Dog owners WARNED of treats made in China - If you own a dog or know someone that does, read this and the associated links

Complaints have been pouring into the FDA about chicken jerky treats for dogs made in China.  The dog owners believe the treats made their dogs sick and in some cases killed them.*

The Food and Drug Administration says they haven't been able to pinpoint the source of the contamination, so they can't recall the products, which are sold under many different brands.

"Seven or eight dogs got very sick a few weeks ago, we heard about it and it was a pretty big scare," said Kathleen Kramer the Manager of Sellwood Dog Supply.
Kramer says in the past three weeks she's heard from several customers looking to buy locally made jerky treats because they believe their dogs were sickened by the treats made in China. The FDA has issued three separate warnings, and just this week, the agency posted on its website that the Chinese government would not allow their inspectors to test the manufacturing facilities in question.

Image below is not just one found on the internet.  It's a man singing to his dog before he passed away. His dog died from eating tainted Waggin' Train dog treats. He wanted everyone to see this picture and know the story behind it so no one will lose a pet the way he did. Heartbreaking

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Stories about the poisonings here:

Link: FDA FAQ on jerky pet treats.

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