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Did you know the lines on a solo cup are measurement marks?  I didn't either.
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My pours were way off!  Always to the rim!
Wow... Learn something new every day...
Give me a clear version and I'll use it as a graduated cylinder!
That's actually some very useful information; more so because I did NOT know that!!
OK, had no idea nor would it ever have occurred to me. Excellent information to have!
nuh uh, no way. what a waste of a cup for the bottom 2 lines.
I'm so used to solo cups being wrapped in my hand, chugged, and tossed, that I never noticed lines.
On behalf of Toby Keith...thankee!
no way... I'm running home after work and trying this out. #notbeingabletodrinkatworksucks
I had no idea. Thanks for sharing
Does it mean I drink too much if I say yes?
You're pretty hardcore if you're drinking your Chardonnay out of a red plastic cup.
+Brian Balsama According to these measurements I have been drinking liquor in almost Beer-like quantities so I'm a bit concerned as well
normally I use the beer line for vodka lololololo I cant change that. sheers
A typical shot is 1.5 oz, so you couldn't use that line to mix a drink.  A typical glass of wine is 4 oz.  Why would they choose 1 oz and 5 oz?  I'm guessing it's either false (I'd have to measure to know :) ), or that the lines are coincidence, or at the very least they weren't thinking of alcohol when they made the lines.
Can I shoot the next person who sings that song! Grrrrrrrrr Damn now it's stuck in my head again!
no milk, coffee or choco lines? not fair....
LOL....not where I come from.
Red Solo fill me up...let's have a party!....
Yup! After a while I noticed that my 12oz beer always stopped at the first line when pouring it in the cup.
Thanks!  What a perfect conversation topic for house parties! ;)
Dammit.  I thought the middle line was for liquor.  Explains much.  
Leo T
Loser Boozer Page.
Beer, Wine, Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Patka, Fatka, Gine, Screwdriver, Pinch, Kinch, takilla, Shakeela, Fin, ............................................. do u want more ?
I didn't know that.... and I didn't know those plastic cups were called Solo either.
Who needs a cup when bottle drinking is so fun!
That will be a mystery like Stonehenge to robot archaeologists eons from now, after man has become extinct and the plastic strewn waste land of planet earth is ruled by the Google data center.
The Other Marks are Hell marks if you drink till Hell mark, U will get a free ticket to Hell
Its so unhandy to hold that darn box way up there so the faucet runs directly into my mouth. You'd think it would come with a pump or at least a large straw!!
well beer kinda has to go to the top but yeah i see what u r coming from!!!
Useless information:

1.- Only rednecks drink wine or liquor from a plastic glass
2.- It would only be useful if the glass was translucid!!!
Have you ever tried filling the cup to the 12 oz mark with Gummy Bears, then filling it to the 13 oz level with Vodka - cover with a good plastic wrap and leave over night. Next morning its breakfast, lunch or dinner - all you need is a toothpick or small fork!!
Solo is a company name. 
Ah Linda, too much time on your hands! Thanks though,Spencer
Ten thousand points to Linda for providing an interesting fact amongst the thundering noise of Google+'s "What's hot" feed.  That is actually pretty cool.  As a kid I thought they were rocket stage separation points. 
I can now call it a day. I have learned something new and useful.
And all this time I thought the "beer" line was for liquor.
Claudy Roman - - Do I need to draw a picture???
I've known about the lines since i learned about the pot noodle fill
I have some cups about to look at this closer
Wrong Manno. Red Necks know the difference between a glass and a cup.
who the heck only puts one ounce of liquor in their cup?
I thought those lines were so you'd have a better grip on it.  lol
I dont know if I should use those cups anymore... they all measure bar drinks.
now i know which cups to buy for my next
COOL!!! You learn something every day!!! :)
now i know didn't before
I use the beer line for liquor too
who drinks you must not be very active haha
Who drinks one ounce of liqour in a drink?
I always wondered what those lines were for. They need to explain it more clearly.
I unfortunately moved past the cup and go right for the source, pirate style. Cups are the coolest thing since sliced bread..which is kinda pointless as well. I say slice yer own bread and drink booze str8 from the bottle or can...
Awesome little bit of knowledge!!!
And there's nothing quite like sipping a fine Cotes-du-Rhone from a plastic cup... ;-)
Freak-in' A! So that's why those cups have so many lines! I always thought it was to make the cup stronger, since the material is so flimsy. 
Um, college 101 haha I thought that was common knowledge 
Cool.. Didn't know that, but that's kinda how I'd been using them all this while.
lol that liquor bar is higher in the cups that I buy.
I'll take my liquor to the line above the beer line plz :)
I've been overdoing it all these years...
That's great, I saw a photo somewhere with solo cups modified with wine stems, oh my!
That sounds cool.but is it really THAT cool?
Yeah, I've been serving a bit too much :)
Thanks-its great to learn-cool helpful post!
Beer 12oz!  that's half a pint! Anyone that thinks that that is an acceptable measure of ale NEVER go to a bar in the the UK or ROI.
Ok. but what about the 16, 20, 24, 26 and 32-ounce cups? ... More liquor, wine and beer ? not a bad deal
Yh in England we just drink from the bottle 
No i didn't realize that thanks now i can tell if im getting the right amount for what i pay for sweet!!! i learn something new every day on plus love it
More like frat serving suggestions...

