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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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If you go to the Phoenix #Persepolis Anomaly be sure to do the Phoenix Comic Con Panel Mission!
There is an ingress panel at the con on Friday May 29th at 4:30pm great place to spend time with ingress friends! 
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One for Awesome Con? 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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See you there +Susanna Moyer
I'll be at the #Persepolis  Anomaly in Washington DC.

It's been a while since I've been in that area. Many memories there... some good, some not so good. But without a doubt, a large part of who I am was forged in the shadow of the Capitol.

Much is happening around us. Jahan is descending (ascending?) on Persepolis. What happens there may influence the future in ways we can't even begin to understand yet. +Hank Johnson claims he will stop her. But the truth is, I don't think he knows what it is he is trying to stop. Jahan is acting on faith, reinvigorating this ancient N'zeer technology. Hank Johnson is acting on faith, assuming that this can only be a bad thing. I am hoping some of that faith can be replaced with evidence as we learn more. 

I wonder what the package Dad gave to Hank contains. He certainly hasn't made an effort to share the contents with me yet.

In DC, Agents are taking part in a +GORUCK HQ challenge. Yes, I've heard the rumors that this may part of an NIA or +IQTech Research training program, and no, I can't confirm them.

Looks like my work's cut out for me. See you all there, and be sure to tune in next week for an update on the struggle to control the #LightmanShards.

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Dun duh duhnnnnnn....
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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He's a machine!
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Note to self, check flights to europe....
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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I hope to go to this!! It's the day before the anomaly in Washington DC!
Anyone going? 
DC: Join Endgame author +James Frey and Niantic Labs' +John Hanke at Awesome Con. Friday, May 29 at 5:30PM, Room 152:

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If I can get a spot, yes
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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What a great op!
Ingress Cross-Faction field art report for operation: Dee Stork

What came first – the chicken or the egg? Apparently “dee” stork!

In late winter days news spread around the ingress community of Slovenia – the Smurfette is pregnant! Resistance agent @m155tyqDee– a leading figure of Slovenian resistance team and a constant PITA for the enlightened agents – and a retired enlightened agent @Primuz were having a baby and the community rejoiced.

In an unofficial meet the idea was presented by enlightened @TomLooway– a cross-faction field art on the day the baby is born! This idea was well accepted in both resistance and enlightened communities.

The resistance agent @tuti42 was the man with the plan – drawing the stork over the capital of Slovenia the right through the densest portal area in Slovenia and placing the newborn’s head over the maternity ward of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. The stork is almost 10km long and 5km high.

After some minor artistic adjustments to the plan were set by @Aambro, the agents gathered in a special top secret HO chat. Apart from one little comm mishap that was remedied in time everyone was very cooperative and followed the rules of engagement!

And so the waiting began – a full week of fake alerts as @m155tyqDee was roaming in the vicinity of the maternity ward for checkups.

Today (May 21, 2015 @3:14AM) the long awaited baby boy was born! And in the words of our inside source: he is a little blue on the outside but shits green! As the news spread in the morning all hands were on deck, available agents confirmed their presence, mixed teams of 1 resistance and 1 enlightened agents were created and the order was given out: “Destroy all, deploy none!”

Through the day the mostly blue city of Ljubljana slowly faded to an intel blackout as enlightened agents destroyed the blue portals. Those who needed more XMPs got them from the cooperative resistance players in their teams.

In the late afternoon/evening the shape of the stork slowly emerged from the blackness of intel map.

As agents slowly finished their tasks the stork was completed, screenshots were turned into animations of progress, the comm bombarding with congratulations for @M155tyqDee began!


The action was concluded with a cross-faction beer in Druga pomoč – a bar/community gathering place near the said clinical center that also doubles as an ingress portal


Agents who took part in this cross-faction artwork are:







































Some agents were not able to attend but still wanted to congratulate to the parents:















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Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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In case you missed it, +Operation Essex​ founder, the mysterious +Edgar Allan Wright​ was interviewed on the +Behind The Scanner​ show.
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Eek :) found him guarding a portal
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Zak Cat
Eats it.
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Ingress and Job Skills
As many graduate college this month and start interviewing for jobs, one thing they will hear a lot is "not enough experience".  I remember that catch-22 of you need experience to get the job and a job to get the experience.

What about Ingress?  I was going through a list of skills one gains by being involved in the community, planning and executing ops and events, and all the other skills it takes to play ingress. Here are few I came up with:
-operation planning
-social skills
-event planning
-motivational skills
-social media
-communication skills
-commitment and effort
-time management
If you are involved in Operation Essex you can add:
-problem solving
-persuasion skills
-math and decoding skills
-culture, science and history knowledge gained

All great words for a resume!  

Am I missing any others? I was talking to +Paul Timmins  and he relayed a fantastic story on how ingress enhanced and used his job skills, I hope he tells it!   Be sure to not sell yourself short, anyone who played this game and got involved should have gained very valuable job skills that any employer would desire and value.  

I'd love to hear if anyone out there believes that Ingress has improved, enhanced, or given them new Job Skills.  Tag it   #IngressSkills  and I will share it - I think it is a message we need to get out to employers that there is an army of agents ready and willing to work for them!  I know i'd want ingress players working for me!  I even thought about starting an Ingress Employment Agency at one point.

+Joe Philley  +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Ethan Lepouttre +John Hanke 
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It all works together. 😊
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Shard 32: Originated in the Philippines; First spotted in Donsol, Philippines; Transported by the #Enlightened to Mondragon, Philippines, where united with Shard 33 and sent to Keelung City, Taiwan; Transported by the #Resistance from Tamsui, Taiwan to Dongyin, China; Recaptured and scored by the Enlightened in a link from Dongyin to Keelung City. #LightmanShards #Ingress
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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+Operation Essex founder +Edgar Allan Wright joins +Behind The Scanner live. Thurs, May 21 at 9PM EDT:

+Behind The Scanner is excited to announce that we have secured Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright as a special guest joining us live Thursday May 21st, 2015 @ 9:00pm EDT (-4 GMT). You will be able to watch the interview with Dr. Wright and our other guests here:

Dr. Wright is the founder of +Operation Essex - a group of agent investigators seeking the truth about the +Niantic Project and world of XM. We at #BTS are grateful for his acceptance of our invitation in spite of the personal risk it exposes him to. We hope this interview will further the truth about the Niantic Project, its members, and XM by providing unparalleled access to a man with unique knowledge of it all. 

To watch more agent interviews and our special BTS episodes, follow us on YouTube at and on Google+ at

#MeridianProject #BehindTheScanner #Ingress #Enlightened #Resistance #BTS +Ingress 
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