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Thanks Dee, If I saw it on a beach without the men for comparison, I would have grossly in error mistaken it for an enlarged minnow!
Yes, I agree, You scary!
I'm more interested in how it was caught.
I still would not touch
it was probably death and washed upon the shore, looks like a deepsea fish to me.
jac jac
Maravilhoso .
Regaleco (Regalecus Glesne) ,Fish from de Deepsea's the longest fish....
lol it's actually the lure!....There is a bigger fish waiting to real them in!....#uain'tseennothinyet
its fake..if u look closely, there is no shadow of the the fish!
You don't even have to look closely to see the shadow of the fish.
This is a real type of fish, it grows to 30 feet, it's just extremely rare.
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