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What are you afraid of?
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See, when I say I hope I age gracefully: I hope my body stays tight. I hope my face stays smooth. And, dear God--I hope my mind stays this sharp!
Gotta love this.. In Hawaii there is conceal carry but no one has received a permit in probably 20 years. Considering this stats is 95% democrat it is no surprise.
truly inspiring thanks linda for posting this
Inspiring? Why? Because there's a fictitious story about a crazy old lady with a few guns?
Next time you see an old lady on the highway......let her pass!
"Not a f***ing thing" LOL
Sad that americans think its ok to carry weapons like that ... the country should be safe enought so there is no need for a grandma to carry guns.
priceless. a gal of my own likeness. go get 'um granny
Maybe so but it works pretty damn good here. So stop trolling and go pout somewhere else.
Clearly antecdotal, it looks like filler from the Weekly World News. But let's pretend for a sec this granny were real. Her "trashy" ancestors came from a country quite similar to whereever you're from, Hans, and they came here because that country was such a toilet bowl they were willing to risk their lives to escape it. Also, you would be goosestepping right now if it weren't for my "trashy" ancestors, so you know. You're welcome.
Matt Matt Matt..don't feed the trolls else they never go away.
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