Heads up for accounts with Business names as your Google+ NAME here:

1. It's not allowed.
2. When you comment or plus something, it's the same as spamming your Business in someone else's post. Personal Profiles here are just that. Personal profiles. Not business profiles.
3. I will block and report you if you circle me or comment on my posts. My Google+ will not be your Billboard for advertising.

Wait until Google+ opens up to businesses and brands in whatever format they will be allowed. And I suspect it won't include the ability to spam. For now, put your business info in the employment section if you wish.

I'm here to enjoy Google+ and not spend all day blocking and reporting Businesses, both legit and not so legit to keep spam out of my posts. AND... It's Google's policy so you'll have to take it up with them.
See Google+'s Name policy here:

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