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Accidents happen. lol
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AJ Kohn
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But you're fully protected from viruses and such during the whole ordeal.
That's why I always un-pin the IE icons, or on shared computers I set Firefox or Chrome to use the IE icon to avoid confusion for those looking for 'the internet'.
Hey David good morning thanks for joining the group
Hahahahahahaha lolz thought i was the only one afraid of it lolz, can't stop laughing, don't even know where i hid it :)
No doubt...I think that happens to all of us...
I really wish operating systems would let us get rid of programs that we do not want !
pa wee
hahaha..finally im not d only one
David Kennedy:  That is interesting !
That's awesome. Happens to me all the time. So bloated.
google chrome...or
+Denise Washington chrome web seen anywhere else..@@..well..wht abt safari..?
please wait... this may take some time
يا مصري كيف مصر اليام هايه ، حلوه ولا ماكله هوا ههههههههه
So true...Explorer takes FOREVER AND A DAY to open on my laptop.   Actually, I did a test.  Given the same number of "add-on" stuff for each browser, this is how quick browsers open:

1. Google Chrome - 10.5 seconds
2. Firefox - 48 seconds
3. Opera - 48.5 seconds
4. Internet Explorer - 1 min 22 seconds

Can you say, WTF?!?
How many times has this happened to me? And it takes the thing most of a minute to actually get going, and the rest of the minute to get gone again. Ick.

Any time I set up a system for anyone, first thing I do is delete all shortcuts to IE and install a useful web browser.

+David Kennedy, that's actually pretty exciting. If only that would happen here in the States...

"Computers are like air conditioners -- they only work until you open windows."
the icon shouldnt have been there in the first place..
A very common mistake! Should be careful about it at all times.
Step away from the mouse!
please respect elders .....:)
Good thing I use Firefox and Linux!
This has totally happened to everyone. It's probably the worst browser ever. 
It all depends on your pc actually but I like google
Chrome is nice, but I think a little restrictive. Maybe I've used Firefox for too long and can't figure out how to do the same things on chrome. 
I digs the Chrome the bestest on PC and Mac. 
Real problem - you accidentally bought a computer with Windows pre-installed on it. There's no IE on Linux.
I hate Chrome.  I use Firefox.  It's fast, not buggy, and shows all the pages the way they were meant to be shown.
Actually, IE 9 is not half bad at all.  I swap between it and Chrome because not all things play nice with Chrome.
I do, too, which is why I swap back and forth. :)
Why were you using Windows in the first place?
I've tried and can't do Apple, just not my flavor.
Windows 7 is an awesome OS.  With the hardware I have, I have a veritable monster at my fingertips.  That hardware, by the way, cost me a fraction of what a Mac with comparable power might have and I don't run into any app issues either.
Heh, made my day :D

And yes, its really bad but can happen .... xD
There must be a pop up message which says, ' Do you really want to open it? option: No or No '...
I saw the internet trailer for IE9 on chrome and thought it looked awesome.  Downloaded it and used it for 3 miserable hours.
IE is just for downloading Google Chrome. :D 
Google crome is the best app for this. Pls use google crome
Lol! And not only that you have to close the 'Internet explorer is not your default browser' even if you tick 'do not ask me this again'

It still does!! Cruddiest browsers out there. 
looks the same for me , but with firefox ;-)
Actually, IE9 and IE10 are great browsers. Fast, secure and capable. Just to remind you, you're praising Chrome which has more and more chrome-only features, exactly the same for which IE rant started in the first place. Also, Chrome doesn't care about computer security, it can be installed just about anywhere and thats why companies stick to IE. I'm trying windows 8 currently which also has sync capabilities (something i like about chrome) and I only installed chrome to get bookmarks back, but mostly using IE10 simply because it's doing everything as it should.
It's not really an accident when you choose to run an OS that supports that crApp...
Uninstall it. Get it off your desktop. Hide it.
Lol worst mistake to make.
+shekhar bahuguna You should try IE again then. It is actually very fast and quite secure.
Having said that, I have Chrome as my primary browser and use FF, IE, Safari and Opera for website testing.
IE is a very popular browser for downloading a better browser! ;)

Unpin the sucker to avoid accidental clicking.
IE is quite secure... lmao, thanks I needed that ;)
and if that's not bad enough you have to wait around to safely remove your USB device. Life's just too short.
I don't have it so I can't have this type of accident!
kill the ie process is much faster to me.
yeah that's the fact! sometimes i have to wait for full load, if not tabs are copied and never closed!!!
This is hilarious, it happens to me several times a week! Another one that I have this problem with is iTunes...
Remove windows features > internet explorer . Live life with no fear.
Don't remove IE through control panel since it will disable networking processes tied to the system. It's the price you pay for using a shitty OS.
IE still the best browser.... to download another browser :p
I hope you don't have to wait till 10 years.
+Opera the best of the lot. None of the bloat of Firefox, faster than Chrome but without the privacy concerns, and more secure than IE. Opera is more fully featured than all of them, and 1/4 of the size of Chrome (40MB).
Opera was a decent browser years ago. I have to give Chrome the edge over all of them after taking a few minutes to remove some of the more intrusive privacy issues.
I used to accidentally clicked IE as well. Then I click Chrome, load gmail (will take a few sec), then read my first unread email, begin to reply, then IE shows up.
ur processesor must b slow or u r extra fast
It's even worse if you accidentally click on iTunes. Always happens to me when I use my girlfriend's computer.
every since chrome came in the picture i have never click on that thing  hahahaha
i don't know what to do!!!!! :(
I appreciate Linda for what she finally did......... LOL
chrome sucks it takes a lot of time to lad a single damn thing
true... ms claims its fastest. i think they have to take a look on chrome lol
Happens all the time. Finally decided to just remove the shortcut. Best decision ever.
haha.....its very annoying when it happens
Although I do not like Microsoft, still I respect Internet explorer because if there is no explorer there would not be Firefox, chrome, safari, opera and others.
I heard IE has some issues with using the back arrow on the browser page. People were going out buying new mouse controls when the problem was the program.  Heard it was fixed now..what next
Try IE9 or try IE10 on windows 8................
So funny!...that happen to me all the time! But finally removed that icon form my start bar and desktop.
that is what I have occasionally encountered!!!!
Chrome might be fast, but on Linux at least it crashes far more than Firefox.  I only have a open a couple of tabs with FLASH in them and all hell breaks loose.
ie9 is cool and fast too....of course do not compare with chrome on every feature....... but still ie9 is as fast as chrome
you can kill it in task manager without waiting it to load :)
How about a new computer?
i recommend google chrome
when is the burial has to happen..someday
thats what I use so I don't make that mistake xD
That is awesome! :D I think the same thing. 
I go through that daily at work. I asked IT to allow Chrome or Firefox and was told that they aren't secure enough. (?) It's one reason I don't mind taking work home.
ie  is  really   slowly  now,i   find   that  microsoft   is less  and  less  created!
yeah it is almost as slow as chrome these days..
Razak T
haihawaryou pleestel
that is excatly why i use mozilla firefox. internet explorer is too slow for me
So Mozilla is the way to go?  Who else agrees that Moxilla firefox is faster then IE?  I will change in a minute if I get some thumbs up
That's soooooo funny and sooo ture!! :))))) LOL!!! :))
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