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A moment of silence...
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When I see what happens to cause the traffic I would rather be inside on a stationary bicycle.
That and paying money to exercise.
I left giving a shit along time ago. never thought you could get so much cardio in one spot, huh..
and and and it sucks if I can't find a parking spot right next to the gym entrance. Then I have to use the spot for the disabled.
We would need quite a few of those moments of silence in Europe as well although it is probably not as bad as on your side
Will need it every time you're on the road in Kuala Lumpur
Um, seems, Steen, that you might be missing the point. Maybe irony really is dead...
haha their stuck in trafic
thats weird though
but only people who have abs and dont want 2 b fat go 2 the gym
cool lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why dont people ride bikes in the morning
do only ride bikes
so stunning and adorable shot,but silence indeed is wisdom of souls,and thoughtfullness inspiration.
LMFAO Me personally, I have every intention on purchasing my own stationary bicycle for home use. The traffic here in the Atlanta area is ridiculous once everybody gets off work.
Everyday i see people like this, wether its taking 10 mins too find the closest parking spot or come into the gym too run on the treadmill or ride the stationary bikes when its beautiful outside. If its raining and you dont like the rain or cold and your trying too get out off it...understandable...but when it has been a comfortable 70 with sun shining all over the place youll find me being one off the few that ride their bikes too the gym or go running outside.
i love those people Kevin instead of working out their starring at themselves stuck on their phone
sand w
;-) bike to work
xi khan
either way, they won't get too far. lol
I think a moment of silence is necessary.
The stationary bicycles indoors are because there's unhealthy air outside, oh wait...
then there are all the fumes as you dodge thru the stationary traffic, one car slowly jumping forward does not see the cyclist....
Funny how many people comment something insipid and content-free like "lol" when they have nothing to say. God forbid they just click on +1 in that case.
The best one is, the people who go jogging and take the elevator for the second floor.
This made me laugh out loud im about to get on stage so i cant type much also everyone i showed it too "lol" and guess what i also +1 it because its so true.
You can plus one the first person who "lol" posted... though it's sort of one of those "who gives a fuck if you laughed out loud," along with "who the fuck still acts like America Online is at all relevant still?" Seriously, 1997 called, they want their bottom-feeder back.
What can I say...that's been me all to often 
I have a nice bicycle for comuting or jus taking out my frustrations on in heavy traffic. Plus, while traffic is at a standstill, I'm still on the move thinking Ha Ha suckers!
Awe that made me sad.... :( We're going no where. --- and yet now it's funny again.
i have also have bicycle for safety of my time
hmm? interesting. either way lol. great post im sure now it has some flavor.
Good job.

Most people were silent to read that :)
I hate the gym. I'd much rather ride in the elements thank you.
I wish this area near Houston was bicycle friendly. Maybe because we still don't have many cyclist here, it is pretty dangerous to do what you are doing. But we do have bikers and no doubt you hear them coming, so that alerts drivers!
Drivers here are not expecting to see anyone on a bicycle.
If there was a +100 button, I would press it now. My other favorite is talking the elevator to get on a stairmaster.
The quote has no relevance with that picture.
haha-ironic riding bics that are going nowhere
Good one!! Especially considering that a real bike trek is by far more satisfying and challenging
I love the burning of oil, but this is senseless. Is it for nothing but to burn money or send wealth overseas?
i have bicycle to safe time
Even better, the local gym is within a mile of the trailhead to a small wilderness area. Lots of folk on treadmills and stationary bikes, when good cardio in a nice setting is just around the corner.
Hooray for common sense... but stop hiding will yuh!
We'd be giving a moment of silence every 2 hours for people in New York. Shit 2 hours are up! * Moment of Silence *
I just bought a bicycle to ride to work. I live in an area where there are a lot of trails so I don't have to be on the street that much.
I love watching my wife, eye candy. I have to do it to rehab my new titanium knees. But living in snow country has beautiful scenary to pedal to..
It looks like total CHAOS& GRID-LOCK!!! I should know I live in a city that looks pretty much like this at night or early morning-hours.Always,Lori H-Smith 15th.April 2012
I worry about being hit by that traffic on my bike! Still funny :)
thats great! my car is my combat boots! love it
i now right this car right here will not move
lol Im confused yet I understand it 0_o
Nick R.
this is so funny!
Save the planet, ride something at home.
Why is everyone commenting.. it says a moment of silence, :3
Min Wu
Traffic jam.
I think parking near the door of a gym should be as follows:
1. handicapped/disabled.
2. Employee parking.
3 a block away- Regular parking!
4 street parking 2 blocks away!
so funny why not park at home and walk around why go to the gym?
that is funny...i feel like im 1 of them cus i really stucked on my way to the fitness
humans are funny, they crave to be smart, but they never learn to be smart, it is not easy to be smart yet many humans quickly and cockily determined they are smart and stopped learning to be smart ! haha
Thank you so much for this HILARIOUS insight !!
The world is such that we have to die to live.We can ride safely in a bicycle to gym and say hi to the friends and come back in the same bicycle.
I rather have a bout bout to travel on than a car

Jonathan loves lucero
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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