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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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No need to wait for someone to organize a fundraiser.  Here are agencies you can donate to right now:
The Salvation Army:
International Medical Corps:
Handicap International:
Mercy Corps:
Catholic Relief Services:
Habitat for Humanity International:
Global Giving:
World Vision:
Red Cross:
United Nations World Food Program:
Samaritan’s Purse:
Save the Children:
Lutheran World Relief:
SOS: Children’s Villages International:
Doctors Without Borders:
MAP International:
#IngressFS agents.......what are we going to do for Nepal ?

#MissionsForGood   #Ingress   #IngressFs   #NL1331  
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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+Hank Johnson has a interesting conversation with what appears to be +Edgar Allan Wright at the Magic Castle.
There is some debate as to whether Harry Houdini ever lived in the mansion that holds his name in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles. Some say he lived briefly across the street. But there can be no debate that a magical mist (or is it magic?) seems to drift down Laurel Canyon to Sunset, west to the strip and east up Hollywood and Franklin to the Magic Castle.  And there is no doubt that extremely enriched XM and perhaps even Chaotic Matter clusters in that area. Some kind of exchange, perhaps. I’m not sure how it works, but I feel it more now. That’s one thing about being like this again, more human. It is counter-intuitive, but I ‘feel’ these things more than I did before this change.  

To my surprise, the attendants there were expecting me, and I was led to the seance room when I got there. I expected to find +Misty Hannah. I had theorized that somehow, given how powerful of a sensitive she is, she may have been immune to this almost cataclysmic XM-event that has caused so many others to disappear.  

It wasn’t her that I found. It was the famous, or infamous, depending on what you believe, Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright. I first met him several years ago with +Devra Bogdanovich. I never understood their relationship. I still don’t. It isn’t any of my business. He is eerily unchanged. 

He said he knew I would be coming. He was cordial, but seemed distracted. Hunted. Haunted. Not surprising for a man who spent so much time in the ‘spookier’ areas of precognitive science. Pardon the pun. We talked for a while, on condition that I not reveal the content or nature of our discussions. He filled in some blanks. I will honor his request not to relate them, but the essential information will emerge over time.  

He said that a seance is a perfect metaphor for what is about to begin happening in the world, if his theories are right.

At a that point, things started happening in the room. Strange sounds. Shaking. Spectral images. Moaning. I even heard what sounded like Misty’s voice muttering indistinguishable words. The lights flickered and went out. When they came back on again, he was gone. I’d never been in the Seance room before. I don’t know if that is what one expects in that room of the Magic Castle, or if this was something else.
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Anyone signing up for the +GORUCK​ event during the #ingress anomaly in Washington? Looks challenging!! Are you up for the challenge?! Any Ruckers out there with suggestions?
Sign up for the +GORUCK Light Challenge: #Persepolis DC and secure key Volatiles for your Faction:

Ingress Special Ops (SpecOps) teams will be led by GORUCK Cadre through a series of missions to secure information on key Volatile Portals before each Measurement Time. All Ingress Agents who complete the GORUCK Light Challenge will receive a #Persepolis Anomaly Medal, plus additional exclusive Ingress gear.

It's time to move.

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ugh ...pushups!! Oh no! I'm out...
I can do the bricks, but pushups, my shoulder is too badly hurt right now. i fell a while back and wracked it up.
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My all time favorite #ingress  portal capture!
 Lake Geneva WI   March 2013
I ran into this quite by accident, when i saw it off the road and hit the brakes so hard, threw it in reverse and pulled into a nearby parking lot and ran over to it. Remember thinking I was going to make it a portal...but it already was a portal!  So I had fun capturing it!
Who else would I bump into at a giant frog statue other than my favorite Michigan frog couple +Kathy Poniatowski  and +Joe Poniatowski !
It was during the Save Misty anomaly in Lake Geneva. (I wonder what that trap door was for? Didn't notice it at the time)
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All hail hypnotoad
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Resistance Hong Kong operative +Alex Li has a bio card out!  Be on the lookout for one!  
星期日下午,我会遊走在明故宮-西安门之间,如果你有兴趣认识下我,欢迎该时间来抓我,认识下我以及送你一张我的Agent Card(没Passcode的自恋卡T^T)。
Thank you your Agent Card and help +Linda Besh +B-dub 7ER4IAY8 I love it!!!
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+B-dub 7ER4IAY8 cheers
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We are a couple of Dead Drop Dynamos
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Have her in circles
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Time to start thinking #IngressFS  Have you picked where you are going this month?  I'm going to #IngressFS  Plymouth, MI
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Links Across America this year cancelled due to anomaly same week

Because of the anomalies scheduled the week after Memorial Day, cancelled due to concern for disrupting BAF (that count for so many points at anomalies) and shard lane planning.  

We are considering doing this on Veterans Day on November 11th.
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Thanks +Shoe Love  I'm sure we will get a chance again, hopefully in November. 
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Anyone planning a #MissionDay ?
250 Agents joined #MissionDay  to walk across Linz, Austria in partnership with  #OberOesterreich Tourism and did 12 #IngressMissions  together. It was a great day and we hope to see you soon ! 
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Very cool Linda. That's for the suggestion and encouragement 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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A Player at the con, +Becky Timmins  gave me these ribbons...the only ones i brought were the I'm Resistance and Smurf...its something that ingress is so big that you see ingress ribbons now being given out at the con!
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