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Why the English speak "American". lol
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The first people arrived in America because of the English people of America to continue expanding Frhngshvn welcomed
Asker's rating- very informative! :D
awesome!!! I was trying to understand this my whole life!!!! So we the southamericans are descendants of Billy the Kid or someone like him??? Now I understand why Mr. Bush was trying to bring the world back to the origins...
The first people arrived in America because of the English people of America who welcomed the continued development and expansion
I wonder which of the two is being sarcastic. Or should I assume that the asker his missed out on a few years of education or was home schooled to think that the world is American.
This really makes me laugh, but I do not know which of the two make me laugh, maybe both.
I have YA's new slogan: "Yahoo! Answers: For people too stupid to use Google."
Obvious troll is obvious. Sarcasm NEEDS a font of it's own on Internet...
wow! This is me banging my head on the desk over here!
One can only hide the truth for so long...
Strangely, no misspellings and use of no more than 3 exclamation/question marks... looks faked to me ;)
Awesome! Excellent trolling, to the original troll: well played, Sir!
LOL brilliant "named the place England after the New England states in the USA"
America - come for the insanely stupid, stay for the incredible snark.
American isn't even technically a language. This is completely invalid. lol.
I was wrong. Obvious troll was obviously not obvious...
Hahaha did any of you read through the answers on the asker's profile?
+Daniel Börresen that was actually a question he answered, not asked, his answers are just as troll-y LMAO he's just a troll in of his other questions: "Does anyone know any good indie games where you can craft and mine?????"
The problem with "obvious" trolling like this is that there really are people that ignorant, so sometimes you can't be 100% sure it's trolling.
That has got to be the stupidest yahoo answer and question EVER!
Middle Americans are NOT so sensitive on most ...?
We are just simple.
Hahahahahaaaa ! So I obviously was misinformed when I was taught that John Cabot sailed from our fair City ( That's Bristol btw ,
S/W UK ) aboard the Matthew, and landed in Newfoundland , hmmmm me thinks the history books need to be re-written !?
now this is just offensive.
i bet boston, usa is better than boston, uk
Stupidity knows no boundaries, and I hope that both of these people don't ever reproduce.
Take a break. Seriousness comes with a price.
Seriously, I thought it was the other way around. I thought that "Americans" were descendents of England.
History 101 is very ..What's the statement / idea? :)
Well, since my mind has been mindless (unaware) for almost forty years, I think I better look up the facts instead of taking to mind what others say about America. I have a lot to read.
You've already made up your mind AND History for US.
+Danny Barker i live in the boston, usa one and im pretty sure its better, seeming that ive been to the one in the uk
This makes me laugh. It is what it is. Have mercy. People are hilarious. Great performance. Stupidity or Sarcasm, I don't care. Well done.
+William Bauer No I haven't already made up my mind because my mind makes up its' own mind on most occasions, from and by the-Mind itself. When you tell your mind what to "always" do, that's how you get into trouble. LOL
Sorry this article is now out of date. All the English speak with a Jamaican accent.
2 things:
1. I hope this post helps "Americans" understand why there is no "Mexican" language; it is Spanish.
2. Why Americans are the people that live in USA? Don't tell me the rest of the people in the continent are South Americans because Mexico and Canada are also in North America
WRONG! American traders went to Spain to trade, but accidentally found England instead. They settled the land, and after a couple of decades, it was very populated. But after the Spanish and French War, America needed to raise money, so they taxed England. England didn't take this, and revolted, declaring war. This was known as the English Revolution, and spies were sent everywhere. Undercover agents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington form the Declaration of Independence, and showed it to Congress. On July 4th, England gained their Independence from America, and lived happily forever after.
Got tears in my eyes from laughter :D
You're welcome, +Sabiazoth Autteth. I really got use out of my history classes. Some people are just idiots.
there is some one stupid that much in this time ????
The only people that speak American are the Apache etc
Reminds me of the story of the American tourist when he came to Edinburgh (that's the capital of Scotland by the way).

"Gee, isn't it great they built Edinboro Castle so close to the railway station"
But to be fair, there is a difference between say: Spain - Spanish and Tiajuana - Spanish. Just like American - English differs greatly from UK - English.

