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As a cofounder of Google, +Sergey Brin  has already done lots of very good things for the world on a macro scale.

He's given us a great technology that makes the Internet usable, created a company that provides jobs for tens of thousands of people, and donated millions to various charities. He's investing in genetic cures for diseases and space exploration, too.

With it, Brin is buying up downtown property in the small Silicon Valley town he lives in, and is renting it out at below market rates to stores he thinks families in the community need: a children's bookstore, a children's playspace, and a child-friendly coffee shop.
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Yet another reason why Google is my favourite tech company ;-)
i would love to have the money to do the same
Googzilla rules! ... or... to put it another way, it's extremely surprising that they haven't yet seriously put a foot wrong. With them, I have the impression that it's not all about the money... that's a rare fruit these days.
Thoughtful deed, indeed. Billionaires need a community too, and, just like an eco-system, one would not exist if its members are not interdependent or mutually support each other.
these guys are human being first, gazillionaire geeks second.
Hm if he only puts on a costume with cape and goes out to defeat evil doers...
he maybe able to legally change his name to bruce wayne... =)
And the google world will still love him all the same
Well you can't take it with you.. as my wife's late grandmother used to say.. and this is a translation from German.. "money is always nicer out of warm hands"
Wow. A rich person who isn't a psychopath. (Bill Gates is, too.)
When trickle-down economics actually works.
Most of the philanthropy to which people attribute to bill gates is actually the massive effort of his wife. He is just along for the ride so his wife can open doors with him and his name.
+++++++ thumbs up man, may the tribe of your kind increase to help the less fortunate.  A rare trait to be immensely admired and respected.
Can't imagine what I'd do without Google
If more people could do that, it's unbearable to see neighborhood erased for no reason
What would the world be like if everyone, regardless of their income, acted this way? Everyone reading this would be considered rich by most of the world's population.
The wealthy in the US give huge amounts to charity. Thats a well know fact. So he joins a long tradition of philanthropy that Americans are famous for the world over.
If only all of us would learn to give even if it is a little and whatever they can, the world will be a better place to live in.
Cool. Let see how many right wingers call him name for doing such thing.
I'd rather let the people choose to whom they would like to give their money and not so much the government...
Even if Mr. Gates does it for his wife, he is involved anyway. He is supporting her and also aware of everything that's happening arround the foundation. If he is only giving his name and money for a cause, great for him.