---- freshman coed

---- senior coed

--- freshman pledge
wow. and this info was just under our noses the entire time!  the world gets more interesting each day. seriously, thanks for sharing. this is helpful info.  good trivia when standing around the keg or playing beer pong.
Bottles make excellent measuring devices, and cups.
Thats crazy, I have one close by all day everyday. No beer here, spit cup.
Damn... I've been using the "Wine" mark for the Liquor all these years...
an "ounce" of liquor is easy... Fill cup entirely with ice. Fill with Liquor until ice floats. Top off with soda of choice.
no one ever told me the significance of this little red cup before!
Wow.  How come they don't advertise this more??? Crazy
I am exact same Calvin. I just thought it was a cup pattern.
Woow that's good to know! I've never though that! 
TIL Americans actually use those red cups from the films! Also looks weird measuring liquid units in oz :S
I think i get the beer and liquor lines mixed up sometimes...
Wrong...uppermost line means "I'm fine for now", "beer" line means "Still good"; "wine" line means "oops, head for the keg" and the "liquor" line means "CRAP!  I'm out!" :)
Drinking wine and from a solo cup? classy...
Did you know its actually a red Dart cup.
Misinformation. Definitely not true. Measure it if you don't believe me
Totally didn't know that.  Totally likely won't ever use that...  
thanks i dint know that and love the examples
Haha, thats cool information!
Damn! Really??? Go to know...
No I didn't tood bad Toby Keith didn't know that either.  Thanks for the info!
Ya learn something every day...many thanks...hope I don't get my wine and beer wrong way round!
I just fill the damn solo cups who cares bout the lines.
Red solo cup, i fill you up, let's have a party! Let's have a party!
Um... Not really the kind of thing people are about. Plus, it says you can only have a tiny bit of liquor! 
Line after Beer is Soda with ices!
i got lots of this red cup goes with blue one too lets party!!!!!!
Did anyone actually read the reddit comments? 1) The measurements are false. 2) Plastic engineers are darn cool. 3) The design provides stability and keeps the cups from being too hard to pull apart. One of the rare times reddit comments were overly intellectual.
Renan A
Hahaha mine are way off then, great share 
Blue,Red-Sounds Bipartisan let's send them to Congress;maybe something can get accomplished.
Three marks,liquid ,head and shotgun
All I know is that it's a red solo cup n stands for a drink in the hand :)
wow didnt know that who knew the party cup could be some useful besides just getting wasted lol
Wow! I think there's a good chance we were probably over-pouring at all those keg parties!
ha, thats hilarious! the cups we use at our kids birthday parties are actually ment for beer! who knew? 
spoken like a pro drinker like myself
well that's convenient.
Never would have known!  Thank you!
I don't like plastic cup's I like glass
red solo cup, i fill u the rim........with anything
Why is it called a solo cup if the only time anyone drinks from one is when others are around?? That's what i want to know!!
Do you add all of those together to make one drink?
kewan h
Wow really didn't know that
How very clever. What an interesting design.
So if you fill it to fourth line you have no foam.
Are you sure you don't have the beer and liquor lines reversed?
Thats amazing... If its true, I have to find out now! My question is if it's true, was it planned, or just a coincidence? Hmmm..
red solo cup, i fill u-up
Why would anyone want to drink just 5oz of wine? ;)
tyst _
lol some alcoholic designed this
That wine line should be renamed "Beer Pong" line 
There's a really big problem if anyone's drinking wine out of a red solo cup
Still going to fill up all the way haha
Lee Lee
That's totally cool. Fill mine up.
Did not ever even notice the lines. Suppose it don't matter cause it'll still be filled up. But still interesting 
is the top line is Soda 16oz ?
I never knew, some people do, but why Liquor only one ounce? I don't drink it, but it occured to me.
dude youtube is a pace of crap now
There's a reason for everything! Learning something new everyday! 
That's not nearly enough wine. 
Cannot upvote this post enough!  Thanks to you!
WOW, I did not know that.  Thanks for sharing!
Fear Factor wants to know where the Danish Donkey Semen line is located?  (To the left behind the outhouse?)
That's pretty cool, never noticed that
Wow i didn't know that, now i know how many ounces it'll take for me to get drunk in a game of beer pong
12 ozs of beer is NOT a pint. But still cool info.
Wow! I just learned something new.
r u sure? i don't believe u! that might just be the design that they wanted to use!
I think the top line is actually the Liquor Line. Makes sense?
James H
Mind = blown.
whats the top line? :P
Those measurements are way off were I come from
Who says this is real. Looks like a cawoffee cup to me and the lines are for cawoffee milk an water