And Lancashire? Yeah, not a lotta Bob to be had there. Don't you guys sound more like the stately gentlemen hunting foxes and all that? ;)
Aum... Not sure if the 'answer' to the question is serious or not. Also, not certain why some people are seriously commenting as to somehow add to the lack of validity. I'll take it as a joke. 
Lol, the girl trolled Randy big time.
Brilliant answer............. actually ***ed the question............... very funny...............
that website is so cheap, its just opinion, but people do put in facts though
American isn't a language.
In ex-Yugoslavia this is reality. We understand each other 100%, but we all speak different languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegro) :(
If the person responding to the question was serious we are all in trouble. The Gene Pool definitely needs more chlorine.
Hahaha +Linda Lawrey good catch -

this is why i've had to quit using yahoo answers. I started out honestly answering people's questions, trying to help..... which quickly devolved to "Y U SO DAMN STUPID PEOPLE"

Oh and by quit, I mean my account was suspended.
Troll or not, there is actually people out there that are this stupid! They are part of the sub-species of humanus dumbus, created by an alien race from Kolob that came to earth by space ship.
....oh wait... That's what one of your (US) presidential candidates believes.

Time to get my white towel and hitch a ride of this rock! ;)
Mike G
Whomever she is she's a genius
Doug M.
Sailors are a promiscuous bunch are they not?
God bless the United Kingdom of America!
Trolling Yahoo Answers is an old sport with a rich history.
The majority of Americans don't seem to realise there's another world outside of the US and just haven't a clue about anything else outside their own sphere. Apart from the American cival war and American presidents, they don't seem to study any other form of history either, as the OP of the copied forum clearly demonstates.
Frightening isn't it? And sad too.
You have to admit, they both have a great sense of humor... :D
pretty sure the question is also being sarcastic
one thing i know for sure, and virtually all Americans i know wont argue the fact , all the " history " america has , was bought from us here in the UK , generally brick by brick !
either they have a great sense of humor or they are the dumbest people on earth
Oh please! There is no culture or civilisation in the northern hemisphere!

Even funnier though, here, down under, the number of people that think "Nullarbour Plain" is an Aboriginal word is amazing!

I can't help piping up with, "Yep, that Aboriginal Mob, the Roman's really got around!"

I get some strange looks!

I started laughing when i read the title of the answer. Some people are just plain ignorant.
Keep complaining about Teacher Unions and this is the America you have to look forward too.
Just think, if we had lost the Revolutionary War we would be speaking English right now. :)
ROFLMAO... I especially like the fact that the person responding to the questions is Asian. Brilliant, well done
I can't believe how stupid some people can be. Titanic obviously happened, Canada, US, and England all speak English, and the sun is impossible to land on because it's made of plasma, plus day or night, it's still hot!

Wow... Rage much?
I thought everyone know this? It's unfortunate everyone in the world doesn't receive the superior American education.
How stupid can you get? Oh, for the correct answer, the British Army many hundreds ago, sailed over to America after it's discovery, killed many millions of Native American Indians, and we started to create a slave link between Britain and America. Over the hundreds of years, America becomes Britain's "new age" and starts to populate it, and then the British leave to fight another war with another country. The story of how the language changed? Well, basically the British that effectively stayed and lived in America continued to populate and then native American's disliked the British attitude, so they decided change the language... I actually hate Britain more than US tbh...
well she didn't know did you see the anna franklin or whatever her name is qoute there are beautiful things around you so be happy
Now england people will speak punjabi because lots of punjabi migrated there burrraaaaaaaa
I am absolutely gobsmacked, it has to be a wind-up site.
no one ,not even Americans can be so ignorant...can they ?,
Surely not
There are stupid people everywhere.
Ok, that is funny! LOL Good on the lady who answered for using good humor to such an idiotic question.
An Asian "re-writes" American History. Very funny !!!
OK, iether this is some beautiful self-irony
or the most sad thing I've read in a long time.
Asker's rating: 5 stars and Very Informative xD
I am speechless.. See kids, this is why you shouldn't ditch history. 
English speak like they have marbles in their mouths.
There in denial they are Americans that wipe there ass with sea shells. Oh yeasaaaaa!!!
OMG....I haven't laughed so much in one it....
This might just be the coolest thing I have ever seen on the Internet.
That really explains it all . . .
Seriously are people so dumb ? No wonder you still find creationists in America
Ahh... I fear for us, or U.S. either spelling works ... :D
Brilliant !!! but believable if you are an American!! ;)
That's English sarcasm in the best answer there! g+1 for the yahoo page! LOL! 
All I know is that I am reading through all of these comments and I can pick out who is using Google Translate. Haha 
that is compleatly false, it was you americans who lernt our language and its your people who came from spain, britian and many other contrys not the outher way round this is proving to be offencive to me and many other british people.
Sadly enough, fools like this can vote . . . .
Not credible. Sorry. I have 14467 best answers in topics as diverse as programming and design, mythology and folklore and drawing and illustration and most of my BEST answers have at least one and usually more thumbs down showing.

