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I wanted to do something really special for the Satellite anomaly Ingress players.  A few weeks ago i brought some ROXO bracelets, donated by ROXO, to the Columbus anomaly and we had a stats contest to hand them out. They were so popular that I went back to the company, ROXO LLC, +ROXO , and they were generous enough to send these GREAT bracelets for the players at the St. Louis Anomaly tomorrow!!

You can easily take the charms on and off, you just pull on the band and slip it off, so you can swap and trade charms at events.  

Not going to the anomaly?  No Problem!  Order Online!
ROXO gave us a great price if you want to order more PLUS a 25% coupon code so you can upload your own team graphic and make your own charms to add. I made a cool Essex one for a friend, and a Resistance Detroit one, as you can see in the pictures!

THANK YOU! To our own great Resistance Detroit player, +Roger Minton  who put together the webpage, and THANK YOU to the folks at ROXO who worked hard to have them ready for the anomaly this weekend.  We really hope you like them!  More charms are coming to the website soon!  Don't forget to use the coupon code RECURSION to save 25%

Please tag pictures #getroxo to thank +ROXO for donating enough for everyone!  We have about 60 more that will be handed out in stats contest at afterparty.

Here are ordering details:
Be sure to use the coupon code: RECURSION
to get 25% off - expires monday 3-10-14
International Shipping

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Zomgbbq! Event charms! Genius! I want some for LA.
So ordering first thing tomorrow!
+Linda Besh I have the dreaded thing called work. Plus,  I already scored an artifact this week with my team in Nashville after winning last week.. 
Thanks +Linda Besh these are awesome! We're gathering info to do a local order already. Is the darker blue band you have there the "midnight blue"? 
Why hasn't Google hired you yet? 
Cool, +Linda Besh. I look forward to donning one soon. See you on the battlefield. 
This is a great idea! Some of the best swag I have seen. :-)
I still have some keys from St Louis, to bad I live 8 hrs away.
Hello +Linda Besh,  Ill be traveling from Italy to partecipate at Oakland Recursion... Is there any chance to have one for me once there?
+Phillip Leman are you still having trouble? Im not having issues. Code is: RECURSION. during checkout type code into the box and hit apply code. Let me know.
+Devin Lumpuy trying to make roxo more active on g+ they havent had a reason, so lets give them one!
Public posts all around. Lets show some Ingress love to +ROXO for being such good contributors!
+Maurizio Mitto if you are around San Francisco and csn meet me at the starting point of the caravan on the day before the anomaly for the Elite5 I will make sure to have one to give you there.
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