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I really hope it's not a 7 inch, those are way too small I find.
waiting for this . but not really a fan of asus . why google didn't pick huawei as the manufacturer
Wow how user experiences can differ! When I hear Huawei the only thing that comes to mind with me is useless crap, but that might be because Im in a very different part of the world. One where Asus is a very well sold brand.
this looks better than the apple one, god damnit i have to sell my ipad
Make it a 7" quad core (ASUS) and stop screwing around already...geeeezzz. $199 or $249 either way I'm gonna have one..:} Cheers!
mmm.... I want one of these - I'd pay the $249 tag, no question

</Homer moment>
If it's as amazing or more than what the picture shows, then get one and 9.7" or 10.1" would be better.
I want tegra 3. Google should take on Apple, not Amazon.
There has been plenty of decent android tablets...just nobody buying them
Thit's not true the asus transformer is a great tablet apple just convinced people that if your going to pay 400 for a tablet it has to be a IPAD
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