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Taliban fails to BCC an e-mail, reveals its entire PR mailing list
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Wow, that will be some good intel. Bet all those people will be on the "don not fly" list by the end of today.
I don't see what the big deal is.  It's mostly journalists.  Beyond that it's probably all people they want to harass.
ahhhh, think it's a big deal.. someone is going to be in a world of sh*t for this one. big old fail. and sometimes it's more than simply an inter office memo, some sort of harmless silly social BS. this one was.
and yeah; likely a good many journalists, but some who are 'cc'd propaganda possibly if they run things in an way which is at all similar to bureaucrats and business here. who knows.
Old news but thanks. And yes the WH is on the mailing list
Interesting news. This is indeed an example of old news but good news. I agree +Royce Johnson it is different.
+Linda Lawrey I don't even know what BCC is. I barely use my phone minutes either. BTW was I on that list as well? 
Right. It's a method of sending out thousands of e-mail items without even being seen on the message.
Linda do you have kids? Are you married?
+Gregg Levine they prob don't care to hide themsselves nor who they communicate with. They live in an almost anarchic envronment and the resulting peck order serves them that way. Can you see that?
+Linda Lawrey I was just wanted to know thats all.
:-( do you have kids? Are you married?
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