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The best part about writing a mystery is the built-in frame, but Karen Pullen attests to all the inherent complexities. #WW

What: What compels me to write?  Maybe it’s in my DNA, like my pointy nose and near-sightedness. My new book, Cold Heart, is dedicated thus: “To my mother, Juanita H Williams, who would’ve liked it.” She was a journalism major at the University of…

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Karla Huston begins writing with a fountain pen, loving the sound, the bleeding of ink, & how the pen pushes into all that white. #WW

What: I write poetry; I write poetry reviews. I’ve committed acts of fiction but decided long ago that writing poetry was more fun, more satisfying than writing a 20-or-30-page story. I have no desire to write a novel. I can’t imagine extending a story…

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What, Why, How: Herta Feely's novel explores teens and cyberbullying #WW

What: I was working on my second novel (In Search of Che) and had reached page 100 when the story came to a screeching halt. I felt like a person trekking through a forest who’s lost sight of the trail. You look everywhere, but alas it’s gone. The muse…

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Bomb Shelter Drill: I see the enemy is far away, but it feels like he’s here, now... #MondayBlogs

I saw this post on Twitter And it brought back memories of the bomb shelter drills when I was in elementary school. They were frightening, to say the least, and they certainly captured the Cold War feel of the time. As a child, I didn’t understand why our…

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You can accomplish quite a lot when you sort of know what you want even if you have no idea how to get there. Just start. #WW

What: Freelance journalism and creative non-fiction Why: I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years but never felt I was in the right field. It didn’t help that Oprah and her ilk were always saying things such as, “Live your best life now.” But…

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Is Cofell a businesswoman trapped inside a poet, or poet trapped inside a businesswoman? Read how she strikes a balance!

What: I’m a businesswoman trapped inside a poet. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. I’m a poet trapped inside a businesswoman. Or is it the other way around? Simply trapped. I’m two women in one body. Think Freaky Friday but only one brain. What…

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Someone on Twitter bullied me for asking the president not to defund NEA. #MondayBlogs

Someone on Twitter tried to shame me for supporting the arts. On the day of the inauguration, NBC News tweeted “Got something important to say to President Donald Trump? Tweet your expectations to @NBCNews with #DearMrPresident.” So I wrote about the…

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Did you know these unsettling emotions actually have names? #WW

  Have you ever felt monachopsis? I have! I bet you have, too. This list of unique, strange and unsettling, but common emotions was compiled by Tickld, via the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. They seem oddly fitting for the dead of winter… and also…

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Poetry at The Farmhouse in Franklin, MI on January 19th

Join us for an evening of kick ass poetry & prose at The Farmhouse in Franklin, MI! I’ll be reading with a group of amazing writers that you won’t want to miss. Come early, grab a bite to eat, and sit back to enjoy. The quaint town of Franklin is easy to…

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Sue Barnard is a British novelist, editor & award-winning poet whose family background is far stranger than any work of fiction.#WW

What: If you include those compulsory “Composition” exercises at school, I suppose I’ve been dabbling with writing for as long as I can remember: short stories, poems, articles, and the occasional stroppy letter to The Times. But it was around ten years…
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