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NASA is taking the cheap but effective route by launching 4-inch satellites using Android phones as the on-board computer. PhoneSats.  Brilliant.

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Imagine that... it is not iphones that nasa wants. 
famtastico satelite tan pequeño que nos espera en el futuro proximo un satelite de bolsillo fantastico  ok NASA
It's because the NASA Satellite app didn't get approved by Apple in the app store...
Soon it will be raining down iPhones! 
Yes but that's also last year's news. There was an article on that in Make Magazine a while back.
Alan M
Long live AOSP 
Yess apple invent and samsung improve. Ahahahah sent from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE N7000 BLACK
I would like to see convicted criminals shot into space just as a statement that they are not wanted on planet Earth. Probably will never happen but one can only hope and dream.
I wonder if they have the same vulnerabilities
Oh my God the fragmentation of information is now going to destroy the world when Aliens come.. lol
Oh my god that is really and truly out-of-the-box for NASA. at least they chose the right KIND of phone to power the satellite :)
NO. . . The ALIENS themselves will destroy or world. Think about it. When the English ("The Sun never sets on the British Empire" quote from circa 1600's AD) came to North America, (they were more technically advanced) They wiped most of the Native Americans out. When the Romans in 800AD entered central Europe and England. (they had superior tech) they wiped them out and took over. History shows that ANY "colonizing people" INVADERS enter into an area where they have a better and higher level of technology, Those less fortunate, are almost always taken over, wiped out, put into slavery, or all of the above. This trend has happened over and over since man stood upright. If a species has made it 40 light years to visit us, They are not the "FEDERATION" with the intent of JUST exploration, with a "PRIME DIRECTIVE" to not interfere, This is called the forward RECON for an invasion force. I am not basing any of this ideology from watching to much SCI-Fi channel. Its a fact that HISTORY repeats it self. The future is the Present that hasn't occurred. The present is cumulatively becoming history even as I  speak. The average is every 400 years a civilization in power falls, even if they regain said "POWER" in the near future. (The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans swapped power over and over again, not to mention the OTTOMAN Empire, Ghanges Kahn - the MONGOLIAN, The HUNS - Attila the Hun, THE VARIOUS DYNASTIES IN CHINA, THE PERSIAN Empire, The SPARTANS, THE ZULU, Shaka Zulu, was not a nice guy, esp. if you were not of his people, and he ruled with an IRON fist. The Dutch in South Africa learned this the hard way. Lastly, READ - THE ART of WAR. it's written by a Sun Tzu, also written as SUNZI. It isn't even certain if this was the true author. It was written in the 4th and 5th century AD.
Just a stream of thought from a educated, but highly Manic Bi-Polar individual (I speak of myself - Im nothing special, other then going to  college) I was one of those with a 7 year - 4 year degree from being distracted like I got up one day, took out all my savings, and drove across the country and back in about a months time. Other then college (I was not a History Major, just an intense hobby) I just read a WHOLEEEEE LOTTT!
PS: May it NOT be Necessary in future times to learn from our mistakes by repeating our own savage history over and over again. (although that is highly doubtful) but it's good to think Positively)
2nd PS: The US is approaching the 400 year mark of dominance in North America and arguably, the World (not to my liking, but what is , is!)
What if it gets wet.  Mine breaks if its in the same room i shower in.  I want them to make phones for me and everyone else that can survive the vacuum of space so we dont spend 700 dollars replacing it fro the harsh conditions of the bathroom.
+L. May.....WOW! How 'bout some decaf sir. 8)
How long does it last, 2 hours? Cause that's how long my phone lasts without a charge LoL.
This just in: NASA now plans to shoot mini satellites everywhere in space. The first target is Uranus. 
Guess they were forced to use android since the apple store didn't have an Isatellite app yet and heaven forbid you use a third party app on an Iphone.
Da H.
...isn't "android" the next "appy" on Apples plate now that Samsung owes over  1Bil$ in damages....I smell bigger dividend$$$ for "Apple" pie share holders
NASA better patent the satellite before apple claims they invented it. :o
Crap, they MUST have mistaken an android for an apple, no wonder, they look the same :-)
hi apple hey there android then android goes on by saying why dont u approve nasa app?? fuck u apple
There. NASA use android for critical mission features and use Apple for blogging on their social media lol!.
faisal alsulaiti: Almost had a valid point. But threw away his own credibility by the use of profanity.

