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Apple is delusional hiring.  lol
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BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha .. .. .. ..

{big inhale}

BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha .. .. .. ..
Does this mean I can lie in my interview?

"Hi, yes, I have over 100 years of experience writing applications dealing with geographical information, both imaginary and real" ...
oi lida  tudo bem com vc ?   um bom fim de sabado pra vc !!
Well, Apple's hiring about six or eight people from what I understand, because well they are only a few THOUSAND people short of Google's Map army.  lol  It's going to take a while, folks.  
Why don't they just copy google and then claim it as their own
One does not simply walk into Mordor create a first class, global map on the fly.
I hate the word "proactive."  A company I worked for had bought a terrible software product called "proactive" and ever since that word makes me wince.
helo Linda Lawrey !! Kis kis....
It appears that the infamous Jobsian reality distortion field extend to job advertisements as well.
I'm curious if Apple will sue me for laughing at this... I didn't read the user agreement for iOS-6
really need that job... as long as the conditions are true! presses "I don't agree" on the tablet
+Kyle Burton As long as there are no rectangles with rounded corner or any rubber-banding effect involved, you should be ok!
Well who ever is saying Samsung copied the design of the iPhone and has used it in their products, well wtf, that is no innovation,right? Where is the innovation in the rounded corners anyway?

Apple got hurt worth 2 billions +dollars just because Samsung came up with something that resembles revolutionary, innovative Apple iPhone, Well all I gotta say is iSheeps won't support buying samsung products anyway. How did Apple lost that money then? It's so simple people who don't want to buy Apple products went out there and bought Samsung. Fuck this patent shit. American court is supporting  Apple blindingly. Samsung is number one cellphone maker in the world and Apple is currently at number 3 followed by Nokia at number 2 position. Why is Apple down there at number 3?  
1. Apple is all about money, no further innovations, period.(Bitch Please, iOs 6 would be not considered as innovation due to technical issues in the latest Apple Maps).
If I'm giving a false statement, then why would Apple go after Samsung when some Chinese company came out with andoid version of iphone5 before even the launch of iphone 5?

Aug 30 2012

 Answer is simple, just because of all that money. Now apple is demanding more money from Samsung in loses. Why don't Apple cry in front of the iSheeps, they will panhandle in front of Apple stores to donate you some of those nickels and dimes. #iCheap

2. Apple knows Android(Google) is over taking smartphone OS market. Right, Google is - look at it's free turn by turn navigation. Compare it to your Apple maps. I don't even need to make fun of apple mapping service anymore, it's already a big joke. Android is open source, that is why phone manufactures will have to go with it, there is no competition out there, why because android has the platform ready, app store is there, music store, games, so many hundred thousand damn good apps. why don't you (Apple) make iOs open source?

3. Apple has such a great fan following that will never accept that innovation is slowing down or at stand still in Apple developer team. Major iPhone 5 improvements are just the steps to catch up with the innovative competition, there was no new innovations from apple side in the the latest iPhone5, the Sixth iPhone(LOL).
how about we just don't compare Apple iPhone 5 with any other smartphone and let any of the iSheep name a single innovation in the iphone 5. So what is next coming in iPhone 5s next year? better siri, better A6s Chip, better graphics, better camera, new and improved battery, iOS7 (we just got rid of Google apps from Apple app store as well, so revolutionary right?) what else?
Why not now, right damn now in 2012?
The whole iPhone 5 BS is so irritating, why did not they came out with iPhone 5 in Oct 3, 2011 instead now? Was iPhone 4s even necessary? Was it?

Still hear one thing from iSheeps sitting out there in the lines...

Shut Up and Take My Money !!!!?
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