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Could The US Drone Have Been Compromised In September's Computer Attack On A US Air Base?

The Iranian video footage of the downed RQ-170 drone suggest that either Iran has one hell of a set of model builders or they somehow managed to compromise a highly secure US computer network.
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According to recent news stories a lot of the computers on that "highly secure U.S. computer network" are infested with spyware so it isn't all that inconceivable.
highly likely the chinese did the virus attack. it looks more like a dronejacking 2 me. otherwise, the drone could not be in such a good shape.

my bet is the chinese r on the way 2 iran if not already there.
Here we go, lets tons of more money to get another one... Get out of those countries and start investing into US economy instead of stupid military actions. It sounds like they want to provoke a war in Iran.
Владимир Ручков. i do agree w u (probably 90%) until the last sentence. dont think we should discuss ur concerns here. why dont u have another post on ur concerns

the q here is "Could The US Drone Have Been Compromised In September's Computer Attack On A US Air Base?"
evan. do u have a business plan 4 ur navigation jacking system? it should take much less than 30yrs lol
Well, the simple answer seems to be, yes. It's already been hacked. The entire operating system code is likely outside the military. Easy enough then to transmit the right op codes. In fact, given that video wasn't encrypted well or at all, neither was command comms. The software developer may even have been hacked independently. It could have been either the chinese or russians ( or satellites ). Some real talent there.
it seems to me that if we were to put as much energy and ingenuity into creating peace as we do into war and oppression we would have a lot better life.
I doubt that will happen +Brian Waddington . In fact, a cyber war has well and truly started. Recruiting is going on in the west. It's estimated that china has a lot of tech spies working for the people's army. Probably not reported there, or much anywhere, but a chinese general was quoted on chinese TV as saying that china would risk WW3 over Iran. Technology would flow Iran's way easily it seems.
how should we create peace when the jews and muslims just wanna 2 kill one another?
My genome have a virus firstly.
So-called Pro-virus.
As long as my immunity and stamina maintain, no problem.

L Smith
I don't doubt that the drone was hacked I remember reading militants had used an 26 dollar program to spy on the video feed of drones.
Okay, the only problem I have with the hacking story is how was the injection done? The military runs many networks and all, save NIPRNet, are not connected to the Internet. The machines that fly these drones are not on NIPRNet! :)
Now, inside human operator? That would be very concerning. (This is assuming we are not all talking about a model!)
Um, well, to be honest, it's not that hard. It's not a matter of hacking the net, just confusing the instruction feed. +Mark Bergem Actually, you're wrong, but that's ok. You don't know what you're talking about, and I understand that. NIPR is just for basic email and garbage functions. We had real issues with Information Assurance in the past couple of years, mostly b/c the kids plugged their damn iPods into the USB jacks on the SECRET net's machines to charge them. There are access portals in several places, but without the cert's, you're not welcome inside. Flash drives in general have compromised many networks,and there's not much telling how much lurking's been going on lately. Hardware keys have made it more difficult, but many systems have already been compromised. Most TS stuff is not hard-wired on open nets for that exact reason, but TEMPEST existed for a reason.
Awesome, the G.D. ET/QM, ie bubblehead, is going to tell the Cyrppie about how things are. I am very aware of the threats you mentioned, I am also very aware about what I can talk on an open net. As for, NIPR, no shit, that was the point of my post. NIPR is totally compromised and that is why it is not used for anything more than admin.
Also, you mentioning TEMPEST lets me know you don't know what you are talking least as far as anything higher than SIPR.
In American movie ,Junior high school student attacks the NORAD? computer system.It' was attak and success in movie. Peoples always done what they image. John Lennon "imagin".

+Mark Bergem Ha. "Bubblehead". Cute. I was referencing TEMPEST as past attempts at the prevention of intrusion. Your hubris is not well placed here. And I'm a lot more than a former "bubblehead". That was just one job I took. Having grown up as the son of an AF officer who taught that "cryppie" stuff of which you speak, I know far more about these things than I am allowed to discuss in public. I've been programming for over 22 years. Don't make me prove it to you. My clearence is still valid. Cheers. ;)

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