Now, What are you giving?
Makes me very happy to see that some people are still very giving soul's.
This isn't charity.  This is one man using his resources to shape the world towards an image of the reality in which he wishes to live.  We all have the power to do things like this, perhaps not on this scale.
Looks like playing Sim City IRL
why only blue blocks ?  :)
Such an inspiration. +Sergey Brin you are a wonderful human being and your act of compassion and selflessness is a credit to humanity.
Haha, not very secret any more. I'm glad to see that some billionaire's actually care about their neighbors. Now I wish my landlord was as kind :-)
Seems like a nice thing to do. That’s better than doing nothing. I am glad he has the money to do it. As my mother would always tell me, “Money is the root of all evil.” Forgive me mother, “it is the love of money…”
A really good act for him, given his interest in genetically-caused diseases, would be to buy the company that patented the BRCA1 and 2 genes. 
Very nice! Guess it's not so secret anymore...
More of selfless investment rather than charity. If only everyone (including the non-wealthy) were as apt to utilize their own gifts for the betterment of society. Regardless of the motivations, it still beats wasting your resources to lead a purposeless life.
Bingo - +Tyler Giles  - you expressed beautifully what I was trying to say.  Not charity all.  Charity is sick, charity creates a culture of dependency, of supplicance.  We must each of us, use our gifts whatever they might be, to shape the world in which we wish to live.   
When everything crashes the free market will allow the businesses that the people really want to thrive, not just those preferred by the Land Barron.
Ooops!! The SECRET is out!! Probably shouldn't have shared this if it was a secret!
Nice to hear some positive news. And this from one of my favourite tech firms, or at the very least, the co-founder. ;)
This man is creating the world he wants to live in, and I so want to live in his world! Billionaires take note - if you want to change the world, don't try to just throw money at charities, but rather work to literally create the space of what you want the world to look like.
Now there is a job creator, if only all the super rich did this. 
Philanthropy is not dead !!!
You always hear stories of greed and people expanding their wealth, those people must stay awake some nights worrying weather they will make enough "profit this quarter" ... Sergey Brin, on the other hand may rest well knowing he, although in small ways, has helped so many live better lives ... Sergey Brin is a true hero !
sergey..respect to u..u r grt human being..u bought a revolution in human kind
Hat's off for sergey brin, keep up the good work.
An act of warmth? If you have any money right now, buy houses. Houses are at historic low values. Rent it out at below market value. This will help prevent the in and out movers, help you offset the P\L and upkeep the property. Historically, houses double in value every 10 years. This guy's going to make a killing. I really don't think he gives two shakes of a gnats dick about the people in the houses. If he really did, rent would be free.
This has nothing to do with Google and everything to do with Sergei Brin. People need to understand the difference and be able to separate the 2
I think Silicon Valley philanthropists in general are better at defining the problem and addressing it. No BS, no posing, just fix it!
And what is the meaning for this data about this tycoon ?
What is this Post About it ?
A farewell Google for their Tycoons ?
Someone needs to assure there are some child-free zones. Everyone needs a break now and then.
Is that the one that skipped out on paying taxes?
I really liked the "secretly". Now not so anymore. Sad, in a way.
I think the key word here is "secretly." Most people of wealth can't do anything for their community without tooting a horn and attaching their name to it.
that is super cool. communities need more selfless acts like this.
Am glad to know about this. I think that's what everyone suppose to emulate. 
You guys seems lost about capitalism, honestly speaking.
It's nothing special about a tycoon who invest money in mayors corporations. She just look for biggest cut's. What's is the great thing about it?
yes. make an example for all to see
Simply I have no words to tell.HATTSOFF "Mr.SERGEY BRIN"...
It is why my heart is with Google.
+Tomas Elke if you read the article, you'd know the properties he bought up were business... ie store fronts in the down town S.V. and rented out at below going rates to business owners who provide services to children and their development. Which in tern provides a piece of mind to the parents. Lastly helps create job ownership to start-up business owners, with added intrest to employ others within the region.
The article said nothing of home ownership, nor renting out homes... sheesh...
But since your on that argument
Vollenteer with habitat for humanity, and help those become home owners...
Even the poor can give back & pay it foward, so that we all can live in some sort of piece & harmony...
(And no I still don't have dictionary features on my phone, sorry for any misspellings)
Well done...this is what I would do if I had his wealth! We need more people, who have disposable income, like this in the world!
Most often when a person reacts negatively to artifacts of philanthropy it is a sign of diminished self-worth and/or any number of social challenges. All around the world we face challenges, in our personal lives, that effect the way we respond to affective stimuli. Now it is quite likely that I will get flamed for this, because it is not easy to talk about the elephant in the room. I will, however, offer this one last suggestion. when you read or hear comments that degrade or belittle positive influences it might help to remember that we are all coming from a different place and throughout our journey we all face different trials, pains, and joy. Therefore, when we look out at the world we all look through different lenses that shape our understanding of things and events around us. Our lenses also influence the reflections in our own mirror, shaping our view of self as we go forward through life. If we can accept others opinions for the reflections that they are we can learn to empathize with each other and begin a journey toward true self expression and social progress.
This may seem too deep or philosophical for this forum, but it is high time we talk about this elephant and let it go outside.

