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AOL vs. Windows 8.
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Going back to fugly - nice move, Microsoft
Les King
Love it. I can imagine a few jaws dropping at Microsoft over this little bit of truth.
the look of Ted... it only works for Ted.
I always thought of AOL for people who have no concept of making their own decisions. I guess Microsoft thinks the same.
Well ... this explains everything.

Apple should be very pleased.
The funny thing is, the first time I booted up an XP box, I was astounded at how least-common-denominator cartoonish it was in appearance. In comparison Vista and 7 were, I'd say, definite overall improvements to the Microsoft aesthetic.

However, Windows 8, at first glance, appears designed to appeal to a computer-illiterate five-year-old.

Colored blocks. My goodness, what will they think of next?
+Mark Smith No, I meant the company going down the toilet. I'm an ardent PC user always have been (never owned a mac), and the rise of OSX has proven there can be a viable alternative to Windows (look how much Google have started to use it). I've moved over to Linux with windows in a VM for compatibility, and this to me looks a lot like the future, at least for the midterm. So I think Ubuntu, Apple etc could all be in a position to take Microsoft’s share should they disappear. Something that is not impossible as we have seen lots of big brands disappear recently.
guy yak
just avoid it | mobile manufacturers should stop big pimping all flavors of the os on their devices | very few netbooks without some version of that crap os rather than linux | something is rotten about such collective distribution of ms rather than linux |
Lol +Les King Google is using it for security reasons. Since fewer people use Mac OS, there are fewer intrustions, fewer viruses, and fewer hackers working to break it. If it becomes the majority, they'd just drop it to.
Les King
+Mark Smith for me, I can see Win7 as being the new XP. You'll find it on computers for the next 10 years or even longer. I'm an software engineer and windows is going no-where professionally. But in my crystal ball gazing, I can imagine a world without MS and we all being just fine. But dont get me wrong, MS could pull the biggest rabbit out of their hats in history, cause Windows 8 is just weird, trying too hard to distinguish itself.
guy yak
+Randolph Manlapig | very easy to dump windows7 for linux it takes leadership and skills to break those old slas that hold companies and institutions to microsoft | and the saving would come quickly but humans prefer their ruts and are slaves to their caves |
Im tired of square boxes...cant we have some ovals or something? lol
another reason to avoid windows 8...
wat u think which is d best 1.......?
+Mark Smith Oh, I don't know, there's this one concept that's been around since the mid 90's called LCARS. If you don't know, ask a Trekkie.
S Goku
Didn't know AOL looked like that. Thanks for sharing.
iPads are NO tthe upper hand. Hardly even considerable as a tablet for their price. They don't have a full USB port, HDMI out, expandable storage, and only the new ones have a decent screen resolution (the old ones DID look nice, but I really need the 1280x800 resolution), NTFS drivers, etc etc... I could go on and on about why the iOS tablets are overpriced toys.
ipad is useless and Windows 8 is better on tablets however there are more PCs without touch than tablets that support Windows 8...
Are they kidding?!?? Guess this will be the Windows that will crash and burn to be replaced by Windowz 9 that will get it right...just saying. 
I really don't like WIndows 8 on a desktop. Its a great competitor to iOS and Android 4, but on desktops? Having tested it on a machine w/ an i7 and 6GB of RAM, I don't like it for interface reasons. Maybe if I had a touch screen?
As ugly as everyone saids it is, if Apple did metro everyone would say "revolutionary, awesome, best shit evar!"
Sort of like the Apple table some guy made a few years back for iPhones? The one that was a Microsoft Surface clone (which was really just a big touch screen computer :S Not a MS fanboy, just not a big fan of Apple), Mario?
+Mario II Valenzuela : apple has design style and finesse and would never come up with such a piece of crap in the first place!

