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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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It was a delight and honor to work with you this weekend +Nadia Amro​ so glad to see such a successful weekend. You are an inspiration!
Hope everyone kicks in a little more to get the last bit needed for Max's wheelchair. Please support
+Wheels To The Max​ it's a great cause.
This city is phenomenal. Thank you DC! I had an awesome time with some fantastic friends. Met a LOT of awesome agents from both factions.
Thank you all SOOO VERY MUCH in your support of +Wheels To The Max​​​, A THIRD OF OUR TOTAL GOAL OF $9k WAS RAISED RIGHT HERE!!!!!
There are so many people to thank for that. Agents were donating swag to the cause as well. I know I will accidentally leave some people out, but please blame the mind not the heart. +Robert Vaughan​​ +Court love3n1 Ster​​ +Joanne Jones​​ +Paul Pawlowski+Chris Buchanan​​ +ctashrojr​​ +Jim Roth​​ +Joe Philley​​ +Olga Garcia​​ +Linda Besh​​ +Ethan Lepouttre​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​ +Ingress Enlighteneddmv​​ 
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Thank you for your help and support +Linda Besh​. Being a part of this has been such a humbling experience for me. I'm very grateful. 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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#persepolis looks like Bratslavia had a great day!
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Interesting article. These guys are brave, would make for interesting movie.
"A 67-year old foreign fighter from Canada, nick-named by Kurdish fighters as Hewal Zinar, poses for a photo on April 19, 2015"

Who is this guy?
Showing off their tattoos, play fighting and relaxing in their camp in north Syria, the international fighting force appear incredibly relaxed - despite fighting on the frontline against the Islamic State terror group.
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Not sure, I really don't understand why they would do this at all, is it the money?  Or do they have nothing to go home to, or a jail sentence waiting for them (so they escaped and this is how they make a living?).  I had so many reasons as I wondered, thats why i said a movie or book would be interesting to hear the story how they ended up there.
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Brunch overlooking the White House. 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Really great pictures from #Persepolis Washington DC Yesterday!
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Congratulations +Dwayne Farver
Thank you for supporting +Wheels To The Max
#persepolis Washington DC
+Linda Besh​ presenting me the entire bio card set from +Ingress​. I bought a raffle supporting +Wheels To The Max​
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Thanks +Linda Besh​, it was a great first on-site anomaly experience for me
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Once upon a time there was a resistance agent...

Via +aless chan
Once upon a time, there was an agent working in Pedder street. He could maintain a few lv 7 or lv 8 office portals. One day, an enlightened agent,@EUGENEMAN, came and shared his office portals, resulting in deploy war every day and every minute. So this agent decided to make a high link portal to show him who really owns the portal. At first, this agent only wanted 50 links, but there was little interest. So he kept hacking keys, to 100, 200, 500, and eventually @EUGENEMAN stopped playing and the ops never materialized.

And then came the agent’s last day at work at that office portal... so its time to execute this long awaited star ops - a blue farewell to @desmond999!

It took a week of planning, recruitment, and preparation. We announced a no-link period amongst the area in hopes of minimizing as many blue block links as possible. Nevertheless, on the day, as agents spread to their designated area, block links still plagued us - thankfully, Jarvis and our mobile link clearers were put to good use.

With the area all blue, links all gone, and all agents on standby at their designated spot, a final check from intel gave the signal go. And go it was. Links started shooting from all directions to the target portal. The count kept going up. And up. 516 links were created. 488 links stood at its peak moment. Creating a beautiful blue star, and a beautiful blue farewell.

Target portal: Pedder building
Links created: 516
Max standing links: 488
Key collector:@desmond999
Planners:@desmond999, @rarapanda, @jimi, @CrowSnow, @tlkh2311



Link cleaner:

Helping from tram ops:
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That is amazing!!
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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I'm thinking of putting together an ingress tour bus tour. Have a busload (or two or three) of us tour a part of the country together. Do meetups in towns along the way to meet players from the region, and do missions. Get uniques and see some cool stuff. What do you think? Have the logo on the bus, have enl on one bus res on the other battle it out when we can. Maybe tour New England or see all the cool museums in new York Washington Philly and Boston. Take a Colorado rocky mountain ride, a hip Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver trip. Move on to a Mediterranean cruise, European tour, or trek through Asia. Does that sounds enticing, should I put one together? Maybe I'll start with one weekend and one week long tour. See how it goes...

Have a documentary crew on board perhaps? Would that make a good TV show? #IngressTour
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+Linda Besh​ you have one excited graphic designer here!! Oh be still my heart 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Did you see this flag during the ingress GORUCK?
Missing: UCR Flag
The United Chicagoland Resistance Flag was dropped during rucksack exchanging exercises as part of the GORUCK mission near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC yesterday. If you have seen this flag, please message me. I would very much like to return this flag to Chicago. The flag was hand-made by a dedicated Ingress player and has probably seen more anomalies than any agent I can think of. Thank you for your help!
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ENL in Chicago and DC are on the lookout! Hope the flag is found soon - it's very nice. 
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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The agents rallying cry!
Washington DC ingress #Persepolis anomaly
Ginger Gregory (TheRedR1ghtHand)'s profile photoAlleigh Scantling (KiloHoku)'s profile photoPriscilla Holmes's profile photoBetina Joy (BeTinerz)'s profile photo
Wish I could've stayed another day. Great host city - almost too much to do. Safe travels home, +Linda Besh​ 😊
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Great views tonight at rooftop bar at W Hotel, can see the White House, Jefferson memorial, and Washington monument from my bar seat!
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Jealous! So so jealous! Looks like it was a great anomaly!
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Linda Besh (Portalyst)

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Adam Gilmore (EggmanPEI)'s profile photo
What was the overall take on how the GoRuck challenge went for the agents that participated, and did it fit into the day's events well enough that agents could do the ruck and also participate in the anomaly?
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