel it is beneath them. They feel a lot of things are beneath them.
Smart dog who wants to please his master. That’s what they live for. It doesn’t matter if it’s herding cows, hunting rabbit or riding bicycles.
she probley was cruel to that dog just to get to get it to ride that dang bike
Gene Wu
Something just not right about this...
Omg ,very interesting.can my dog do that? 
I think that it is a person in a dog costume but also a real dog. You never know unless you find out yourself.
+Grant Lewis I don't think dogs would make good paperboys - they would get stuck in loop:

"Throw the paper, fetch the paper."
"Throw the paper, fetch the paper."
"Throw the paper, fetch the paper."
This is just sick! Yet another crazy person that doesn't deserve to have a pet! What exactly is the use in real life for this? None at all, just using the dog to do something stupid like this for showing off on youtube. Stupid woman. Let animals be animals and don't mistreat them like this!
No, my cat cannot do that. Not even close, and that was/is cool as hell. Amazing dog, huge too, and pretty. But none of that changes the fact that my cat would shred that dog's face off, then walk away slowly, stopping to occasionally savor licking the blood off it's pads. Just saying.
That's really funny 😭😂😭😂
HA HA really funny the dog is super cute
dats not a dog or cat its a monkey haahahahahahahaahhahahahaah oh heart burn
I had a cat that never touched a bike.
My cat is too busy getting aloof whilst doing 'dorothy zbornak stare' to some dog on a tricycle.
Amazing he seems to like it keep up with practice
uhhh is that a yeti, or a bear no offense just thats a huge dog but it was amazing
But how
Lots of practice probably!
I wish my dog could ride a bike like Norman
bicycle rolls away at the end…. dat was awkward
How's he ever gonna ride without training wheels when the pedals
are so stiff?
and then they went to the basement and did what little people call sexual intercourse ! btw what kind of dog/cat is this ?
Cats know better than to make asses of themselves.
Nav H.
my cat can wash her paws in the sink every morning.
My cat already owns 1/20th of Honda... if that means anything... :P
they should at least make him a custom bike! i'd throw one together in a half hour
Standing ovasion, Norman! 😁
Is that a dog or a wookie?
My cat doesn't ride a bike but trained me to do so
I just don't see dog, I see a very furry daughter with overkill for pony tails.
Wow that's amazing and very weird lookin
Whoa how the heck did he manage to do that. A dog riding a bike should be a world record. and even some people don't know how to ride bikes LOL.

Thats is cool, you guys make my day, Thank you
ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)why cant my dog do that gaw!
I have to admit that was one of the coolest animal trick's that I have seen in a while, but I still love cat's better. And that show "Cat from hell" on Animal Planet.
this some cool dog i want a dog like that XD XD XD XD
See !!! I told you I can do it.
Cute and clever. Adorable.
Good job, and next step is teach it how to drive lol
I think the bike is sneaking away to get itself stolen!
For those of you pointing out that the dog in this video is not a cat, she said "Can your cat do this?" because she's saying dogs are better than cats.
That is so cool I wish I could teach my dogs to do that but they're too small : ((
Wow that amazing. How smart your dog...
Very nice and great job says David Snell who is the
chief bottle washer over at
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