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Cotton Candy, a tiny computer that looks like a USB thumb drive now available for preorder. - The device, which can run either Ubuntu or Android 4.0, has a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a Mali 400MP GPU that allows it to decode high-definition video.
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If I buy it, I am going to plug it onto my TV to browse internet, stream videos etc.My quesion is " Does it support wireless keyboard and mouse while the internet is being received through Wi-Fi?
External a display , It will be a real pockte computer.
is there any possibility of adding a power backup (UPS) to it?
Check out +Raspberry Pi Same concept except shipping tonight for only $35, also uses SD card instead of NAND
Kinda wish I would actually use this but in reality I hardly use my laptop as is...
Drooling for one of these, but I will wait to see

1) What the price finally settles down to. $199 is reasonable, but what will it be in a year.

2) Where Ubuntu on ARM goes, and how it will run on this. Not that their demos are not great, but a full desktop Linux on a stick would basically force me to have to buy one.
+John C. Reid Now in the MWC 2012 , Many company had show Quad-Core products , so dual-core still worth to buy ? Quad-Core products must be more fast for ubuntu or win8 arm.
LINUX makes the more popular operating systems look archaeic, . . . . . . again. Ubuntu, for me, has brought Linux to "come of age" for the non technical user.
will it ever have a small clip on screen? and a real battery?
:P its nice and small, but it doesn't seem truly portable, unless it can be used on the go
And when will it be available as an implant? ha ha
I am not ready for this sort of thing.
I still like to have an excuse to not always have my computer with me every second of the day.
Seriously people, were smart phones not enough for you?
I am so ready for this sort of thing. But I am also ready for a cheaper slightly slower slightly bigger sort of thing. :-D
it dosn't say the HDD size? i mean, does it even have an HDD? lol what can you do with this?
Ouch on the price. As said +Raspberry Pi is the way forward. Cheap, designed to get kids interested in how computers work, programming, etc, like 80s computers did, unlike games consoles today, yet is versatile to be used for a huge amount of uses, not just for kids.
I like the raspberry better. with the 150.00 off the price tag of this....hmmmm.....
And if we get a fresh new generation of computer scientists, we can get back to designing software that doesn't require quad core processors, especially on phones!
Raspberry Pi is an entirely different use case people.
+Vincent Lee Beats me as well. Without any significant internal storage it can only be used as a diagnostic tool.
Usb powered? So i plug the microcomputer into a computer that already has a hdmi out? Duplicity?
What abt the harddisc...????
Plug it in your HD tv, surf and what else?
WOW.....How far we have come from the dawn of computers....
wait a male usb and a male hdmi...... how is that useful i can plug it in to one or the other but I have to power it via the usb? sooo either way im going to need a male to female cable of either the usb or hdmi variety.

hmm with some tweaks this might be useful tho.....I think this one needs some more time in the oven before i could find a use for it.

otherwise it's just an expensive flash drive
now if you can find a way to access the underlying hardware for graphics acceleration for instance while its plugged in and booted on a real computer then it would be impressive but i don't think usb can handle that kind of load. still an interesting Idea though...
So much for the Raspberry PI eh? Someone stole the march!
nah Raspberry PI is still better priced and has more useful ports on it.
wow this is good coz more power to the third world
Wang FY
Can use as media player.
Alex S
+Nathan Sann You plug it in to either a USB chain or a USB power adapter... like the ones for iOS devices... and into an HDMI monitor on the other end. For example, you go to a friend's place, pull out your portable powered USB hub, plug in his monitor, and use your computer. Or for people on the go, you get a small lightweight HDMI monitor*, BT keyboard, and bind to your cellphone while near a power plug.

For others, it's just an inobvious and inexpensive CPU for the kids to use with an extant KB & mouse

*there might not be any yet... but expect them soon if these kinds of devices catch on.
wooow hoohdhoho thats a whole lot of stuff shes got going on .I wouldnt be able to even turn that thing on until the next big hoop D Doop came along.Smile Laugh and feel the light
Seems really cool. But how to make it work?
Liked this one. £22 - credit-card sized computer designed to help teach children to code goes on general sale for the first time today. The Raspberry Pi is a bare-bones, low-cost computer created by volunteers mostly drawn from academia and the UK tech industry.
Wow---this looks awesome--How can i get one?
Sony Bravia TVs have a USB port. Maybe other "smart" TVs have them too.
it awesome,i love it progress our technologi.
its pretty amazing concidering that not so long ago it took a processor about 2.5 cm squared to have only 1.3 ghz!
+Katie Rose Todaro There is only so much a phone can allow you to do, this device and others are to help younger folk to get into coding and other related computer topics....also with devices like this appearing it will force larger manufacturers to produce better and smaller hardware and at more affordable have to look at the larger smallest pc is a itx e350 I would love summit smaller to plug into a monitor
@Yuri de Groot Sure the Bravia TV's have a USB port, but it's only intended for connection of a wireless LAN card.
I haven't looked too much around, but when I looked I didn't find any other use for the build in USB connector in the Bravia TV'.
Did you or anybody else?
Please call the ambulance! My jaw is still on the floor from the huge wow I tried to execute!
Me? I just ordered a Raspberry Pi for AUD36.00 :)
how to operate it without keyboard/mouse ? through bluetooth keyboard/mouse?
A computer the size of a thumbnail isn't far away.
it is imagination how can we believe this
Anyone think cotton candy 2 will get the retina display? I can't live without my Glee.
Good concept. Nice extension to a tv
lovely but must be costly....fill me in on the price
They must have a HUGE markup on that unit, their BOM can't be more than $30.
I guess with a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, or a USB hub.
Show me how to use it? video please!!
Hope it becomes available hir @philippines and show how it works :)
Brian P
wow,,,,,,STAR TREK here we come.
Seems that lately a lot of companies are coming out with these tiny computers. I want to know how well it work.
Given the price difference the RaspberryPi looks a lot more attractive!
Looks interesting...and delicious! :D
Very cool thanks for the info
Not for $200! No way! I'll just make my own live linux thumbdrive and borrow a comp. Or just use my phone.
Wow. This, a seven inch HDMI display, and a USB hub for power and keyboard/mouse could be a pretty compelling mobile solution. In a pinch anyway.
It is a bit higher than I thought it would be.
woooooooooooow !!! thats so cool
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!! I want one of those!
Wow this is real business in my country. Can we have some partnership if you are interested in sales?
The announcement is too early. April fools day is a month away.
Interesting to see how split the community is on this. I can think of about a dozen uses for this tool beyond just the home entertainment stuff. I like the raspberry and will probably pick one up for testing and development purposes but overall I like the engineering that has gone into the Cotton Candy.

Overall both of these devices are just an indication where the PC is going. Small, Embedded, Low Power, Powerfull, Cloud based.
WOW.. also cool! (just heard about the Rasberry Pi, too)
Getting excited about this! It's things like these that convince me I was born under the wrong astrological sign, I must be an Aquarius! 
How do you connect keyboard and mouse?
cotton candy or raspberry pi? I wonder who will win the war of budget computers?
My vote is for cotton candy. They already have wifi and bluetooth with more RAM and smaller design!
that's a computer??!! :O oh my gosh O.o
why is mali 400 used to decode video?
need this device! whare can I get it????
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