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+Karen Schumacher​​ I did some research after reading this. The rub recipe is in the description at the video, which I didn't watch. And the "pulled beef" cut seems to be something like chuck eye.

The idea of being up at 5 am creates sadness in me, but I was thinking since it cooks so long it wouldn't need to be brought to room temperature first. So I'd just prepare it for cooking the night before, stick it in the oven at dawn, and hopefully sleep for another hour or two.

Or, I could start it the evening before, take it out in the morning, use it later for dinner...

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A bit of schmaltz for your holiday. 

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Happy Birthday, +Harold Chester !

Here is some old-timey ice cream for you.

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These look interesting, though maybe you need the book to know how to make the sauce mentioned in the first one.

It stinks of pesticide outside. I don't know if a neighbor sprayed, or if it was a helicopter. There doesn't appear to have been a county or municipal spraying I was not informed about, though, so it might just be my "no poison is bad poison" neighbors to the south.

I don't know what was sprayed or how harmful it might be to my gardens, or the dog, or my asthmatic tubes. And if anyone nearby was planning a barbecue today, though the weather is iffy, their guests are going to be super grossed out, and hopefully not ill.

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I went with gin, lemon juice, St Germaine.

Listen. Next week I might get to visit Party Source. Keeping in mind I don't like candy liquor or overly sweet liqueurs, and am not a great fan of vodka, what would you put in my shopping cart? Edited to be more clear.

In the M*A*S*H mood again lately, it's on TV Land weekday evenings, Sundance on Saturday, AMC on Sunday mornings.

Starting 6 am tomorrow and running through Tuesday morning, Sundance is showing it from the pilot to partway through season five. And then every afternoon, it appears. FYI.

I've seen the first ones often enough for now and prefer season four onward. But I might have it keep me company some of the next couple days.

I was going to make Mario Batali's cucumber martini tonight, but realized I used my last cucumber. So not that.

In about a month or six weeks, I will have cucumbers on the deck. In the meantime, they come from California. But not tonight.

What goes with Love is a Many-Splendored Thing? I am undecided.

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They seem to be hitting 69 these days.
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