"At Ad Age's Digital West conference last week, Christian Oestlien, group product manager for social advertising at Google, announced it's close to unveiling Google+ business profiles that will permit companies to create pages and circles like those of an individual user of the social network."

"Last month, Google+ announced plans to dole out verification badges to celebs and public figures. Asked whether a similar process will be rolled out for brands, Mr. Prosser all but confirmed it: "We're not announcing anything yet, but you can see a good example by looking on the consumer side with what we've done for celebrities."

Asked how Google+ plans to police the network for authentic and inauthentic users, Mr. Prosser said it is taking a few different approaches. If companies notice that a logo or profile is being improperly used, it can report the profile to Google, which will respond with what it calls a "soft takedown." The user will be given a few days to change the name or appeal the finding before Google takes further action, but even if the person is found guilty there won't be other ramifications; it won't shut down Gmail or other services for the user.

Beyond that, Mr. Prosser said Google is using a "consumer-operations team that does work -- both algorithmically and through people -- to prevent folks that are trying to take on fake identities."
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