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The original metalhead leatherdyke transsexual ubergeek.
The original metalhead leatherdyke transsexual ubergeek.

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Welcome! If you're interested in particular subjects, may I recommend a Collection or few to follow? This is what I post:

+ The Ogg-Nat War -- This isn't your father's Martian Revolution. A worldbuilding exercise on the premise of genetically augmented Martians and Selenians versus "natural" Terrans. Regular postings. 

+ Kerbal Space Program -- My favorite video game, which I credit with rekindling my love for space and bringing my remaining brain cells back to life. Deprecated in favor of Space Gaming.

+ *Space Gaming* -- a catchall for all the space video games I play. Kerbal Space Program is at the top of that list, but other games with a space theme will make an appearance as I toy with them. Regular postings.

+ Space Science & Exploration -- Spacecraft, astronomy, planetary science, astronauts, and other related subjects. Regular postings.

+ Misc. Science & Technology -- Science/tech not directly related to space, more or less. Regular postings.

+ Such A Geek -- Also a nerd and a dweeb. Sometimes a dork, too. So anything from mathematics to comic books will wind up here. Regular postings.

+ Technology & Its Abuses -- Even with a broad concept of "technology" and "abuses," this winds up being about cryptography, cyber-crime, and information security, much of the time. Semi-regular postings.

+ Justice For All -- Documenting the tension between the promise and the reality. Regular postings.

+ Energy & Environmental Science -- Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Runaway Positive Feedback Loops. Depressingly regular postings.

+ Me & My Odd Musical Tastes -- I love all sorts of weird shit. Lots of metal, but very eclectic overall. Semi-regular postings.

+ Weirdly Wonderful Ideas -- Mostly humor, usually kinda messed up, typically worth every moment. Regular postings.

+ Content Warning -- Self-explanatory. Hopefully, it'll be stuff that will be fun, like talking about sexy stuff. New.

+ Cantankerisms & Crankery -- Rantings, bitchings, and particularly salty language. Because that's what you have to do sometimes, damn it. Regular postings, sorry to say.

+ Happy Feet -- Shoes and boots. Because shoes and boots. Also, shoes and boots. Although I may fold this into Femmetasia since it's somewhat related. Semi-regular postings.

+ Femmetasia -- Exploring femininity as identity and empowerment. Also, awesome femme things. Semi-regular postings.

_ Bric-a-brac -- When I can't figure out where else to put it. Semi-regular postings.

If you're interested in following one of these Collections, go to my profile page and click on the Collections tab under my header image.

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This mod pack is, essentially, a collection of KSP abandonware parts for space stations and bases -- and it includes the classic Porkjet Habitat Pack, with all its inflatable goodness.

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Looking across one another, the two main facilities at Minmus Base -- an inflatable habitat and a mobile processing lab -- may be nudged closer to one another one day. For now, it's a 200-meter hike, in ultra-low gravity, so it's not like anyone can complain of foot pain.

From my Ad Astra Per Aspirin game....
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“I’ve read some about this, more on just trying to live on Mars, which seems hard enough (and now we know the ‘soil’ there is toxic and kills bacteria rapidly). But terraforming as a reality for Mars? Seems the biggest problem is lack of a magnetic field so any atmosphere you make will get stripped away. […] why don’t we terraform Earth instead - it would be much easier!!”

Is terraforming a real possibility for Mars? It seems like one of the most inhospitable places we could have asked for: cold, small, barren, devoid of liquid water, with only a thin atmosphere, and with soil that’s toxic to terrestrial lifeforms. Yet Mars was once a wet, thriving planet, teeming with all the potential for life that an early Earth once possessed. Could it get there again? It’s certainly a more daunting task than any environmental crisis we can envision taking place on Earth, since we’d pretty much have to add an enormous amount of atmosphere to Mars to make it habitable. Even if we could, the atmosphere would be stripped away by the solar wind… but that might not be a dealbreaker!

If we could add that atmosphere, all those other problems would be pretty straightforward to deal with. Find out how on this edition of Ask Ethan!

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The song is about creation, evolution, extinction, and entropy. I'd probably like it if the fanvid below used footage from The Miracle Earth or Cosmos -- especially regarding the extinction bit -- but 2001 works too.

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot: Would The Earth Fit Inside?

Illustration: Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Earth to scale

Measuring in at 10,159 miles (16,350 kilometers) in width (as of April 3, 2017) Jupiter's Great Red Spot is 1.3 times as wide as Earth. The storm has been monitored since 1830 and has possibly existed for more than 350 years. In modern times, the Great Red Spot has appeared to be shrinking.

The background image was taken on July 10, 2017 as the Juno spacecraft performed its 7th close flyby of Jupiter.

More information about Juno is online at and

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstadt/Seán Doran
Release Date: July 14, 2017

+National Science Teachers Association
+PBS Parents
+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
+NASA Solar System Exploration
+NASA Marshall
+NASA Goddard

#NASA #Astronomy #Space #Science #Jupiter #Planet #Earth #Comparison #Atmosphere #GreatRedSpot #GRS #Juno #Spacecraft #SwRI #JPL #Pasadena #California #UnitedStates #STEM #Education #CitizenScience #Infographic 

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It might sound silly at first, but the core question is sound: How were they using a typeface for a document, before its official release?

If you haven't figured it out yet, the implication is that the document date is forged, and so the entire document is suspect.

And yes, there were ways to obtain Calibri before then. That's not the point. If anything, that raises more questions than it answers.

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