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Things I don't need to be told on Google+.  

I posted that first.  
    Good for you.  I don't circle you.  Now you know why. Have a nice day.

Someone else posted that first.
    That's great! There's a lot of smart people on Google+ besides me.  You aren't one of them or you would have commented on their post instead of trolling mine.

That's old news.
    It's ALL old news the moment it's posted online.  Your comment however is most original. <snark>

I've already seen that years ago.
    May you enjoy another full year of seeing it again, all thanks to me.

See where I posted the same thing.  <inserted post link here>
    Only long enough to block you.

You should have reshared this from "so and so" at <G+ link inserted here> instead of posting this as new from you.
    It's new to me, asshole.
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funny stuff. thanks for making me smile.
I didn't post this first or earlier... but I'll forward it now.
Things that we don't hear enough that I will post to you +Linda Lawrey 

Thank you for all of your posts - they often brighten my day and always enlighten me :)
wow, i would like to say that it's hard to believe some of those comments...but it's not!
I doubt anything would have been said if you didn't get more +'s, comments, or shares than them.
It's a silly game.
Good to see I am not the only one who gets these remarks.
It never ceases to amaze me that people on social networks (where who you follow and who follows you are totally individual and user chosen) don't realize that everybody's stream and experience is totally different.
+Linda Lawrey I'm so sorry people are bugging you on here.  Maybe we shouldn't encourage everyone to leave Facebook.
LOL - good post. I don't have enough followers to have this problem on G+, but can totally relate!  :)
I don't just see these kinds of comments on my posts.  I see them on other people's posts.  I REMOVE them from mine.  lol  
It is akin to the child who screams
     *I said yellow was MY favourite colour first* !!
Regardless of whether you've seen/posted it before, thousands are just seeing it for the first time, and want to share. Scroll past, or, even give it a plus 1 or comment again. Why not? You liked it before! And, when sharing, it's fine to mention the share, but, their name shows up as the original poster anyway, right? Old news is not always old news to me...I don't have time to see everything from the moment it hits online. Thanks, +Linda Lawrey.
I remember people running off someone who stole posts from others and reposting them without credit. Those repurposed posts were getting more attention. It was a real witch hunt. :)
Dude saw one too many "that's so 15 minutes ago" commercials on his TV.
" It's new to me, asshole."

+Linda Lawrey I'm glad that those other people are so much more on top of what's happening than you are, but I don't follow them I follow you and I appreciate the information you put out there.

So keep on keeping on and remember the block button is your friends :)
Someone probably said this before <snark snark>, but where there is a public forum on the internet, ignorant people will gather in masses. 
Is it okay for me to tell you that I'm happy to see something again, even if I've seen it before? Although, I've definitely never seen this post before. It's an excellent rant that should be repeated fairly often.
I saw this back on Buzz btw. That's how ancient it is.
I know the feeling! news is news, most news is borrowed from somewhere else anyways. The more information, the better off we are, so keep on sharing!
Soda just went through my nose reading this post!
... I'm still looking for the link... = P
Will get back to you
You've never been downvoted on Reddit, I see ;o)
+Linda Lawrey this is as good as the official Google+ help documents. Thanks for the effort.
I added a link to this on my G+ profile.  You know, that thing that no one reads?  lol
You can also, use the @ symbol.  They both work so whichever works best for you. +Mark Warren I also recommend the Chrome extension called "Replies and More".  That way you can reply to author of the post or comment with just a click.
+Linda Lawrey I can't believe you posted this, I totally thought about posting something just like this weeks ago <insert link to dream cloud>.
Lol well +Linda Lawrey if you just checked my stream first before posting you'd know if you were the first or not lol. Just kidding.

But seriously I had someone who circled me commenting on a post that was apparently copied from my stream of a cool picture from a screen printing site and it hit what's hot on this persons post. I didn't know, didn't care but this commenter who circled me put up a stink in the comment section telling everyone where the post originated from and credited the photo back to the original source as I had done on my post. I suppose I should be somewhat flattered lol but honestly that was not the kind of attention I wanted and I didn't know how to respond other than "Please stop bringing me into this" <post muted> lol. Talk about #Awkward and #Uncomfortable :p
It's g+ people the only things were allowed to say are positive uplifting comments about everything!.. ALL NEGATIVITY MUST DIE!!
Aren’t all those comments essentially the same thing?

”I don’t have anything insightful, clever, informative, or useful to contribute so I’ll just criticize.”
Don't pay so much attention on such comments, Understanding is rare nowadays. :)
Not that I am, but if you really want to avoid those posts, be a voice and not an echo. Sharing and posting stuff from the internet will naturally lead to people referring to the fact that they already know/posted it. We gotta live with it or change the way we post.
As for me, sometimes I find it a bit tiresome to see the same things again and again on the what's hot stream. But when I share something and get replies like the ones up there, I don't really mind because in the end it wasn't my property from the beginning and I don't want credit for it.
Hijackers and trolls are not a new but a button or an option to moderate the comments will be nice... And if someone else already said it, I am sorry but I had not the time to read all the previous comments...
We all have Henny Youngman to thank for this:
"Take my post.... please!"
still searching for someone as smart as you Linda
"you're a tough act to follow.... " (pun)  heh heh
Anyone can repost something they found interesting on TechCrunch, LifeHacker, or in your case BuzzFeed. Not everyone can do it with interesting commentary and intelligent comments.
Like, but I posted something like this last year. Kidding, don't zap me!
Apple probably already owns the patent on your post.
Hijacking, it's a term I usually use to write... if I wrote it wrong I blame my iPhone. Usually a Hijacker is someone who start to talk about something else instead of following the trend of the topic.
what's the topic again....?  i was taken away by a dream_____ 
Do you use real silverware? Really?
Your post is great! I might just piss myself from laughing so hard...
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