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Lina Gustina
A blogger, publisher, and wife who lives in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Contact :
A blogger, publisher, and wife who lives in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Contact :


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Why Family Meal Time Is So Important
seems harder than ever to find a few minutes with your family. With many
parents working multiple jobs and many children scheduled to the minute, taking
time out to spend together is often a pipe dream. It is important, though, that
at least one part of ...
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Is Laminate Flooring the Right Option for Your New Sunroom?
When you see the newest invention of
laminate flooring, you will notice huge improvement in the past few years. Nowadays,
laminate floor covers are much favored and installed in many residences as it provides
better looks, better features and better under-f...
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5 Things to Avoid While Buying Brisket Knife
If you are a non-veg person, it is no wonder that you
are favorite meat dishes’ list includes smoked beef brisket. I believe we all
will agree that it is one of the most delicious beef items to have at home or
any restaurant. Besides it always takes the fir...
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6 Essential Tips to Maintain Slicing Knife for Lifelong Use
If I
ask you about the most important culinary tool in your kitchen, what would be
your answer?   I am sure that it will
always be “knives”.   Yeah I have a doubt
that there will be any person who will give a different answer to this
question. Today I am go...
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Declutter Your Home In 21 Days
can ruin the appearance of your home so it’s important to keep on top of it.
This infographic from HappyCleans examines
how you can make your home clutter free in just 21 days. So many people keep
items that they no longer need. Many of these items ...
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5 Garage Door Improvements Guaranteed to Increase Your Curb Appeal
good thing about owning a house is that there is always room for improvement
and you can never actually be done with all the little upgrades here and there.
When it comes to a more serious work, there are few things on the exterior that
can match the si...
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The Trendy Modern Farmhouse Design
Farmhouse is a relaxing place loved
by almost anyone who desires to take a break from the routine city life and
spend some quality time in countryside amidst forests and greenery with some vintage pieces to enjoy. A pleasant and soothing feeling that you ge...
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Are Hot Spots On Dogs Contagious? - What We Need to Know
that you have an itch and you go to scratch it only for it itch more. Ok, this
happens a lot and isn’t a big deal. But,
now imagine that the itch is so unbearable that you have to keep scratching it
— it’s all you can do to relieve some of the itchi...
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Dogs Hot Spots: What's Causing Them and How To Treat Them
your fur-nugget has been dealing with itchy hot spots on their skin, then you
have a pup that is a constant state of discomfort and agony. I dare you to
Google hot spots on dogs — but don’t do it because the images are terrible.
Moist Dermatitis — otherw...
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5 Awesome Dog Cleaning Items & 5 You Need To Avoid
we are going to wrangle down those dirty dogs of ours. We’re covering the five
must-have cleaning items you don't want to be caught dead without. As well,
we’re going to talk about the five cleaning products in your house that could
be putting your pu...
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