(September 21 2012 - Peace One Day)
A child friendly coffee shop.  An excellent idea!
that's wonderful, too bad this doesn't get the attention of the media!
God Bless this man for all the wonderful things he's doing.
I'd sell my soul to google but i dont think it's pure enough :S
Its easier morally to buy products from companies that care about their consumers... Hence Google
Sergey Brin, you're the MAN! I wish all the wealthy people will do the same like you do, GODspeed...
Thanks Sergey, I'd like to think we would all do similar things if we could.  
this is truily part of the american dream""
While Sergey uses his energy for business and selfless actions like this, Job's legacy left Apple using its energy for business and thermo nuclear wars on whoever they hate.
Google......great people......great products........with morals
Good to know community focused philanthropic concern isn't dead. This is a classy thing to do.
Just think if he had to give that to the IRS, would they do the same?
More people who need to do things like this in their home towns.
And didn't fought various companies for patents like steeve (i respect him!), which is yet another act of greatness.
+SiLee Yognaut , maybe you should look up what Bill Gates does for underprivileged people before making statements like that.
+SiLee Yognaut I don't wanna blame anybody else, but I've read enough stories that Bill Gates also donated Millions if not Billions of $ already to charities
PhillyD would call him the BAMF of the day :-)
It will be a good act if Google (of whi I'm a great fan) pays it's fair share of UK tax and stops it's avoidance.
I allways wanted to do something like that.much respect
Nothing better for the heart than a act of kindness and this man has gone out of his way. 
He'd still have that kind of money to blow.  You don't have to politicize everything.  He's just trying to give back.
That is a class act for being rich.
Take that apple and Microsoft Google is for the people and by the people
And,so sad,the arab bilionere didnt do like him to all muslim who lived in poor
Great way to help people as this provides jobs that help provide needed services
for some reason that guy reminds me of leonidus, from 300.....only nerdier. XD
If some of the so called celebrities in this world did the same type of thing earth would be a better place.  But no instead there are greedy people who just horde their money or use it soley to make more, not to do good.
Joe 2
More than charitable. Extremely thoughtful. Restoring faith in human kind.
One more reason why Google is the best company in the world...
On a shitty dau this actually makes me smile.
unfortunately the bigots in our society see these acts of charity as communism/socialism.  i just hope the community strengthens and flourishes because of such a generous decision
That's what I call putting you money where your mouth is. 
A great way to enliven any town...think what this idea could do for many towns/cities across our nation!
Much more humanistic than raging on thermonuculer with your money
Is "Do no evil" evolving into "Do good" ?
Kudos Mr. Brin :-D
If Steve Jobs was alive he'd buy up all the potable water just to spite Sergey and the town. ;)
Maxx D
Not so secret anymore...
Thanks Sergey, we need more of that!
I think the level of creativity at Google exceeds that of Apple
100% support Google Android......$1 billion..... $22 millions SAMSUNG & Google.....Apple you are now the most Hatred Company in the world....
Smart.  Buying property at the nadir of the market, make a small return on rent w/ a lot of positive press, and sell the property when the market recovers.
Not so random acts of kindness - very generous!
Perhaps he can buy a house for me in Camps Bay? I've always wanted to live by the sea!
That'd a great example of what humanity should be.
+Steven Brodkowitz dude, be cool. No need to talk that way about a guy who is no longer here. 