Funny, but someone in my family (not mentioning names) drinks, soooo that's kind of offensive!
Did you no there is a country song named red solo cup?
Thanks for the tip. So what are the 3 lines above the beer line that I have been using my whole adult (??) life?
I think it's like speed limit signs . . .just suggestions.
and the rim is 16oz, how intresting
Only you, Red, will do for this fellow!
"Pretty good info" thanks,and I believe the lines above the beer markers are suggesting maybe we should'nt drink tooooo much,I don't know"......
Finally some helpful info. Thanks
@Linda Lawrey very good info 
That may be the most useful info I've gotten in months!
Ah c'mon .... nobody knew this? I mean, it's fairly obvious.
That is so funny.....I did not know that.
Wow like thats kind of amazing i guess i mean really who cares
I had no idea... Wow, .. I'm sure ill find a reason to pass this around. Thx.
Helps with rim strength too...
It's okay, Deric. You'll be old enough to drink someday.
Never noticed it. Did u find that pic on google?
Maybe they should use this info as part of the marketing..maybe just with the fl oz measurement.  Good info to know!
That's an old thing. Its been practiced here since ages.
now i can cook stuff without those fancy cups. THANKS!
Good thing it was not a PIC of the 10oz cup.
Its a new information for me

Most college students learn that their 1st yr - thank god some of you concentrated more on studying...
When mixing drinks in red cups I almost instinctively pour liquor to the "1 oz" line. Talk about an intuitive design! :)
I never knew about that. Those lines on the solo cups gives us a hint, next time they should have both numbers and lines.
yeah it's true... and guess whom did I learn that.... from my nephew... though after telling me I pretended I already knew about it, whew...!
I love you Red Solo Cup... you're always there when I need you.
According to this fact, I ma most likely an alcoholic... Now I'm a little bit worried.
more important...are they within his honor da Mayor's guidelines?
Is it ????? Then good for drinkers !!!hahaha
Yes Hector ..but you should try and do the sane thing next time when you have time okay..?
Was this a joke about alcohol or are those really meant to meassure that?
Sounds like its going to spill, if you add 1 ounce of liquor, 5 ounces of wine, and 12 of beer. 
I don't worry about measurement I just fill it all the way to the TOP...
Thanks. Is new input.but As long stomoch full with beer is ok for me :-)
Like they say...You learn something everyday
Wow, that is a lot of replies. As others have pointed out, this is not true. Fun to think about though!
I buy the other two marks, but the first for an ounce...? I'll have to check :)
Forget the cup and buy lithium stock become wealthy and solo cup company
I meant buy lithium stock and one day u buy the solo cup company and fill'm all to the rim . Ha,ha!
Thanks, +Mike Voytovich. Why is it almost always fake information that goes viral on G+ (fake Einstein quotes, fake news reports, this)...?
Did you know that since Toby Keith came out with that song, the price of these cups has gone up about 50%?  
Lol too funny I just learned something new

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