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Privacy bill requires search warrants for e-mail, cell tracking - But the U.S. Justice Department seems certain to oppose the privacy-enhancing requirements, part of legislation introduced today by Rep. Zoe Lofgren.
The bill, introduced today by Rep. Zoe Lofgren -- a Democrat who represents the heart of Silicon Valley, including the home turf of Apple, Google, and Intel -- would generally require law enforcement officials to obtain a search warrant signed by a judge before they can access cloud data or location information.

It's backed by a phalanx of companies, including, Apple, AT&T, eBay, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Twitter. Liberal, conservative, and libertarian advocacy groups are also members of the so-called Digital Due Process coalition.
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we need protections from the government!
Hopefully this gets moved forward but it won't. That is why the laws have not been updated since 1986
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