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U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan dance, lip-sync to Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song.  This is great!  lol
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I love our military. This is awesome.
seriously good for them having some fun during that shit they have to deal with
I wonder if they are even aware that they kill people for a living?
+Adrian Volts I retired about 4 years ago as a SCPO in the Navy after doing 25 years. When the VA rep asked me if I sleep good at night and did I have any PTSD.. My answer was pretty simple. I sleep good at night knowing that asses like you can live in a country that allows you to say things like that! Freedom in never Free
F'in awesome - makes me damn proud.
Thank you for the laughs defending my loved ones and the US of A
War = 99% deathly mind numbing tedium, 1% sheer unmitigated terror
+Anthony Damiani I understand that but perhaps the problem is that we have too many people willing to kill someone else just because someone told them to. I can't understand how people can blindly follow orders to kill. I would tell Obama you wanna that person killed go ahead and do it yourself.

The only time I would join the military it was if another country was invading mine. I would never accept to be the invading force, not matter what banner they choose to fly to justify it.
I am proud of my military family members and friends, and I am honored to be friends with many former Marines!
My das is navy and i showed this to him and he sterted dying of laughter
Good to see these guys having some fun! ! Thanks for posting.
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