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Did the floating gray bar/area top of the Google+ pages quit floating down the page or is it possibly one of my extensions now causing it to disappear when I scroll down?   #IsItJustMe  Discovered it when I went to click to scroll back to the top.  EDIT:  No, it's not just me per comments below.  Some it's working for and some it's not.  :(  Can't see the notifications when scrolling down as a result, either.

Been on my tablet for a few days so not sure when it even started.
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It does stop floating after a while, it happens to me all the time
did you change the window size of chrome?
One guess as to what is happening: the grey bar will float down the page when your browser window size is large enough - if you're working with a smaller browser window, the bar doesn't float. Try increasing your window size and see what happens.
I've had this happen to me twice. I believe it was determined to be an issue with font sizes. If your browser is in windowed mode, try maximizing the window and see if you still have the issue.  If the window is maximized and you still have the issue, you may try Ctrl+- to decrease the font size and see if that works.
It doesn't float on my Chrome/Win 7 box either. Kind of sad about that.
It's always floated before, even up to a few days ago, the last time I was on my PC.  So something has changed - either an extension has broke because of a G+ revamp or.. something.  I'm going to have to fiddle with it I guess and see what the problem is.
It's still in place for me in Chrome.  Never worked in FF, though.
Ok, using Chrome, fully updated, no extensions, it's still not working.  I'll fire up Firefox and see what that does.
It's stopped floating for me too, and that's without any extensions in an Incognito window... Dang.
Well it doesn't work in FF either but I don't know if it every did.  Damn.  
It started doing this for me yesterday and I don't like this change. Can't see notifications when checking out the stream once you scroll a little.
Exactly.  Yeah, something is definitely wrong here. I was going to reboot but what's the point if it's not just me.  
And it's driving me crazy.  I also just got my first "error" message across the top in quite a while.  Maybe something's changing here...  
In my experience it depends on the screen size. On my desktop, the bar stays... on my netbook with only 600px screen height, the bar scrolls away (which makes sense, since otherwise quite some space would be "wasted")
I'm glad somebody popular had this happen to them.  It started yesterday for me across two different machines.  I've rebooted and resized/restarted chrome.  I'll be interested to hear how others get it resolved.
I don't even know what you're talking about.  I've never seen a "floating" grey bar.  I use Firefox on a 19" desktop window maximized.  So, is that bar a function of Chrome?
Having the same problem for 2 days now :( The top area disappears when scrolling down. It still seems to work in Firefox, but Chrome and Opera are not displaying G+ correctly. I suppose it's an CSS/Javascript issue. Deleting cache/history/cookies/... does not make a difference. Even switching to a completely diff. machine did not work. - edit: I also noticed that the font has changed. - edit2 : I also noticed that everything works just fine if I switch to one of my G+ pages. Switching back, G+ broken again.
Same problem here... As I read seems to be something related to the user. Maybe someone at the +Google+ team can tell us more about this issue.
Same problem here on Win7 and Linux, with Chrome and FF  Anyone heard any more about this?
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