No. It's not the rise of the Google Plus Faithful, +Paul Tassi . lol It's the rise of those that use and enjoy using social media and social networking successfully. Which isn't hard. You just have to use it, period.

Is it possible that you were wrong about Google+ being a failure because you failed to use it successfully and to your advantage? Would that determination be wrong and your complaints and article as such be misleading?

+Mike Elgan 's post was correct in that regard. You did fail to set your privacy to the level you expected. You even had to do that at Facebook. Ok, so THERE you probably have to do it daily but that's beside the point. Sort of.

I guess what I'm having a hard time understanding is why you would expect people you know to join you here on Google+ when you yourself don't want to enjoy it here.

What would have constituted success for you on Google+? Is there something lacking in the design and functionality that prevents you from using G+ as you wish to be able to? I for one am honestly curious about how Google+ could have been designed for you to be successful here in the context that you personally define success and enjoyability. And that IS something different for everyone.

Regarding this statement: "This is great for those who really want to take on the challenge of building up a brand new social network."

Paul, I'm not a brand. I'm just me. I do nothing special whatsoever and will continue to just be "me". All I do is participate and show a little bit of enthusiasm. It's not hard. It's not work.

Before you make such claims, give it an honest try here. While some media sites want to use the "killer" terminology, I for one can't claim that yet. Maybe one day I will, maybe I won't. But not today.

And I can't say you didn't try hard enough. I can only say that you didn't try because that's what I personally like about Google+. It requires no effort. Set your privacy settings, set your email notifications, circle people that interest you, those you know and those you don't yet, and you're ready. How do you find people you know or people that interest you? Easy. The "Find People" box at the top will find people by Name, topic, occupation, interests, etc. And you'll find a lot of people that you do know, know of, admire, interest you, and are already here. And interested in you as well.

In the meantime, yes. You've probably upset a few people that are passionate about Google+ . You had to expect that, writing what you did. That's the purpose of writing which is to stir emotion about what you've written. Hopefully that emotion will work to your advantage and in some cases here apparently it didn't. Happens all the time. You know to move on from it just like everyone does and will.

One good thing about the internet - while everything is here to stay, it's also here to be forgotten and then means not only popular pieces of work but unpopular ones. So you've burned no bridges here. Give Google+ a fair and honest article based on actual use. Then if it doesn't work for you, write the piece based on that. And if you need any help with any feature on Google+, or just about anything for that matter, you only need to let us know and you'll be surprised how many come to your assistance.

As a result, I'm going to follow you and sincerely hope you choose to participate here. Because I think you do have important things to say and not just about Google+. If you choose to circle me back, throw me in your Tech and Social Media circle. That's what I share and discuss publicly, and privately you might get a peek at one of my kids doing something that actually doesn't embarrass me. Or does. ;)

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My first public G+ post, because I've apparently been "doing it wrong." Read my response to the critics of my original post below.
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