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If you are with AT&T time to switch your Cell Provider.
I truly hate to be an "I told you so guy" but "I TOLD YOU SO"!!!! .....It is going towards "Pay to Browse"!!!!!!! ......I am expecting home PC standards to also change!
Unfortunately I bet if you look over every word of your contract that there is a loophole that allows them to do that.... I think every contract of this sort has those pitfalls.... it still sucks though.
We give you less for more.
Yeah Shep went on tear when he gets going he doesn't let it go... but he has a right to be upset.
Sprint has true unlimited I know I have it.
Back when I had an iPhone I had to get a Clear Spot 4G WiFi device because 3G was so unusable here. I'm planning on keeping the Clear Spot since they offer unlimited data on 4G and they cater to residential users so they're the least likely to move to a tiered plan. Since Sprint uses Clear for their 4G network you will probably be safe for now with a Sprint phone.
I'm agreeing with Fox News... shakes head in disbelief
I'm sorry, but does this surprise anyone? I switched years ago just as they were started there downhill spiral like a busted model airplane.
Does this surprise anyone? Jump ship now if you still have cell service with them.
I came home about 7 am one morning riding a 1500 V after playing poker all night. As I was coming in the gate all I saw was a permanent BMW tattoo coming at me and I just Whiskey'ed the throttle and got the hell out of the way. This young girl, all I saw was hair and that fkg cell phone held up to it. She could have no longer left her house for 1.5 minutes and she was already on that damn thing! I still don't think she even saw me.
Slamming your smart phone against your desk will show them!!
+Joey Numbers That's a technique to make Apple fanboys cringe, call AT&T, and beg them to make him stop with tears in their eyes.
+Joey Numbers That's gotta be a BlackBerry he's slamming against the desk. If he tried that with an iPhone or most of the Android phones, he'd be calling AT&T begging them for a replacement in the next 10 minutes.
They are throttling me. I stream videos and podcasts - wi-fi is usually not an option for me as it gives me reduced speed even when I am in the same room as the router.
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