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Never EVER works.
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I reckon all it does is it goes and retrieves a textfile that says "Have you tried turning it off and on?"
hahahaha. It has never worked once. Not once. EVER.
they never Admit anything! thats why i stop to be Beta User. They never replay.
But the one I love is Firefox when it crashes SORRY FIREFOX NOT RESPONDING PLEASE WAIT. I went thur 5-8 that is all I got on all my programs when I turn on my PC 
And the diagnostic is: 'There is a problem'
i swr
its sooo pissing off
n all these helps n all which are there
in microsoft word n stuff
r not HELPFUL for me atleast
OMG, so true! I've only had it work once ever.
As odd as this is going to sound, the one built into MSN Messenger actually can help figure out certain issues with winsock in Windows XP... But the message it gives you is about as useful as sand in the desert if you aren't expecting it.
What I like is Windows quick scan but half hour later it still scanning
dudes 5 mins before reading this post i connected to internet using this shit which actually worked what a coincidence
Meh, I've had several times were it did work. But also many that it didn't. 
It does work, 50% of time
Better than nothing!!!!
Gren W
So true, never worked for me
Or the troubleshooting one.
some time i just wont to brake it
Absolutely true !
Actually had it work the other day.
Course that was the third time around after having let a night pass between and having called my ISPs support.
The truth with almost all Microsoft stuff.
I wonder if work would let me add this to one of our applications?
Not true, have seen this work about 10 times out of 15 honestly.
not trying to be offensive guys but i visualize windows as a faithful dog which pleads when he is in trouble but Damn :-) ubuntu which should be treated as a cat and doesnt care for any mistakes it makes
It's just as bad as calling your internet service provider and telling them you have intermittent internet connection problems while you are on your voip phone! "But sir I see no problems with your connection at this time" AHHHHHH!!! I'm Just Saying!
No! it works. It finds the problem and then fix the problem. It won't help me when the problem is from ISP or my company internal router.
Not everything is windows fault.
Keith B
Sometimes Firefox loses connectivity on my old laptop even though wireless manager shows active connect (I think a firewall is the problem, but it's rare enough I never diagnosed). I open IE, which activates diagnostics, which restores connection to Firefox. Then I close IE again. That and software update are the only times I use ie.
all you nee dnow is create a mouse with the land line in its mouth pulling out the cord then a evil laugh
+Brendan Robert actually it does it just does it all faster and better and without having to wail GIANT popups and ill add years ago it was a bit of a pain to get hardware to work where now a days its easy, the best time it started to work was mandrake 10.1 just put the disk in and it did everything including figured out the net connection ....that was a few years ago....
When I am using this its cuz I have basically given up.
It dosent even attempt to explain what happened
Thats a bad shouldn't be saying that...Jesus Saves
I have had it work for driver issues and telling me there is an update for iTunes but thats it.
Haha I JUST had this problem AGAIN this morning
Sooooooooooo true! it never EVER works. its SHIT
Well im againts what it says..its not pleasing to the person who made you..and without him making you you wouldn't ay you should thank God instead of displeaqsing him..making him and I sad..
It actually works for me a lot of times.... So I won't admit it :P
N Smith
Indeed i get a message like that all the time :D
Worked pretty well for me two days ago.
Looks like it must have rubbed up against something Microsoft...
That is awesome....don't miss that at all
X •X
it is better to restore your old setting from system restore
It worked once for me. And by that I mean it found the solution, yet the download didn't actually work.
lol no one agrees with you
ikr right even if i don't know u i am just speaking the truth
It always ends with two options that only direct you to options other than the options you need.
It actually works for me sometimes, unlike the "diagnose" in Vista, which really did never work. Makes me miss the XP network connection fix tool.
ha ha ha ha ha ha, That is really TRRRRRRRRUUUUUEEEEEEE.
when i see this on my computer i just start to finger my butthole to pass the time... it works
That's why I dumbed Windows for Linux many years ago..... and I never looked back!
^ Its asshoe get it right!
thats why i dumed windows and went toooooo google chrome
+Maame Bonsu chrome os?, how do you like it?

i will admit it almost never works if you admit it has worked before. how bout that?
Not true! I've got it to work for me.
Nav H.
+Maame Bonsu I wonder what happens when you have no internet on that thing. :D
I hit cancel...and then fix the issue myself. Never seen one of these diagnostic windows actually do anything useful.
hahahaha... it is basura

but just to be fair...In Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft has integrated NDF into Windows. There’s quick access via the notification area and prompts after an issue has been detected. There’s also a new Troubleshooting area in the Control Panel and network tracing via Event Tracing for Windows (ETW).
well that has been there for long most of the times it's the DNS isp's DNS is faulty (my case) try OpenDNS or maybe Google better use OpenDNS!
it fixed my laptops connection Once so there is a first time for everything
Other similar S*it from the same manufacturer are added to the list. But unfortunately we still have to deal with it.
Why Windows ? Get Linux, BSD or other opensource operating system
haha it never does !!
LOL ... that error keeps me working.
nicolas u bitch shut the fuck up y u gotta be hatin on crappy computers
Microsnot Winblows...never works...problems ALL the time!!! Let's throw eggs against the M$ building!!!
Believe it or not, I've seen Windows Network Diagnostics fix plenty on Windows 7. Vista's couldn't fix crud though.
this is just time paas by windows...
haha it reallly never ever works!!
Never works for me EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what about mr.hanky the christmas poo...he works
veru true....same happened to me many times.
Xin Jin
no, never ever ! It's just make fun of us:look at u,poor little guy......
I think it's worked for me once. Just enough to make me continue to try it and get burned.
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