I have a bunch of Android devices, I run several operating systems on my home network, which includes Windows PC and Apple Mac's as well as Mac hardware with Linux systems and PC hardware with Linux. I belong to The Microsoft Developers Network, The Apple Developers Network, The Sun/Oracle Developers Network, The Novel Developers Network, Googles Developer Network, am a  Linux Developer and I develop for Android. I am a code writer. To Android I say congrats... Assuming the Original article is actually real and not a spoof or hoax. 
Houston, can you hear me now?
+Lawrence May huh? 1776 + 400 is 2176. We've got a ways to go. (1783 and 1789 are also available as starting dates for the US, but I figured I'd be generous)
A step forward for hackable satellites. 
Watch out NASA/Google, apple might decide to sue you. Apple owns the 4 inch satellite patent.
now you've done it NASA! Apple is coming after you with an army of lawyers.
apple to sue nasa,claims patent infringement of patent no br549, The satellite is a rectangle with rounded corners
Ah the delusions of the fanboy. It's easy to make statements that are just not true and laugh huh? The truth hurts. 

Apple never claimed to have invented the cell phone. Apple demonstrated that they spent the better part of a decade creating iOS and the iPhone. They CREATED a mobile phone that was distinctive in so many ways that they acquired patents to protect the effort they put into it.  When the iPhone was released, an entire industry put on the breaks and changed course to follow it. 

Samsung didn't just follow it. They shamelessly and slavishly copied it. Even more stupid, they DOCUMENTED THEIR DUPLICATION EFFORTS, continuously saying make this work like the iPhone. 

They could have simply gone to Apple as did Microsoft, licensed technology and come to an agreement, but no. They stuck to their old ways, only this time Apple said no. Not gonna happen. Apple had warned them. EVEN FREAKING GOOGLE WARNED THEM NOT TO MAKE THEIR PRODUCT BORROW TO MUCH FROM THE iPHONE, but they didn't listen. They ran the iPhone through a copier, and now they've been slapped, and the fanboys are whining. Waaaaaaa. Apple is evil, Apple is bad. They should just let people copy their shit so we can talk about how much better the copies are.

Well I guess it just doesn't work anymore. If you want to compete, you have to innovate. Mark my words, this will turn around and bite Apple in the ass to as they wind up licensing where someone puts a button in the future, but ultimately I think it's going to spur more innovation, employ more designers, and engineers, and Samsung is going to have to re-think their entire R&D process.

Samsung is just pathetic. They don't just stop at the products, they copied Apple distinctive look and feel for product videos. GALAXY SⅢ Design Story Highlight

They've hired away the guy who was doing Apple's commercials at TBWA:

They've even copied Apple's stores down to the blue polo shirts on the employees.

It's sad that Samsuck was such a blatant copier. Oh well, maybe they will open a dictionary and copy down the word "original" and their new products won't just be snazzy knock offs, but incredible examples of innovation. 
well its about time we can go from galaxy to galaxy!!!
Didn't apple already patented this route
Oh I so freaking see Apple suing NASA... I hope they use other shape than a square rectangle with round corners for the sattelites...
If this were powered by Apple instead, it would be 3 times more expensive and half as powerful. Plus everybody would get sued for using GPS since it uses a satellite...which they probably already patented.
They lieing to us thay have a way off this rock we just dont see
Bloatware is now polluting outer space!
+Thelonious Mac True. Apple spent the better part of a decade inventing the rectangle shape and rounded corners. The other part they borrowed ideas from everyone else lol!.

Dude. Take it easy. Your beloved was not chosen by NASA. Get over it. 
There is a network of satelites, although I do not know how many satelites are in the network, that is powered by linked iPhone3's.
I'm wonder who's the carrier & who's paying the calls??? ;)
I think it is funny that apple winning a billion dollar suit is all over the news but when apple lost to nokia for stealing just about everything for the first iphone it made barely a ripple even though it was over a billion and royalties on all future iphones.
That picture looks like Farscape One.
Does Verizon have service there and won't the data plan bankrupt NASA?
Wonder if Verizon will cut them off after 5gb.
Good on NASA, the reason they chose Android is because if aliens intercepted he satellite and they saw it powered by an iphone they would think where did this piece of shit come from? At least with the android phone they would think it advanced and worthy of consideration!
+Ty Larson The smartphone market then did not worth as much as it is now. Also the ruling regarding this case has a big impact on the smartphone market in the US as well as for consumers. 
Be careful apple might sue for using cell phones with satellites
NASA excellent idea save money and remember make sure its not rectangular with rounded corners. Apple is watching. 
They used Android becuasedon't want to piss off the aliens with an automatic lawsuit from Apple:)
did U know they will be taking #BARISTAS.TV coffee with them to Mars ???  U willl see
+Ray Thompson  Yes i heard about that. Yes it was also the one which they lost contact with because of faulty antenna the last i heard :) 
Is NASA going to bitch when they find out they won't get their Jelly Bean OTA?
Erick R
In ur face apple
No my phone is old and I'm new to g+ recently went fishing at the beach still getting sand out of it. Thanks for correction 
NO Iphone is busy setting up the lawsuit they thought of first and have patent 
You may win on earth but space is ours
Was Steve Jobs a smart man? YES
Is Iphone a good phone? YES
Is NASA full of smarter people? Hell Yeah
Android satellite? COOL
Hey wait a second are those things going reproduce and take over the world?
Oohh no

