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Even the aliens were pissed they couldn't stream the Olympics via the Internet, so they had to risk being seen?   #NBCfail ?
You'd think someone smart enough to fly across the galaxy would have figured out stealth technology by now.
Swamp gas reflecting off the...
with all the fireworks and noise no wonder they wanted to check this out
NBC's only Camera, the reason they couldn't film the tribute
Funny how its always taken by some fuzzy camera phone. Don't you think NASA or some telescope would grab a sight of this? I mean +Linda Lawrey posted about a black hole i dont know how many lightyears away... but we cant spot a ufo out of our radars and such... right
+Terry Boccarossa your understanding of technology is clearly flawed. By your logic, there couldn't be any spy satellites, or secret tests of experimental aircraft, because the Hubbel telescope would see it.
They must have had a solar flare n knocked out the satilite feed had to see it in person
looks like the reflection of a spotlight to me. a reflection off of all the smoke from the fireworks. that's all it is.
It is exactly what the description says, an unidentified flying object.
so it has been identified!
sorry... not a reflection of spotlight off of smoke.
better call Nasa on this one or Scotland yard
Yep, clearly an Unidentified Flying Object, so I looked it up and it seems to be a blimp. 
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