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Hi G+me users and G+ community,

In the last update I mentioned that there were changes in the javascript engine that made Huy realize that G+me has some serious problems. Well Huy had identified what those issues were and has solved the toughest problem which was related to the changes in Chrome 17.

Huy is not able to work on G+me today but after tomorrow he should have more time to work on G+me and "possibly" finish it in a few days.

Aside from fixing G+me, we have also discussed for G+me to have a new logo. I am currently putting together a plan which I will announce on the G+me page, for which I will announce very soon when it is created.

Thank you

G+me Community Manager
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Very sad G+Me has been broken for over a month now... I so miss the ability to collapse the posts! And, no offence... the logo can wait!
Do we have some idea on when this is going to be ready? It's been over a month and just wondering.
I hope the delay means Google is incorporating G+me features into the next G+ update.
+Lily Nguyen I get that this is free, but the false promises and lack of communication have made me think this is not fixable. If that is not true then we need a date, it's been over 6 weeks with this down. It was a great app, but it's useless if it is not being maintained.
+Lily Nguyen It's certainly +Huy Zing' s choice as to whether or not he wishes to pursue more work on G+me. If he chooses not to, I'll thank him for his efforts and wish him well. But it's just rude to promise updates, have someone post as "Community Manager" and then just vanish, silently. Work on it, don't work on, just, please let us know.
+Lily Nguyen If +Huy Zing is not going to be working on the extension, can its code be released so another developer can take over maintaining it?
Two months of G+Me not working, and oops Google updated Chrome again to version 18, so thinking the odds of seeing a new version of G+Me is long gone and without the respect of just saying so.
id actually pay to get this extension back
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