It's sad really,great about the iphone,though the little, the corperate world has invested in furthering technology for working in space is pathetic.Too much is reliant on goverment funding which is putting little towards advancing our technologies,It is obvious that war is the key to bursts of tecnology though restricted to militry use its' usefullness on the whole takes decades to be adapted for social use.Another avenue that technology that is advancing,once again the world of self indulgance with technology for comfort and entertainment has little impact to what our capabilities and true needs are.This can be argued,though it is all wasted breath.The outcome for humanity on its present course does not show a happy ending,even cutting natual disasters from the equation leaves the sum ending in mortality rates in the billions,possibly extinction?WE have a limited time to get our acts together to solve a few problems that are by my standard life threatening for billions.Our goal i believe is to advance our technology for living and working in space,remote astoid mining equipment for water crystal,base metals and fuels,[gasses].the fundermentals to surviving and living in space,this takes big monies,If humanity shared the same goal to give our children guarenteed sancturary and purpose,a chance to expand our lives and minds,That is our purpose.Everytime you use new tech,stop and think how far are we to where we should be,My opion is that if our direction was different after the second war, we would have technology that is only in our dreams of fantasy.fifty to eighty years i believe we are behind.
I hope they aren't using AT&T for service, because the signal from these satellites will get dropped all the time. And, don't get me started on the cost of roaming charges on a satellite.
+Mark McDaniel more like Stargate replicators
They have reached earth and this is how the take over starts 
NASA has to go cheap these days that why the are using a cheap android.
That's called smart thinking use something cheap that works well and is reliable basically save tax payer money.
Good on NASA! They know a better product when they see it. I love it when people make the right choice, and do not get brainwashed by hype from iSheep when looking for a mobile device. Buy what is the best and actually works... Android.
Well that's great and all, but what exactly is the purpose of these mini-satellites? Besides a geosynchronous f*** you to Apple, that is...
I see the Apple fanboys still in denial about how many reasons the iPhone is crap and they are sheeple sucked into the stupid elitest wanna be crowd and the extent they go through to justify their loyalty to a piece of marketing sh!t... Guess who else does that? The ppl who still buy and use blackberries and refuse to see that it is a dead outdated useless piece of highly overpriced junk
+Aydemir Dombayci , Android can't be the beginning of Replicators, since Apple owns the patent to the shape of them! :-P
Too bad it's not the Galaxy Nexus
They should have used the raspberry pi
Lool i big blow for apple, and they deserv more specially after the last verdict
Why not use Arduino?  It seems more suited for such a project.

It's funny reading the comments above.  Android fanboys are really reaching for any small victory over Apple after Samsung's recent loss and quickly snapped this up this opportunity.

In any case it's good to see NASA using off-the-shelf tech to save money/time.  I hope it can stand the increased radiation since I don't think smartphones were designed for use in outer space conditions.
Of course not, why the hell would someone waste a perfectly good iPhone when you have those other ones lying around? Really? 
If you read it on the internet it MUST be true.
Wouldn't worry yourself about water. The phone will be in space.
+Lawrence May, the Brits wiped native Americans out? Funny, I always thought that was a 100% American business.

And just to be precise, the Romans didn't wipe anybody out. As a matter of fact, they integrated the populations they invaded. Some of the Roman emperors were not even Romans. And the Roman army was full of non-Roman people. It was one of main reasons of the decline of their empire.
Hey NASA,time to put some astronuaghts on the moon,again!
Nada has been using Android phones already because , yes they're open source and iPhones are not
Oscar Salgado: Define Open Source? You can build an entire Apple OS free, just like you can Linux. It's called the Darwin Project. You can get the source code for free, and you can compile it on your own hardware. And Darwin is even governed by GNU-GPL... That sounds like Open Source too me.... 
One of the funny things about this whole post, is that people focus only on the fact NASA just used an over the counter phone to run a satelite. However this is an old trick. Just a new repackaging. A couple years back, NASA did the exact same thing with iPhones and iPads. The main differences from the iPhone and the current Android project are: 1) They networked several iPhone and iPads together to serve as the processor units of the satelites they put them in. 2) They bought them directly from Apple, most likely getting a way cheaper price than if buying them over the counter, and cheaper than buying an over the counter Android. 3) They re-wrote the OS on the Apple hardware so they could run their own specialized software programs. The reason they choose to go with Apple Mac iPhones and iPads back then was because the iPhones and iPads were Motorola RISC processor CPU's which ran fast and cooler and more dependable than their Intel and AMD counterparts..... I guess one could make an argument that all the alleged Android and Open Source fans on here, are very misinformed and un-knowledgeable about things.... For a lot of the posts and posters on here, they following analogy works, Posts and poster are like this sentence: ""Colorless green ideas sleep furiously". 
And why didn't they choose an I fone?...because it's "closed/proprietary" software/hardware!, full of undectable BUGS.
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