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12 real smart drugs improve memory, focus, and mood so you can work, learn, and live better. #nootropics #limitless

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Top 10 Christian Transhumanist Scriptures from the Bible
The Bible teaches Christian Transhumanism. Or, in other words, as presented in the Bible, Christianity entails Transhumanism. Of course some Christians would disagree. And some Christians may not understand what that means. But we can make a reasonable case...

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To Love Is Better Than To Know Is Better Than To Obey
Spencer, my oldest son, recently completed training to be a missionary for the LDS Church. As I and many others who have gone through it can attest, the training includes a relatively strong emphasis on obedience. That caught Spencer's attention. And that's...

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Response to a New God Argument Critique by Timothy Killian
Timothy Killian authored a critique of the New God Argument (NGA). Entitled " An Analytic Review of Lincoln Cannon's 'The New God Argument' ", the critique includes some interesting thoughts about NGA's assumptions. The critique also includes numerous misch...

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Envision with Bryan Johnson a Future of Enhanced Human Intelligence
Bryan Johnson is a rising star among celebrity technologists. After selling Braintree Financial to Ebay for $800M in 2013, Bryan founded OS Fund to encourage development of emerging technologies in the fields of biotechnology, machine intelligence, and spac...

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4 Reasons I Don't Identify as a Singularitarian
When others learn that I identify as a Transhumanist , or when they see me reference Moore's Law or Kurzweil's Law with enthusiasm, they often assume that I identify as a Singularitarian. That is, they often assume I'm someone who advocates the idea of the ...

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59 Thoughts from LDS Church General Conference
In the spring and fall of each year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds its annual general conference. Hundreds of thousands of Mormons converge on Salt Lake City for two days of sermons from top leaders of the Church, which with around 1...

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Gratitude Is a Superpower
When my children were young, Dorothee and I taught them that gratitude is a superpower. Why is that? Well, we all have power to some extent or another to shape the world around us for better or worse. Even if we don't admit it to ourselves or others, we're ...

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Lincoln Cannon commented on a post on Blogger.
+Timothy Killian, thanks for your questions.

CO1 and CR1 are both logical disjuncts with three possibilities, one of which must be true -- or the assumption itself is false. So you can think of them as lists of possibilities, as you suggest, but they also purport to be exhaustive of the possibility space they describe.

CO2 and CR2 are both negations of one of the possibilities in CO1 and CR1, respectively. However, insofar as the logical structure of the NGA is presented, there's no logical path from CO1 to CO2 or from CR1 to CR2. They are each assumptions, for which we may make independent arguments.

An independent argument for CO2 may take the form of an appeal to historical trends in destructive capacity and projecting them into the future. If persuaded that destructive capacity has been increasing both in magnitude and in decentralization then, barring an argument for some factor that may change the trend, it's reasonable to suppose destructive capacity in the future will be even greater in magnitude and decentralization.

The assumption for which the most argumentation has been done directly is probably CR1 in the form of the Simulation Argument, which can then be generalized for all feasible creation mechanisms (computation or otherwise) into CR1.

Indirectly, though, we can find a lot of argumentation that relates to the other assumptions in Game Theory, the work of Steven Pinker on the history of violence, and research into the possibility space of superintelligence.

On the New God Argument website, I'm collecting information that relates to support for each of the assumptions. For example, on the Compassion Argument page, there's a list of links below both CO1 and CO2.

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Resurrecting Our Gods in Our Creations
Four weeks ago, Spencer (my oldest son) left home to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years in Montreal, Canada. The rest of my family and I miss him, and we also support him. Dorothee (my wife) and I served a...
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