+Ubuntu came out with Unity and everyone hates that too. Its why I switched to +Kubuntu instead :)
Are you saying that AoL was ahead of its time? By 15 years? Woah, mind = blown! ;-)
i didnt know they had windows 8
aol is a internet provider windows 8 is a OS.. wheres the similarities?
umm yeah with apple is just plain icons... all over your screen... with Win8 well they are useful since they give info out but the way ms did it is not eyecandy atall
I used to work for AOL. The stories I can tell... 
For touch screen and motion sensing input devices.
i think that even the Media Center UI is better than that metro stuff...
yep Win8 is looking more and more to be the next ME and Vista.. maybe not as bad but I don't see it being worth the upgrade.
lol im not broken i just worked on the Vista Development so i know from inside what really happend.
I hate it, and every one that I have installed it for, also hated it? and came back demanding win7, about half of them I convinced to try Linux IE: UBUNTU12.04 LTS, and only 1 came back wanting win7 back on? what does that say? These people are not my friends and they are not even like minded (as I use Linux Only) but the one thing we have in common, is the hatred of windoze 8. Microsoft has had it's day, and it spent it's time in court and trying to FORCE users to buy MS ONLY software, what a fail.
If windows 8 fails (and it will) then that marks the end of the proprietary era and the end of MS. horahaaa
And Micro$oft is saying they have invented it......
Windows 8 is geared toward laptops and other mobile devices ...the desktop PC is slowing fading out as ipads and laptops become the new standard..Microsoft is trying to compete with chrome in this way
That's pretty comical. Sadly, Metro is horrible and unusable without a touchscreen.
as far as i know they did invented the "LIVE tiles" but thats it... in fact i recall seeing something similar back in the Longhorn development so is not new is just an implementations back then they were called LIVE ICONS but well... they dropped that idea.
+Lincoln Maurice that's because a Lexus IS a Toyota ;)
+Danny McGuire maybe that's the case and maybe it's also the issue with Windows 8.. I've heard plenty of people say it would be better with a touch screen and maybe that's the real future of home computers but that only strengthens the argument that Win8 should just be skipped cause the hardware will be caught up for Win9.
just makes windows seem more awesome to me :D
I used win 8 on desktop and it worked just fine with a mouse
thats right I liked my own comment, and I do it all the time :D
<high self esteem... I think thats what it is :D>
Windows 8 is go0d but only on a mobile touch screen from factor other than that it sucks so bad on normal desktop/laptop pcs
Micro$oft is going to restrict the freedom of users and developers as they compell the developers to create Metro styled app (possible only by very costly microsoft's Visual Studio)and application purchases only through Mac OSx style app store(Windows Store)
What is this ? I am not understanding.
Microsoft is going to take over the world with this. It's not only for your PC but also for phone's and tablets. Go Mr. Gates
Aleck X
Windows 7 + rainmeter = better experience... and less confusing. Just saying.
Hah. Looks about right. I hated that AOL >4 Interface!
WIN8 looks like sh!t. if u ask me, WIN7 (which im using) is MUCH better. vista was pretty good, but WINXP was too simple and blocky. WIN7 is way better than WIN8 so Microsoft should screw this so called windows 8 sh!t
whos with me?
i've had windows 8 consumer preview on my laptop for a couple months now and it's actually really nice, that screen shot is just the new start menu, there is still a typical desktop, but when you hit the windows key that's what comes up with all of your programs as the smaller icons to the right and apps as the larger ones to the left, but you can still have icons and a taskbar on the normal desktop screen
i dont like the consumer preview so far. Of course its just a preview but there are some MAJOR bugs
Yeah well if I win the lottery I'm just going to pay people to port everything to ARM Linux
I often wonder, what is in the head of the smart people in the microsoft when designing Windows OS, compare to Apple OS. Then I also wonder how bad and expensive OS like Microsoft's can be world best seller OS. I don't understand. I use both, but far prefer Apple OS
Sorry for getting back to you so late!,so what was our nature of business again?.
I want my start button functionality back!
just a little me..nothing is
Wow I sure hope I can switch to windows classic view.
that is one... cluttered... interface...
+Jesse Martineau What's wrong with Right click in Mac OS X? it's no problem man.. how about have to updating antivirus everyday, and still find your Windows has different strange behaviour any other day, and always looking for the solution to solve the problem? at the end..accept it different strange behaviour changing without your control of it or reinstall it.
whats windows 8, i haven't heard of that, sounds weird, im on windows 7 and im waiting for windows 9...then ditching Microsoft for linux. who's with me?
Never have a problem with windows 7. Probably because I actually know how to use a PC properly and responsibly. 
As much as I hate to admit it, the Metro UI is kinda growing on me. It's also pretty snappy, even running in Virtualbox.
It's not even a true UI, it's a Metro shell over a modified Win7. REEKS of bloat.
but then you press the windows button and then BOOM Windows 7. If it ain't unstable then let it be stable as it can be.
I love it on my Windows Phone
Oh goodie! Now we have an operating system for people that can't read!! Look at all the pictures. It's like a damn coloring book!
I predict: Win8 may live alongside win7 but the app designed for metro only no, win7compat stil-alive for long time more, specialy if you not want pay 199 for thevisual studio 11 for build metro apps when the visual studio 10 is free and build for win7 and win8
Haha some how I think Win 8 gonna be a little better than AOL...
Why such hate for the new look?! It's simple and effective! and in my opinion looks GREAT!!
I am surprised AOL is still kicking.
All in all there's always something for everybody, if you like it go ahead and do it, don't pretend like you care so much about what other people should or should not do. So quit whining or acting like you're the smartest person in the world. Geez.
The Metro UI just reminds me how uninspiring and cheesy Microsoft can be, I much prefer my Pangolin w/ Wine.
Will Microsoft ever be innovative? I wouldn't hold my breath.
I knew there was a reason I didn't quite like the new metro interface, now I know why!
AN OS WITH BUTTONS THAT YOU CAN CLICK ON?!? OMG, LET'S CALL THE POLICE!!!! .......... give me a break....
Yup. Same old chicken scratch we have had since the stone age. :)
window 8 looking slim&smart whereas AOL is like childern's guidebook
is it possible to turn of that and go straight to the desktop in anyway?
This looks lovely , Who benefits ..? As long as we enjoy.. who cares..
Windows 8 apps are just bookmarks to web services. Same as the old walled garden of AOL. Nothing has changed. AOL was more stable if you ask me. I tried 8 in beta last year and truly hated it.
simple and effective .... and jarring, and unflexible for different work styles which goes against a decade of desktop optimization (work styles that even Chrome OS started adopting INTO their UI rather than forcing it out).