Brin is awesome, btw.
there's still hope for the human race...
I need advice on choice of or apple. all advice is highly appreciated. Thanks
Google's Mission = 'Do No Evil'
Apple's mission = 'Make Money and Alienate Consumers'
It is a nice gesture, but all acts have repercussions. If he dies, will those rents continue? Are these places self-sufficient; or is this just charity. I keep thinking about the "give a man a fish" vs "teaching a man to fish" .
Brilliant,great post - i love to read this positive post, as so what if he has money,he's using it for good purposes, fair play, so tired of reading about all the crazy nutters,harming people!!
And Steve Jobs and company is busy filing Lawsuits!
lets keep in mind, this is all Tax deductible, im pretty sure!
Great job, we need more persons like you in our world today!!! 
I see how along with 90% if not more of worlds population is under a "hypnotic spell" as in mislead by so many avenues to just exist. No purpose at all! Just a mundane 9-5 job. No passion or compassion. Who could be behind all that mis leading?
Jeh M
In the late 90's, I thought of computers as something that could give answers to any questions you ask to it. So awesome that I want my parents to buy me one but couldnt afford by then. Now, google made the realization of my vision back then.
Google rocks
I love google
Take that Apple! Lol. seriously though at least he is doing this in the United States. Don't get me wrong helping other countries is fantastic as most with money do, but just because we're supposed to be the richest nation doesn't mean our citizens don't need help too. Thank you Mr Brin
since one cannot defeat the laws of economics, there will be unintended consequences to this.  Let's hope they are mostly positive ones.
That's what this economy needs. Billionaires spending their money to make a community thrive
"Don't be evil" ya gotta love Google.
@chukwuma Albert .. Well, wait for Window 8 tablet. If u are in hurry.. Ya can always grab Nexus 7! o_O #JustMyOpinion
Good guy.. other rich guys take this as an example of giving back...
There is no such thing as "giving back" 
Google technology can be compared to what heart is to human body. Great.
heart act of kindness. hope he sees a huge improvement in society and does this all over the state and country.
I thought rich people had horns and eat puppies.  At least that's what the media wants us to believe.
Lovely compassionate or is there a hidden agenda behind this very rich man? If it was a secret it wouldn't be on the web now would it? So what is his actual goals? Own a whole town? Hmm google CA. Sounds like a new city name? Run for mayor? I know run for president. Oh yeah that's right any one with compassion can't be in the Prez seat! What ever!
Google is nice but people don't like it cause of the constant bashing on religion, apple users, comments without proper punctuation, the list goes on. We are supposed to have an opinion and people make it a personal issue, or start saying they have lost faith in humanity because of an opinion. Nobody should judge I believe in god if you believe there isn't one I'm no one to judge your beliefs, and I expect the same. In order for google+ to reach a higher status stop the bashing and don't go all techie talk on normal people, we get it you spend a lot of time alone and in front of a computer and can go on wiki to make an article or prove a point.
<Bro Fist>..."Good lookin' out"...walking away, but looking back just in case cuzz I don't even know this fuckin' guy.
Quite impressed, it's good to hear that some are committed to make life better for others...
The fact that he's been doing this secretly makes it admirable. I believe in humanity once again. Will let you live for now.
I would do it too for some tax write offs and good publicity....
Best comment from the original article: "retail stores are quite pleasant compared to a real sweatshop"
Kyle W
So many people give. There are a lot of awesome people in the world. It makes me sad to read people here saying its bad because it means less taxes. There are also a lot of assholes in the world. 
Kyle W
The worst part is that if you become successful in America, people will just say you are evil. 
Not much of a secret now, is it?
Googles actually for the people, not for the $
i always wondered where my $1500 Mac book pro was going to be spent ?
Here are people that understood the meaning of Life, Humanity and Loving others ! Here's the Google mindset.
And he's not looking for notoriety from it either. 
hmmm nice guy     we'll see
Blessings that are being showered upon me, I shall bless thy neighbor / brother & sister. The good book states that we are made into his image. It would be nice to have an abundance of money to be able to do macro things for people; however, micro things for the people who want to do for others but don't have unlimited resources are just as big. May Heavenly blessings continue touching your heart to help those trying to help others.
Compare this to Zuckerberg who loaned for his mansion at below market rates and is meanwhile earning money on it!
Sounds like both a gentlemen and a scholar!
The guy looks like Adam Sandler. It's nice, what he's doing for society. Not everyone with that kind of money would do that. 
+Linda Lawrey Many thanks Linda for for posting this. Im the former Creative Director of Faberge (living in Monaco) and you have just given me a million euro idea :-) Thank you!!!!
Fair play.
And for a balanced article... How does Tim Cook measure up?
congratulations for "giving back to the community". really a good example.    
Much appreciated. Thank you Sergey.
+Sergey Brin gets my respect and admiration.  Thank you sir for being a great role model to so many.
Alan M
Dont you think that if a lot of people could do this type of thing then they would? Maybe if more did then a lot of problems would be solved!
awesome! unlike that company (shall be nameless), which is driven by greed with their litigation.  i'm now a true fan.
Noble person! Wish business men in India (and everywhere, for that matter) follow him.
BIll Gates gives a lot of money away, no need to bash him. 
If I'm not mistaken, +Bill Gates intends to donate 95% of his wealth by the time he kicks the bucket. Is +Sergey Brin going to do the same?
I think that is fantastic! Its nice to see the rich do something good for those that dont have much! Cheaper rent in these times is rare!
Google employes deserves all respect they are shaping the internet now to a new entity
Well done. I would do the same if i was him. Fact is having billions of dollars in the bank is pretty much pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Most people can live very comfortably with 200k a year. Even 1 million a year is overkill. 

