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An Incredible Return To Ground Zero Of The Chernobyl Disaster, like you've never seen it.

The pictures are absolutely stunning and haunting.
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It's a shame they're all in HDR.
There's a girl went a few times on a motorcycle, the pictures have been around a few times. They're quite good and talk about the radiation in the area, and the events of that day.
Stunning and haunting for sure, Incredible!
incredibly, just before I looked at this post, I was watching Bourdain walking around this very place and then suddenly, after taking a reading of the amusement park area, they decided it was way past the time to leave. The place is incredibly radioactive. Very unsafe. I don't know why they permit people to walk around. They have to wait at least 28,000 years before they can even try.
Uh, the girl on a motorcycle? A very well known hoax.

And the statistics in the linked article are way off. I've seen no other source stating 300-500 times normal. At the time of the accident in 1986, maybe. For example, the area of the Chernobyl plant generally reads radiation in the mid 60's (microsieverts or uSv) and Detroit USA reads around 9. So current levels are 7 times what you'd expect in Detroit. This is less then you'd get flying round-trip from NY to LA. About 80 uSv.
co cach tri benh cho lanh neeeee..........
What a beautiful nature. Going to establish "Children of Atom" church in real.
It feels that one is visiting the city , the photography is great indeed.
but i feel extremely sad about what has happenned .....
Haha, these are all levels in COD MW 1, 2, & 3
A haunting reminder for the rest of the world, 13 months after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster as well. . . .
The photo you have used as the thumbnail reminds of a dystopian nightmare. Can hardly believe that this is a real place on earth.
Amazing pictures, I wondered why they seemed familiar, then I remembered the game Call of Duty recreated this setting. It was eerie in the game because you know it had really happened, I can't imagine actually being there. Seeing the amusement park is the saddest because you think of the children.
CHILLING me goozbumps...I remeber I still was living in Europe when that happened ...
it's fascinating, but sad at the same time
xin li
I hearted some residents are gong back
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