Microsoft has an AMAZINGLY optimized OS under the covers ... but man those covers suck. They DESPERATELY need to have a classic explorer option available or they will make the desktop OS obsolete faster than Apple/Google ever could.
I don't understand all the negative remarks towards Win 8. I think it's a pleasure to use on my desktop and the only thing I'm in need of is a quality touch screen monitor to make it better.
I built a Linux Machine, Running Mint, it is as stable or better than Windows 7. You can build a Linux system easily for about $300 using old parts. I bought a case and motherboard, used recycled LCD,hard and optical drives. It has been running great for over a year. This is an easy project and is pretty hard to screw up. In my system I actually think I have 1 SATA and 1 IDE drive, 2 combo CD/DVD one that will burn LightScride discs. I think that anyone who has replaced a hard or optical drive in a tower and has installed software can pull this off without much trouble.
They still have AOL I thought it was extinct!! Well of course windows 8 still reign supreme. 
This Metro look maybe ok on smart phone or tablet, but definitely don't fit my taste on desktop.

What the hell are these people thinking? why make same GUI for mobile device as desktop? Gnome did it, now Microsoft follows..
It is like fashion, every 15-20 years things repeat.
Whoever designed the icon layout, or rather the color scheme must have been uber-straight. Both look horrible! Get someone with a good idea of color-coordination, please.. Those are eyesores!!!

On a related note, minimalism is nice, but that's fugly.
iOS might be shit, but at least it looks pretty!
+Morris Buel My point was that if Apple did something like the Metro interface people would be creaming themselves and be proclaiming it millions of times better looking then MS's "tired rows of icons"

Personally I think it's "meh" but I will give it a shot... (while hoping that their is an aero interface buried somewhere in the display options)
At least Windows 8 has some semblance of alignment! Yikes!
Microsoft's looking at the increase in mobile devices. I don't know why they couldn't be more creative with a new product name. Guessing their brand name is more important, than misrepresentation for what we're used too.
sv hozt
just go wit dat
This is for those that can no longer do ANYTHING except stab at the screen with a mouse!
Is it sad that I'd rather go back in time and use that AOL interface than use windows in general?
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Definitely getting back to the most important thing: simplicity. Quite excited for the possibilities 
+Greg Cadmes The Metro Interface is the new start menu overlay and cannot be removed from a desktop installation. The old reg hack was removed in the release candidates. There is no longer any differentiation between Metro and desktop ... except that the desktop is referred to as legacy for legacy apps.

Read that again: Microsoft actually thinks that "windows" are a dead concept and are only being maintained for compatibility reasons. This is months after Google added window support into Chrome OS to make it a more robust desktop replacement.