Don't get me wrong. Money is important but i think too much money is pointless. Basically there is a point where having more money will not make you life that much better.

No one would be able to take their money to the afterlife (if you are religious) and it would be useless to you when you die. Yes it's important to leave your loved ones with enough security but values and important lessons in life you leave them is just if not more important. Love of money can corrupt people. It is why most families with a lot of money tend to fight bitter inheritance battles over it's control which destroys a lot of families. Values taught will help control and help them control money instead of money controlling them. 

In the end it would be nice knowing that one has made a difference in the world for the better. People like Sergey is one of those people and i am sure when he leaves this world he will be glad that he made a difference for the better. I think all of us as human beings would want that when we leave this world as well.

Kudos to Sergey. 
+Nomeneta Saili The "very comfortably" threshold for most people tends to increase depending on how much money people make. 200k sounds like overkill to me. If you're willing to be happy with a job you like, food on the table, and reading library books or taking your family to the park for entertainment, you can live "very comfortably" on far less than that.

The key is to be generous with what you have, no matter how much or how little that may be.
There's no way apple would plough money back into the community its pure greed with them just look at their prices and childish court cases go google
They label it "secretly", when actually it's public record. But what's so wrong with being private with your personal business?
Those who financially benefit from building their empires on US soil should indeed adorn this land with further opportunity. Well done on civic duty Mr. Brin. Regardless of the obvious political and public relation benefits it produces for him. If the effort helps even one citizen to better their lives as our freedoms have improved his, then its worth recognition. Just keep the robots off the streets. They tend to get the natives restless. Makes them start building electro magnets and such. Things could get messy...
quick patent it before Apple start doing the same and charging WAY above market rates
What a generous man. I wish more people were like him.
There are some really nice super-rich geeks around (notably none at Apple)
can ya ask him does he no anybody who would be able to help a irishman with a green card as no work here 
+James Jensen Yes offcoruse. I was overestimating. Even 100k US a year is very good for most people in the world. 

With 200k though i think that it will take care of all the basics and wants to live very comfortably. House, cars, electronics, entertainment, college funds, top health insurance, holidays etc without much struggle financially.   

As for scale of income. There will come a point where spending more goes beyond needs and wants and you are just throwing money away regardless of the income bracket you are in. Our wants and needs as human beings do not fundamentally change depending on the income bracket one finds themselves in i would imagine. Anything more is just excessive and superficial with little or no real value to the person imo. 

