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Today I am grateful for videogame soundtracks. They make work more like play.
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You can't tell me that what's her name after she comes out of the bathroom isn't a PBAOE.
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Just one more page.
Yes I've done this before. I mean, just one more chapter...
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With mah twin. <3
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Do you use the same optometrist?

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TFW there's a vegetation fire today IN THE SAME SPOT AS THE ~100,000 ACRE KING FIRE 2 years and 10 days ago. Cue sirens going down our street and CalFire aircraft roaring overhead. DO NOT WANT.

But very glad that they've got the aircraft on it already.
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My twin's choices for my #3FictionalCharacters lead me to suspect I have princess syndrome.
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SNOOOOOOOOOOOW about an hour away!!
Snow falling this afternoon at the Kirkwood Ski Resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains... via @kcrafinan
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It's supposed to get up to the 90s again by Saturday/Sunday, so I am definitely enjoying this respite from the heat. 
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REMEMBER the Sunwell.
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I think I need to focus on gratitude again; today I am grateful for positive and sane stuff on the socialwebz.
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." ~Steve Furtick
If we're not mindful, we can feel envious, bad about ourselves, and even depressed when using social media. Here are 9 practices that can help.
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I picked #3FictionalCharacters for +Eve Sullivan. Pew pew pew.
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I look like my mom when I am ill and tired. :/
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Bob Lai
Mom was hawt. But I knew that, 'cause her daughters are totes amazing (meaning intelligent, beautiful, witty, and all sorts of other superlatives).
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"Oh! So you poop a lot...?" "Yeah, I had a really bad stomach bug last year, I know exactly how you feel." "You don't look sick..." Phrases

Made the mistake of scheduling an appointment here; walk ins were processed while my appointment time came and went. Front desk had difficulty figuring out the paperwork and payment and whether she could arrange a timely FedEx pickup when she checked the sign in sheet nearly an hour after my appointment (then she let us all know that "making an appointment doesn't have anything to do with anything"). Front desk also tried to turn away a lady there for an A1C draw by barking at her that drug screenings (?) weren't done after 3pm and that she'd have to come back another day. Bad day, I guess. Will find somewhere else to get blood drawn.
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Fantastic sushi, fantastic service, clean and friendly place. I will be happy to go back.
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