It's asinine.
Lol! And we think technology is evolving! 
So much for something half of you never even seen before, or worked with. Personally I think windows 8 looks great
blah blah blah windows 8 sucks for reasons that are shortsighted and baseless blah blah blah
Jaime B
It's weird reading comments hating on the Metro UI while using G+ which has a very Metro UI feel. Updates listed in square breakouts (aka tiles) and you scroll side to side just like wp7 apps. Even the Play Store is tiles. It's a good look so why all the hate?
LOL, I haven't used Win 8 at all but I always thought the UI with all the squares looked really weak. People want pictures and affects not plain colored squares with words. If they were smarter they would imitate the heck out of mac and Im not even a mac guy.
I see the truth before me and cannot deny it. I am not looking forward to Windows 8.
It's impossible to say how Windows 8 will do. I really like the live tile idea and really love the Metro UI on their phones.

Some people could say the same about Apple. I hear all the time how OS X is going away is slowly transforming into iOS for desktops.

Only time will tell.
Believe it or not, this kind of interface works for people like my mum :D heheh. I have recently put her on Google Chrome with the icon apps page as home page. Too easy, can almost do anything from that one app.
Al Jugo
I am not enthusiastic about it.
Windows 8 will never touch any machine I own, use or support.
not going for a long run.........................!!!!!
But the tiles do show information and you can touch them. Never really liked metro, and its left justified look with empty space on the right...
AOL was way ahead of its time creating tablet friendly os
good point linda. i didn't know about that aol theme. must have been hard finding it
The reason for this interface is to make money on selling Apps like apple and google store Mirosoft is running late . They really need to keep this on non pc systems it is really messed up as it stands now.
Yes, but most people will turn off Metro and have an interface that looks like Windows 7. Metro was forced in the RC so people used it. Metro is for tablets, no one will really use it on desktops. 
At least back in the day, you only saw that AOL home screen on a 15" monitor ... Win8 Metro home screen on a 30" monitor? Enough garish color to light a small Disney-esque town ...

What's not being discussed is the more intrinsic strategic goal that Microsoft has ... to leverage Metro as a way to transition to their own walled garden, where they get 30% of every app sale, just like oh that other company. Deprecating the standard desktop in favor of the Metro interface arguably doesn't make any sense ... unless you factor in the way Metro-based apps will only be available in this walled garden. Then you can understand some of their other moves, like only providing free development tools for Metro apps. They have to hope that they can keep saying "isn't it great" (and pay off enough astroturfers and leverage their installed base of fanbois bloggers) until enough people believe it, and it gets to a critical mass that will convince software vendors to transition to building Metro apps only. Cha-ching cha-ching.

Is there anything inherent in Metro that requires a walled garden app install approach? No, it's entirely an MS strategic decision. One that I believe they would gladly make for standard desktop apps if they thought they could get away with it. But they needed a shiny object to distract everyone from the illogic of the UI (and associated app install policy change) in a largely desktop-driven world. You can almost detect the tone of desperation in some of the more strident attempts to convince us it really really is shiny, in spite of the evidence of our own eyes ... because so much $$ depends on us buying into the myth.