+Eliseo Arias  Yes Bill i am sure realise it that the excess billions he has if of little value to him and his family when he is gone but would make a better world for everyone including his family when he is gone. 
Hi wonder if he has a red iron suit in his office.
I gave $2 bucks to sick kids hospital at the store today. That is a larger portion of my net worth then whatever this guy has ever donated. Don't count out our small stuff. Nice he is doing something though ...I guess.
It's great to see such a large company, in such a corrupt world show and do acts of kindness. Especially, when he didn't have to. I respect that. But, I also think its your responsibility when you have made such an impact in our society, you should give back to the needs of others.
Googzilla. I love it. I'm having to leave my funny bone in another room so I can look serious.
And what of the small investor who's trying to make a return on his rentals? His business is killed off by a mega-rich person undercutting and playing with his spare millions. Sergey may not need to cover his costs, other businesses do. 
So glad someone is giving back after the community gave to them to make them successful. The community is what makes you popular and a success in business. I applaude +Sergey Brin for his efforts!
A real humanitarian. He's wonderful!
Great example of an average Russian guy :)
I've always gotten good vibes from Google
Kinda restores your faith in humanity, doesn't it?
This supports my gut feeling that Google's goal is to make life better for people. Apple's goal is to make more money for Apple.
The world needs companies like Google.
The fact, that so many people have something to say, says it all. Thank you Brin, your contribution to the internet and all the good stuff you are doing. Giving back to the environment you grow up in should be everyone's aspiration/ goal. Your deeds only give the world another learning. Thank you
It's nice to know where the bottom is even if your sitting on top... Nicely done Sergey
Awesome. That doesn't surprise me. I've been pretty impressed with the leaders I've met over there.
That definitely is someone I would love to work for...the secrets to humanly kind soul. We need more people like him. 
Now that man is truly rich in more ways than money.
So what's apple doing? I mean other than suing people...
"Market Price" is defined by completion of transaction. Unclear the meaning of "below" market price.
Jay R
Awesome! Its great to see and hear of good ppl doing something instead of trying to over charge and become greedy. So many ppl renting their homes wat over market price and mad bc they can't. Here's a lesson: Life is what you make it
Jay R
Wealthy Americans give to charity....this isn't "charity" but a long term investment that EVERYONE renting from him can benefit.. lower cost for families... it shows that there are ppl who have a heart and care instead of millionaires pretending to care
He has billions of dollars,he can even give them away for free.But we must appreciate his efforts.
A modern day Super Hero fighting the real villain, Recession. It's easy to give money to a charity, actually helping people is a lot harder. Good on you Mister. (If that's what you're actually doing)
I like Google even more now...I read the story and Wikipedia as well.  Looks like America's gain and Russia's loss in a big way.
Well, Google's company motto is "Don't be evil" He sets the standard for the way the company represents itself.
Hand out please!!! Seriously though more people with power (money) should do this, it's karma!!
a good samaritan of 21st century... keep doing good mr. brin.
And he's not advertising in the media that he's doing this as well - very altruistic - at least I hope so.
Why not do the same in other more disadvantaged towns and cities both in the US and abroad? While in the silicon valley region its nice thing to do and well done to him in other possibly more deprived areas it may be the food shop with a low rent which can help feed people at a lower cost or allow a doctors surgery to operate etc just suggesting, but again nice one Brin for what you are doing :-D
You actually expect me to think its all from the goodness of his heart....there is a profit motive involved... im not that stupid
What a bunch of suck-ups... aww hes so nice....wish i had the money to do such nice things.. are ya'll freaking retarded?
He's so good, I think I just had an orgazm
i hope that i have tons of money some day.  and i wish i could be altruistic like this.  when you have a lot of money you cant keep it all you have to spread it around.  Being rich enough to pick and choose your charities and investments and contributing to them must be part of the path to enlightenment.
Thank you Sir, you're doing exactly what the US government should be doing. 
+David Robertson altruism is not selfish because although your primary reason is for your own glory it is still in mind of others and therefore cannot be selfish
This is a reason I too, choose Google. Share the wealth without making yourself or your company broke, there is no better business strategy.
You are truly one in a million. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
Altruism can be selfish since it provides the giver's brain the reward of satisfaction. One practices altruism in order to feel good one's self.
Ekua Davis
God bless you abundantly Mr. Brin. You are one of the rare breeds.  I pray that "whatever you touch turns to gold" in order that you can continue the wonderful things that you are doing to help people.You ARE special. Long life!!!!!
Can't stand Microsoft; love Google. Microsoft drives others out of business, steals their ideas and blocks software evolution; Google pioneers map and translation software, saves Usenet, and gives Linux an assist with Android and Chrome. Bill Gates invests in Monsanto and eugenics; Sergey Brin contributes to Silicon Valley communities. Thank you, Google!
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