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I’m simultaneously a little sad and very excited to say today is my last day as a Googler.

The Chrome team is truly amazing and it's sort of scary to leave such a brilliant group and lovable company. As a Developer Advocate I've spent a lot of time helping other people make games; I'm now inspired and have a lot of pent up creative energy, so I'm leaving to do my own projects.

Best of luck and lots of hugs to Chrome and to Google!

P.S. Chrome Games is hiring! Awesome jobs, awesome people:
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Congratulations on starting a new phase in your career. You've been a big help as I got started on html5/js/webgl. Thanks for all that!
Good luck to you in the future! Hope you have something lined up.
Best of luck! I hope wherever you end up you can keep sharing HTML5 goodness with the rest of us! :)
Now which circle do I put you in? ◔_◔
Been awesome working with you. Can't wait to play what you make... if you need beta testers you know where I am :)
I hope my weekly hangout does not keep shrinking at this rate.... :/
All the best and good luck with your future projects!
Sad to hear you are leaving, best of luck with your new projects!
Exciting New Life Awaits! Best of luck to you, Lilli!

(Hmm, just realized you should spell your name l!ll!)
Good luck! I was just about to come by and visit your desk to see what you were up to. Till the next time, it seems.
Wow! I'm excited to hear about your next endeavor!
Wow! Good luck, Lilli. Super curious where you're going.
Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you're doing next.
Best of luck on your next professional adventure.
All the best to you Lilli. You were so generous of your time when you taught my 10 year old son Cyrus and his friend HTML5 programming at the Hackathon in Palo Alto last year.
where to next ?? live, explore and create good luck!!
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