There are little creatures who run around giving thumbs down to everything no matter how innocuous. Mary's little lamb, Frisky and Mannish (both the cabaret pair and the two who longed to be sung in Spanish) #Dragon or anything else will get you a thumbs down. Answering will get you a thumbs down. David Beckham is a BELOVED topic of the thumbs down fairies (especially in Mythology and Folklore). How come it only says people rated this as good?


Okay. I see 5 thumbs-down fairies on the page. but 114 thumbs-up. I wonder if your posting it had something to do with the belated discovery.
Harry, develop a sense of humor. Or perhaps as written in British, humoure lol
I call b.s. since it reads as an attempt to be stupid on purpose. Stupidity was the 2 Texan moron girls who were talking to 2 Welsh guys trying to get in their pants in an Amsterdam bar. The Welsh guys trying to make chit chat asked the morons if Jerry Springer was real and the they said yes, that Jerry Springer is real.
Harry has an eye for the obvious . . .
Linda, AFAICT this is a Google+ posting you are showing. So, why don't you just share it, so that I can at least increase the font size, or do whatever else is required to read the text. Images
containing text are nonsense.
Sorry, but I had to get that off of my mind.
whatzup friends how is the day going all hope fine am happy if you are happy too
Please, please, please, for the love of dog, tell me this was someone trolling, and that I don't share a continent with people who don't know what England or the English language is.
Now you know and knowing's half the battle! Too funny.
When we hear the term European, England seems to be the dominant memory grabber that comes to mind. Frequently you hear alot out of France too! You never hear much about Germany, Denmark, or Finland, ect.

What made these nations establish territorial boundaries? They call themselves something differently from the others for a reason. America began to suffer due to "colonialism". America is for the proud, brave, and the strong. A conquistador with a predetermined (S.W.O.T. Analysis) future on my property makes me appear to be the weak. America is about individualism in unity with others obtaining similar goals and objectives. Can you believe they still want to play this way under our noses! Civil War and World War keeps us from
Meeting our expectations. These thrill seekers are a set back.
i know that history is written by the victors and the living.....but what happen if those people come from a asylum.....this....
u just gotta luv stupid people... they make your life a lot funnier
Tolls trolling trolls....
Some of you are dissing home school kids. When hey look, the PSAT scores are set higher for home-schoolers just because our grades are more substantial. Also, have you noticed most public school kids can NOT point out the United States of America on a world globe! Yet most home schooled kids can. Why is that? Because we are potentially smarter. :) Don't be jealous. Just home-school! Trolled ^.^
But... why then new york is in the old part of the america and york is in the new one? Did Columbus drive back to usa to bring them the New York? I don't get it, really! When do Italy get to conquer something too? :(
English is English dont discuss it thts boring!
Let's hope the person that madeThis statement doesn't become president. 
+Cliff Berning... Either an idiot or trolling.. If American English is proper English then why is it called English? Some people..
I truly hope Randy is a troll.
I assume an American atlas has only one page? Not that suprising as they teach creationism next to scientific explanation in their schools, and on the 7th day god rested - and an unintelligent subcontractor came in and created the American education system.
That's is some funny shit. Sad, but funny. The saddest part is that I've come across more than a handful of people in my life who I could easily see asking that question and believing the answer
This is what happens when you give the village idiot a computer.
Obviously a reflection of the Public School System and the Dept of Education
Wow...I learn something new everyday.
It's just one big wind up. This is the reaction they wanted. Personally I can't stand Yanks. I don't think they are that dumb. "Well that's debatable"
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