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Linda Besh

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Coming to a city near you...and if not. ..Come to Detroit Anomaly Aug 23rd! We'd love to see you!
#ingress. #helios
Where in the world are all of the #Helios Anomalies? Zoom around the Events Map, filter by series, and find event pages where you can RSVP and link up with other Agents.

#Ingress   #Anomaly   #Helios  
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Linda Besh

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I had hoped to be in Chattanooga but couldnt get out in time. Looks like they are having a great time!
Ready to rock in Chattanooga.
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Linda Besh

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Think this will help? Seems +Devra Bogdanovich forgot to create a virus to infect powercubes, you'd think her powerful investor would have sabotaged +IQTech Research's efforts to counter the virus.

In response to the recent unexpected increase in the Portal decay rate, +IQTech Research has doubled the production and deployment of its exclusive Power Cube XM Object.  This should enable Agents to more effectively recharge select Portals.  

We condemn the irresponsible actions undertaken by Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich which have led to the current crisis.  We remain confident that countermeasures can and will be developed before our XM reserves are threatened.
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Linda Besh

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You can count on +Mustafa Said to get the story!
After a series of mysterious circumstances and attempts to censor the contents, +Mustafa Said has managed to release the full transcript of the interview he had with London ENL Agents +Richard Walden +Chris Whittleston +Dom Armstrong and +Sam Albuquerque regarding secret glyph documents obtained during anomaly #TimeZero  
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+Marco Carrai and +Lisa Borghetti  take us on a journey across Rosignano Solvay  in the Tuscany region of Italy. 
I enjoyed a glass of vino while watching their operation unfold on the screen.

Marco earned his Bronze Seer badge submitting portals in this area.  Great job!  Lisa, who lives 300km away, comes to visit this seaside region every year for the summer holidays. Last year Marco introduced her to Ingress, and this spring Lisa decided to signup for Ingress. 

I enjoyed watching Lisa visit all the sites and capturing and linking, even though at times it was heartbreaking to watch those blue portals turning green! LOL! 

Very cool!!  Thank you Marco for sharing this ingress adventure and taking us along with you!

  #summerofingress #ingressadventure #ingress  
As I always say, helping lower-levelers to grow up is part of the +Ingress experience and fun.
When my city suddenly turned to blue, I took the opportunity to help my long-time friend +Lisa Borghetti aka @lisa92 grow to level 7. :)
Also Ingress proved very good at helping people tour-visit cities!
Special thanks to operator agent +David Jones for the "ground support" with the Intel. Link to the location:,10.435596&z=14 #ingress #enlightened #rosignano #livorno #italy
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Thanks +Linda Besh!!! It's a honour!!!
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Linda Besh

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Hope to see everyone this Thursday!!
Looking forward to seeing Niantic Lab's +Joe Philley  too!
Join Niantic Labs' +Joe Philley to share a cold one, give Scanner feedback, and meet other local Agents. All Agents are welcome.
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Not sure +Curtis Skeels but Joe & I will be in detroit the next day, Friday evening 7pm for an ingress panel at DETCON1 
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Linda Besh

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Love this cross faction field art of a eagle that is blue and green. Great story about the eagle too!
Lower Silesian Eagle (Eaglae Silesiaeminoris Vulgaris)
Is an extremally rare species of the bird, which hatches once every 800 years, on the exact year the capital of Lower Silesia region, Wrocław celebrates the round date of achieving it’s city rights. It’s endemic regions are concrete settlements of Wrocław, where as it comes into the world, it sits down upon city surface, where he sets his watchfull eyes upon entire land. Few smaller specimen have been seen around Lower Silesia every now and then, but still, the bigest recorded so far was the one above Wrocław

Creature’s mating ritual is not well recoginzed, rumour has it that it is being made in pain, during constant struggle between it’s parents in unending argument on what actually should be the color of it’s nest. The bird’s plumage  is bicolour, mostly green and blue, however sometimes few gray spots may appear that present some beautifull though short lasting patterns.

Eaglae Silesiaeminoris’s wingspan takes up to few miles, north and south form Odra, the region’s biggest river. Up from Kozanów district to deepest parts of district Brochów. The distance from tail to the tip of the beak is eaqul to square of the desiance between the geographical middle of the bird to the very end of its right wing positioned 30 degrees bit further to the left.

On July 11th 2014 in Wrocław, the Institute For Eaglae Sliesiaminoris Ornitological Studies was funded. The group goal was to observe the bird in it’s natural enviroment. The whole institute was divided into several divisions, to contemplate different parts of animal’s body. The research group consited of:

@tauruss85- OP


#crossfaction   #Ingress   #Wrocław  
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Linda Besh

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Good luck Agents!
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The press investigates whisperings that something is going on in Montreal this weekend.
It is becoming more and more difficult to hide these strange anomalies from the public eye.

#ingress             #newagentinitiative                    #helios
  #itsNOTaGAME                       +Darren Satkunas 
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Excellent write-up.
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Linda Besh

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I always wondered!
Have you been there? -Ryan C
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Sorry... been a long day.  I get weird when I get tired.  
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Linda Besh

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108 L8 Safely secured in my scanner!

ALERT!! Check your Guardians!

+Devra Bogdanovich  unleashed her Portal Virus. According to intel spotted from +Martin Schubert  he has apparently confirmed that Portals will now decay in 72 hours unless the Virus can be contained. He also noted that it is spread through the XM Matrix, and so far unstoppable.  All of the corporations and Niantic Project personnel and others are affected!

 So how do we contain it?  WIll 20% of humanity be killed if we don't stop this thing?  I sure hope she resolved that issue!

A message from Devra
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+Linda Besh Well sure, if you purposely make one then you'll know where it is.
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I am very proud to be a member of the Ingress Community!
I love going to anomalies and fighting alongside my Resistance team for control of cluster portals, walking around a new city and seeing all the cool stuff, interacting with players from all over the world, and celebrating at the parties and with the crowd!I  LOVE IT!

Thank you Sennheiser Momentum for recognizing how cool the Ingress Community is, I LOVE my Sennheiser headphones, they have a built in mic I can be hands free in the streets, with my Ingress app open but still able to communicate to the team via Zello, or just hacking a farm and listening to some great music!   And dont forget the cool ingress sounds...what is your favorite ingress sound?  Mine is the sizzle of a field being created.

#ingress   #sennheiser   #sennheisermomentumonear   #helios  
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