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Two-part #lilialesmorning  Part One, a little serious...

This is our last summer week before school begins. I'd like a couple more weeks, but I'd like them at the beginning of the month so the garden is still hot! Not that hot, though. My only fall crop this year will be the green beans, so once the peppers and tomatoes have stopped ripening, and I pull the leeks, it'll be time to prepare the ground for next year. How melancholy. :-) I might put some garlic in, and I'm going to try some indoor plant experiences.

Today The Atlantic explains why someone might believe "legitimate rape" prevents pregnancy. They don't explain why someone would want to, but that's not difficult. Did you know when I was a girl, people were still trying to decide if women truly have orgasms, and did you further know that many experts still believed PMS is a myth because they "studied" cultures where it didn't seem to exist? And of course women's brains were smaller so they were generally less intelligent. I remember all of this.

There has always been a certain category of men who like to believe women are sort of...incomplete or less fully developed than men. Ira Levin satirized that well in The Stepford Wives. If men still believe women are, well, whatever they make them out to be, it's no wonder they're still trying to maintain control, sort the Madonnas and the whores into their proper groups, and ignore or fear anyone who doesn't seem to fit into one or the other.

I hope you won't try to argue about your political parties because I've brought this up. That's the boring part of the "argument." It's bigger than that, don't you see?
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There is a lot of "magical thinking" going on in government today. The idea that women somehow magically won't get pregnant when raped. The idea that inconvenient economic or environmental problems will go away magically so we can continue sticking to principles without worrying about evidence that they work.

But the theme of belittling and demeaning women never seems to grow old. It is depressing to see the intransigence of all these attitudes, even in the face of many other societal changes. I never thought we'd see a black President before a woman, but we have. I'm starting to think we may see an openly gay man as President before we see a woman. (Note: I fully support Obama, and would love to see an LGBT person as President, but it would be nice if the female half of the population had a chance.)
Women still don't belong to their clubs, you know. Not here, anyway. 

Yes, sticking to principles, ugh. My principles about government would do away with it all and start over. But since that won't happen, we have to be grownups and address it with facts and reason.
I sometimes am more naive that I am willing to take credit for. No, my world is definitely not rose-colored. But I was sure "Legitimate Rape Doesn't Cause Pregnancy" was using the words rape and pregnancy as a stand in for something else off the wall and sinister. NOPE!
I want a gun that kills people for 60 seconds, then when they come back to life they realize "I must have been an idiot - someone killed me for 60 seconds."
There would be a few countries where you'd have to do that to...well, so many...
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