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All across the web, from the most popular tech blogs online, to even the most devout Apple fans, the Nexus 7 is being hailed as a huge success. And real world sales show it. Google, GameStop, Staples,...
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Apple lawsuit...
Selling a lot of touch screen stuff.. We have a patent on that!!!
LOL!  I said that in my unboxing video when I showed how it looks like a giant iPod touch.
I received mine today also and love it. It will be traveling with me everywhere just because of its size and weight. JB just flat out works and as Google Now matures it will only get better.
I got mine too and its great.
+Linda Lawrey mine should be here in 1 hour.  Just got an update of #jellybean for my #galaxynexus and man the Now cards are great fun along with the vocal search. I feel like I am on an old Star Trek show saying "Google" instead of "Computer"
Selling like mad in Canada too eff!
I picked up a 16gb version just in the case I need to download a movie or two for traveling and I don't have wifi available, ie an airplane.
Got mine today, with big plus got Jelly bean OTA for Gnex also. It does not get better then this.
Will W
Since I don't have the Galaxy Nexus, this could provide a way for me to get acquainted with the pure Android experience.
I have a Transformer prime, yet I'm jealous of all of you :-(
+Dave Friedel you can never have too much money, be too  thin, have too much hair and too much storage space.

I went with 16gb - basic plan with all #appleproducts was minimum of 32gb. I was always happy with that
I got mine today. It's MAGICAL! Lol. Seriously though, get one. It was worth the wait.
Ok, so I need to get mine ordered! Do I order from Game Stop, Staples, or WalMart? I have gift cards for all, just need to decide who will get it to me the fastest! :)
So far, I can say two things. One, it's LIGHTENING fast, and two...  I have to get used to how Google+ and Reader look on it compared to my 10" tablet.  lol  But overall, it rocks!   Comfortable as hell to hold too.   +Jonathan Hébert 

Wonder why the charger (cord) is SO damned short for tablets though.  Geesh.  Seems like it's that way for all of them. Now I'm going to have to get a cover for it.  
+Linda Lawrey 
charger (cord) is SO damned short
copper aint cheap... they save prolly a penny and a half making shorter cords...

'penny and a half' X 'a gazillion' = a lot-trillion moneys
+Linda Lawrey yes I agree very fast The wifi range seems farther than my iPad . Super light weight and runs cool . Battery life not the same as ipad or so it seems

There still is occasional stutter when either streaming video or viewing downloaded ones

The 7 inch screen is nice . Think i like reading on a 10 inch screen will keep getting used to it
The good thing about charging it though is the fact it uses the same plug as Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other devices so you aren't limited to the short cord. In fact mine is still in the box since I have two other chargers with the same connector.
My battery life appears to be just as good as hubby's iPad2 so far. Gave it a full charge when it arrived and haven't had to charge it again and it's been three days of on and off use.
Here is a great trick I've been using on the iPad. I've been using the Witopia PPTP VPN when I've been using public WiFi. Setting the VPN on the #nexus7 is almost as easy as on the iPad.

I've been using the witopia server in London and I'm able to stream BBC shows plus get a whole different content on Netflix.

One problem is the Chrome Browser can't view some streaming video that the iPad can - CNN, BBC etc. I just use the Dolphin Browser and allow it to present itself as an iPad
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