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In Twitter's case, though, Adams' suspension offers an even darker picture. Twitter's goal is to grow its ad business and expand its user base. If the price of that is to lose its character and bow to business partners like a judo competitor after a bout, then perhaps it isn't Twitter any more.  Or, at least the Twitter that was.
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This could be Twitter's "jump the shark" moment if they don't bring back his account. Once the stench of censorship infects it, people will start leaving, and we'll see yet another dying social network like MySpace, Friendster, and possibly (with its post-IPO problems) Facebook...
+michael interbartolo He did it with malicious intent.  I cannot find original story with all tweets, but it was the NBC execs who filed complaint on him.  I don't think they would file a complain on someone with a small audience.  
Justin Bieber posted the phone number of someone he didn't like.  
+Linda Lawrey What happened to the Biebs after?

 I do not have a side on this, I am just simply stating facts.  I I remember Ashton Kutcher did something similar and nothing happened either.  
Jason B
and Spike Lee didn't do it maliciously? the poor couple had to move after being harrasssed.
+Andrew Foley Nothing happened to him for doing it.  The tweet was taken down but most likely by him.
Strange bedfellows freedom of speech and the land of the true Liberty ? Guess they just hired Twitter !
Twitter was dead to me, years ago.
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