A key question is - to whose advantage are these changes? The user? Or Microsoft's? Hmm?
at least they have softer background :P
I used Windows8, such a great pleasure !
They did a big improvement there, Microsoft is waking up !
I bet Windows 8 is actually nice. However, this joke is also good 555. Bull eyes.
YND zoo
Pls check out my wall pose support us. Work work work.
Rick S
Both suck equally.
Windows 8 better then windows 7........
not the first time. history repeats itself.
Well one good thing... the the market researchers from AOL did find work......lolol
what a change in technology..
Windows 8 is pretty much unless over Windows 7, unless you have a touch screen. Microsoft hasnt explained why every one needs a touch screen based OS when less than .01% have a touch screen on their home PC or laptop.
Just like the pen and paper never was lost, neither will the keyboard and mouse.
probally because touchscreens take out the process of learning to use the mouse/touchpad a 1yo can use a touch screen but it takes longer for them to learn to use the mouse so in effect they're promoting early development and like every technology that has come before it the touchscreen market is about to grow extensively and that .01% will be 15 percent in just a few years.
Macfags are still butthurt about their OS. You'll never have one to compare with Windows.
im a microsoft student and think the new windows is kinda dumb for Desktops . but kinda cool for tablets
also if you include phones and tablets in that ratio almost everyone owns a touchscreen :P
One thing you guys are forgetting is that this isn't even the desktop. The desktop for windows 8 is almost the exact same as Windows 7. This is kind of like an alternative desktop.
...and is mainly for the mobile use of the OS...And the AOL's app is just a stupid app, it's not an OS to be able to compare...Overall the idea is pretty retarded.
Microsoft , woow u have to be soo smart to copy sth nobody ever remembers!!
Windows 8 is really only meant for mobile and tablets. The idea of the 'metro' interface is great, the colors not so much.
AOL couldn't force it down the throat of millions of users, MS can. That's the saddest part.
good to hear about the change linda, thanks for updating this
I think MS should take windows 8 BACK to 1996 and leave it there!!!!
It just looks so dodgey
Omg, memory's! I used to AOL kids section! Just the computer and internet was so slow back then.
I think microsoft team never had any sense of creativity...
Uncanny! Imagine the foresight of one's company VP's properly executed. Windows could twiddle thumbs til the cell phone became a computer & innovation mattered. AOL needed to diversify instead of thinking Windows lead the way. AOL was google before Google. Apple was Windows on cell phones before Google became DROID.
And to think Steve Balmer has a 80 inch screen running it. Really Steve really???
So they've pretty much dumbed it down, made it "KidFriendly?
Haters gonna hate. Don't like it, don't buy it. Win7 will be supported well after Win9 comes out. Easy guys, or you'll blow an artery.
mel gia
like the windows 8 every nice
cool looking window
I think it doesn't matter a lot if windows 8 is awesome .
it should be accessible and convenient. doesnt matter if its modernized or not.
I always thought the new Windows 8 looked daggy and sucked. Thankfully they kept the option for the old desktop.
Good artist copy, great artist steal.
Windows 8 is good artis.
Exactly what puts me off windows phones. . . .
to me windows 8 layout is too much messy
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science
its not exactly the same. windows better.
Aap meri friend bane giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Those who don't know Burke are condemned to repeat him.
I'm a kid and I'm shocked.. That's just too far.. It's like Nintendo, made for children... Wtf!? GO APPLE!! Once again
Ah. Another reason to not want windows 8.

No optical media playback by default
Areo removed from OS
Resembles an archaic AOL setup

