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Lina Paramita
You are Who You are When Nobody Watching
You are Who You are When Nobody Watching

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Thought of 2015.
Omg,time really flies so fast. i finally to realize that we're already in the end of 2015.  To be honest, on the beginning of 2015, i thought this year is going to be a lot fun because everything went so well. Also, considering there's a huge decision and h...

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Too Faced Melted - Velvet (Spring 2015 Collection) Review
Lately i have been obsessed with lip product especially in darker color such as reddish red and dark  fuchsia . Usually i wear bright orangey coral color
and i realize that it doesn’t suit my  complexion  anymore after I dyed my hair to black.  I like how r...

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Sydney Recap: Looking Back on my Study Aboard Experience
Hi Everyone  In this post, i just wanna share some update about my life and my thought during my Study in Sydney for 4 months. Probably some of you guys are not really interested in my not so fancy life. But sharing is caring, we can't please everyone anywa...

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How I Shaped and Draw My Eyebrow
Today post is most requested from my friends and colleague,  which is how i shaped my eyebrow. I never take a makeup course before, i just learnt makeup by watching tons of youtube video and read a beauty article.  My brow shaped also changed within this pa...

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Naked 2 by Urban Decay (Overview)
An overview of world most favorite eyeshadow palette, i'm sure all of you have known that famous UD eyeshadow especially a beauty junkie. A neutral shadow that can be wear daily or in a special occasion.   i know i'm a bit late for this craze, but better la...

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My Top 10 Holy Grail Beauty Product
Hi Everyone , sorry for the lack update for this past few months.  College life is getting tougher and my life have been busy lately with a lot of assignment and project. :(  Today post is about : "My TOP 10 Holy Grail Beauty Product" YES..!! My HG Product ...

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Cherrybelle Cosmetics by COWSTYLE
Post kali aku mau bahas tentang produk kecantikan Jepang COWSTYLE yang bekerja sama dengan girlband Indonesia yaitu Cherrybelle.  Jadi, ceritanya aku di kirimin paket sama  Kawaii Beauty Japan  , seneng banget rasanya. ^^ Paketnya ada Body Soap , 3 buah Soa...

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Hi~ i'm back with a review of lip product. this time i'm reviewing a famous 3CE Makeup from STYLENANDA line.  Probably a Hot Brand in Korea right now.  i got my in  # BON BON it's a nude coral lip color with a matte finish.  i heard this color is the best s...

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Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3 (Scented Fresh Coral) : Review
Hi Lovelies~ So after a long time i came back with a review about: Innisfree's Creamy Tint Lip Mousse   #3 it's became my favorite items for my daily essential, curious?  Stay Tune~! :D  Let's take a look a the packaging should we ? :) i have been loving in...

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How i dye my roots at home with drugstore hair dye :) Review: L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion (6.35)
Hi Everyone, it's been a long time didn't update, so today i'm back with hair update :) So it's been 3 months since the first time i dye my hair, if you haven't read it yet, you can read it:  here  ^^  My natural hair has been growing and black roots are sh...
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