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Okay now this is really cool! Love how inventive Ingress agents are!
Agent PCB by redmana.

Korean Agent redmana makes his own Bio Board(card).
Touch the Ingress mark work the LED.
It's Limited to 20.

Sorry. He wants trade it by face to face.

#agentcard #biocard #ingress
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Went for a fly have missed taking time to go on adventures! I'm trying to scrape up some flight lesson money (first step go back to crazy hair by skipping the salon like I did last year, that pays for one flight a month), looking at subscriptions and anything else I can toss from my budget to make room for lessons. I miss flying, although not the same without my old mentor Joe Philley to swap stories with.

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
-John Quincy Adams

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Will be my first +GORUCK 

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Another reason to get to Ann Arbor +Ingress Anomaly: Ann Arbor is just south of HELL!

Easy drive from Ann Arbor, if you want to say you've been to Hell 

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If you are going to the +Ingress Ann Arbor Anomaly, Plymouth is the next small town over and on Friday August 25th there will be Music in the Park. Listen to great concert while enjoying almost 100 portals! August 25
Thornetta Davis Detroit's Queen of the Blues is scheduled to sing that night! +THORNETTA DAVIS (video of her here You HAVE got to give that video a listen to see just how great a night of music it will be!)

Anomaly fun fact: Ann Arbor is frequently referred to as A2 by locals.

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Can't believe 2017 is almost half over! It's had a lot of adventure and leaps of faith. IPhone made me this cool movie of my adventures so far this year! Cant believe I've done so much already! Can't wait to see what 2nd half brings! more +Ingress adventures coming with an anomaly in my back yard (AnnArbor)

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I got my DNA test back! My research was spot on, I am the direct descendant of the early settlers in Pennsylvania, my family were master builders, carriage builders, and clothing industry workers (even my mom was a master seamstress who used to make wedding dresses). They were among the very first settlers in the rugged new world in Philadelphia, and also New Jersey, and Buffalo NY. They fought the British alongside George Washington in the revolutionary war and joined the Union in the civil war. They helped build the country! One relative even helped write the very first American Architectural book. Many are in history books.

You are welcome, America!

I was one of the first to move West (to Michigan). I felt as though being torn from my roots when my dad was transferred here to work at Ford Motor to start their Audio division (he was at Philco Ford and Aeronuetronics Ford in Bluebell PA prior). Every family story was around me in Philly, and Philly was my life. My great grandmother owned a house on Elfreth's Alley the oldest street in the NATION!

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