this is such a stupid comparison, anybody agreeing with this doesn't know the first thing about design or user interaction, to compare this to 'that' aol UI is idiotic this is a pure troll. what MS has done with Metro is the best step in design direction they have ever made. and its a good one!
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Windows 8 is just a by product of the pure laziness at Microsoft
ha everyone is already slating WIndows 8 and for good reason! epic fail Microsoft
Then again...Why reinvent the wheel when you can improve it?
Windows 8 is the best,
omg...... AOL , those were the days!
Not repetition but an improvement on something that used to work.
I'm getting sick of this seemingly intelligent statement. What does that layout have to do with AOL sucking? Was that the only reason? Is that layout going to be the doom of Win8 ... don't be silly. It's just a tablet friendly layout, not even in the same context as AOL 1994 ... Just a stupid, hipster-wanna-be statement with no logic or reason.
I've set up W8 as a dual boot and am not impressed at all.. Maybe when there's time to mod the look. Change it from something that looks like it belongs in a pre school art department then maybe I'll give it a proper try. But for now it can sit hidden in the depths of my HDD.
Even my mum reckons it's going to be a hopeless system...
Windows 8 Metro UI is uglier than AOL.
But Good UI for Mobile.
It seems like Microsoft is becoming the new "Nokia"....
stupider.... Thats just you big boy. The remainder of the earth is just less intelligent.... CLEARLY HAHA
Windows 8 reminds me more of the awful Xbox 360 home screen than of AOL.
Clearly Win 8 has been designed to address tablets. But I have been using Win 8 on a 4 y.o. laptop for a month now and notwithstanding the tiled start screen similarity to AOL, I prefer it to Win 7. It isn't impossible to use without a touchscreen. Actually it's easy once you learn the shortcuts. Power on to all favourite websites loaded and browsable in under 30 secs is a BIG plus.The active tiles so far available like currency are really useful, and battery life is hugely improved.
For use in the office, once you have your programs started, you can work entirely in the desktop - pretty much the same as Win 7 - So, if you look at it as Win 7 plus [mostly] optional Metro it works.
great how you get this staffs
That's disturbing. Microsoft appears to be going backwards. 
Windows 8 --> 2 for each wall:, lets in more light. Ha ha - us Ubuntu folk do have more fun!
Ubuntu has always been superior
Stupid Windows, It's too easy to smash
so that means windows 8 is for kids
Kinda like the fashion industry. Just round and round and round we go.
I'm guessing Windows 8 is implemented into the new Windows Phone then aha
+Terry Skrinjar with one slight difference, there are no patents in fashion industry. Just wait until Microsoft patents color rectangles.
Interesting, but I thought it was copying the iPhone UI.
Looking similar but have intrinsic difference. I'm on the side of Metro. That's design.
Sean G
You need a desktop... Or some of us do
"Let's try this again." lol
Awesome similarity in design . Multi window in a single window. Is it known as history repeats ?
Both Microsoft and Apple are converging their mobile and desktop environments. There is not much discussion about Apple's move in that direction in making everything look like iOS and iTunes. Look at the attention Microsoft's getting because they have made a bolder move. Whether you like the GUI or not, A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT MICROSOFT. For Tim Cook to say if you buy a Microsoft tablet you are going back ten years in IT one could the say the same about buying a Mac how old is iOS now....
I find it amusing that so many are judging an entire os off one still screen shot.
This would be cool on a tablet or perfect for controlling with kinect type technology.
I find it amazing that this pic keeps popping up in my stream every week.
Welcome back, Microsoft Bob! ...great UI decision, Keep It Simple for Stupid?
Aol you are such a copy cat windows 8 is faster
Aol you are such a copy cat windows 8 is faster
it's about time that Microsoft should come up with multiple-screen something..kinda bored to see it in rectangle..
+John MacIntyre Hard to call Metro or WP7 a copy of iPhone. iOS is still stuck on the old desktop / icon paradigm :-p
epoca boa que utilizava AOL, minha primeira experiencia com internt.
Check out Lauren cooks post!!
+Josh Bryson Me was fine, it was another Windows 98, a step down from SE but not as big as step down as Vanilla 98 would've been. I think the version you are thinking of is NT. The one that, while giving us the great modern Windows OS, XP and 7, was in its beginning a horrific mess that liked to crash when the user blinked too often.
I've said this about this image before, but am I the only person who thinks that AOL image looks kinda cool, in a retro-kitsch kinda way?
Windows looks more unified and AOL is old school. Windows 8…definitely 
So to make progress, we need to step backward?
Wait is it a Windows phone for your desktop?
FYI --- AOL was god in 1996 and Windows would rise too ..
i hope our life for some place, and some version. cause we are not alone. love making is more land needed.
Amusing comparison. I'm going to reserve judgement until I've seen more. GUI's tend to get in my way more often than not anyway.
For anyone else who thinks the W8 interface is ugly:

But AOL didn't have wireless phones to show same look!
Ankur M
Window 8 is incredible very good os
They might look the same, but the comparison stops there. Win8 is actually pretty slick.
Anyone else having flashbacks to that bastard of an OS that Microsoft doesn't recognize that they created called WindowsME .. ?
+kieran welch have you used it? you may be surprised! faster in almost all ways than Win7, more useful utilities and even the MacLoonies can't claim it's copying
Tony B
Amazing how many people comment who've never seen Win8 in action and trash it because of a start screen which can be skipped. That said...I don't like Windows 8 after having tested it for a while. It IS faster, but that's about the only plus side. However, trashing it for a start screen simply shows your ignorance.
The Metro interface with live tiles is designed for mobile devices, and I think it's perfect for that. If you want classic desktop Windows, switch to the Aero interface.
i saw this same pic on G+ a month ago......reposT?
+Konstantin Stefanov yeah! I get it that this is interesting/....but....seeing the same thing again and again and again.....gets boring..
Windows 8 metro is a piece of garbage. I ran an evaluation of it and the "metro" ui is meant for a phone, on a pc it makes it completely unusable.
It is those kids that used AOL in 1996 that are in their 30's and working for Microsoft that likely designed this interface...
+Linda Lawrey I just wish it didn't look so boring, I love the translucent panes of Windows 7! I'm wondering if Chromebook and Apple might suddenly gain a market! It looks a bit claustrophobic!
windows 8 look specifically only for tablet, Ipad and touch pc..
There's progression and then there's regression. The latter fits gere.
My eyes... they BURN! Ugly your interface is.
good looking, I am tried to look.
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